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Disney's "Star Wars:" The Fall of a Legacy - Part 2

Updated on August 26, 2020
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Michael is a 2006 graduate of Collins College and has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design, branching into IT/coding fields.

Just like how silly it is to see a Stormtrooper tow a vehicle that has wheels on it, so is baring witness to Disney's Star Wars, a legacy of shame, failure, and disillusionment spread across three films; decimating the delicate balance of Star Wars.
Just like how silly it is to see a Stormtrooper tow a vehicle that has wheels on it, so is baring witness to Disney's Star Wars, a legacy of shame, failure, and disillusionment spread across three films; decimating the delicate balance of Star Wars. | Source

It Should Have Been Simple . . .

While mixed reviews were abuzz after the dust settled with The Force Awakens, the anticipation was made apparent for a sequel to be created. The premise was simple, have our new "heroes" and the new galactic threat, the "First Order" as they call themselves, begin a back and forth that could have shown growth on both sides; alliances tested, characters' motivations challenged, a chance to witness how great a threat this "Snoke" truly is, and what happens to Kylo Ren after his "defeat" and how much he drew from this to become a being to be feared, much like the legacy his Grandfather did while he was among the living.

We were denied all of this. Instead, we were given Hyperfuel, Purple Hair, Casinos, and mockery of all stripes. We were given an old, bitter hermit (of which the good man that acted him referred to that character as "Jake Skywalker," such was the shame) that just ups and dies. We were given male characters portrayed as bumbling idiots, or grossly incompetent and inexperienced. We were given a more powerful Mary Sue. We were given the disgrace that was "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." And this blight upon a cinematic legacy can only be brought by a being from the Dark Side of Hollywood, a being known as . . .

Darth Rian

Never has there been a more insidious evil to take hold of a beloved medium of entertainment than the hubris of a director believing to be greater than the medium itself; to insert their dominance as the de facto authority to be unopposed in all manner of said medium.

Even so, such disdain would be too high a praise for the Sith Lord known as Rian Craig Johnson. Through his tyranny and vilification, he brought low a hero that was both humble in origin and revered by all while giving a pedestal and championed a caused to the undeserving.

Caring not for the mythos that this property represented, he saw fit to "subvert expectations" by making Luke Skywalker into a bitter man-child refusing to act as a responsible Jedi, Finn and Poe to be a laughingstock and incompetent hothead respectively, and worse, the completely inconsequential addition of Rose Tico at the EXPENSE of Kelly Marie Tran's talents and abilities.

No one was treated with any shred of dignity under "Ruin" Johnson's "direction." All criticisms for the film were treated as either "toxic minority" or "sabotage" to women in movies; albeit far better films featured FAR superior female cast members that showed a great deal of respect to their male counterparts; Princess Leia Organa, anyone?

I must digress, while J.J. Abrams was the supposed "Safe Bet" of the franchise, Rian saw fit to destroy it, cash in his check, and then exploit the credibility of producing a Star Wars film to produce his hackneyed productions (for example, Knives Out aka Discount Clue). His heinous crimes were then cloaked by the very man of whom Johnson ruined his character, Mr. Mark Hamill. While Mr. Hamill did what he could to calm the troubled waters, even fans knew of his frustrations.

No one trusted the Spawn of the Sith that was Rian Johnson, and yet, the destruction from his wake would be as impactful as The Empire Strikes Back. If only we knew the insidiousness of the Darth Rian . . .


The crimes against the culture made by Star Wars: The Last Jedi are numerous. Minds far more critical than I, with a vastly more refined repertoire than I will ever create, have a better capacity to explain the complete massacre that this "movie" left in its wake, but very few address the sin of Rian Johnson; a "director" that created the monstrosity that both ruined a legacy and gave credit to the undeserving.

Yet despite the "accolades" Mr. Johnson touts, there is not disputing where to squarely hold responsible for this crime; make no mistake, this is indeed a crime, and thus we can openly blame Rian Johnson as such, hence the hashtag:


Ruining beloved characters while glorifying undeserving planks masquerading as "characters?"

Blame Rian Johnson.

Disregarding established lore to buck tradition as a means to tell his own story?

Blame Rian Johnson.

Dismiss the legacy and mythos of this beloved work, toiled by talent far superior to him in every way, as a "job?"

Blame Rian Johnson.

Subvert expectations by discrediting/insulting the audiences' intelligence?

Blame Rian Johnson.

Manipulating a greater disparity amongst fans of Star Wars in order to save his own hide (aka throwing fans "under the bus" if you will)?

Blame Rian Johnson.

Showcasing his low-key discrimination and racism with minstrelsy amongst the cast (John Boyega's and Kelly Marie Tran's characters in particular)?

Blame. Rian. Johnson.


Blame Rian Johnson.

Openly smug and arrogant, with the vilest of contempt to all that appreciate our heroes from a galaxy far, far away?

Blame Rian Johnson.

Coronavirus in the United States of America?

Blame Rian Johnson . . . and that other guy.

Mr. Johnson has much to answer for in regards to his criminality to Star Wars in the Court of Public Opinion and Appeals. But to his credit, he has done what no other director before him has, castrate an icon, make a quick buck, and leave an untold mess behind for the next soul to clean up. He had One Job, but he clearly decided on his own Job. The "results" speak for themselves.

Leaving a Trail of Tears . . . in Outrage

Despite the desire to Blame Rian Johnson for all that is desecrated, like water off a duck's back, he simply puts this behind him. In doing so, it shows the utter contempt that the "man" has for the property he so blatantly defecated. Worse, he revels in the masses' suffering with a smile, knowing the same mentality of raking in money with neither regard for what he has "created" nor the foundations upon which he destroyed.

No, to Rian Johnson, it was just a hit job; per his master's orders. And he, along with the Walt Disney Company, was rewarded handsomely. This is why they continue to divide fans, while not realizing how the monetary value of this once self-sustaining Idealized Property has become an aging Intellectual Property under poor management, with each iteration dwindling behind the next. There were spin-off movies shortly after this excrement was exiting the bowels, but they are neither of worth nor of importance to note.

And yet, even with this unprecedented outcry of disgust, rallying criticism of this crucifixion of Luke Skywalker on behalf of Rey, NONE were prepared for the execution of the entire saga as we knew of it then from the unholy, disjointed abomination that would become "The Rise of Skywalker."

Spoilers, Rey PALPATINE (yes, you read that correctly; she's related to THE Emperor Palpatine by some contrived means) wins AGAINST EMPEROR PALPATINE, who somehow lived past the events of Return of the Jedi thus nullifying the final and perfect conclusion to the Skywalker family and Original Trilogy, and on top of this, buries the lightsabers that were used by Luke and Anakin (and Leia?) while she claims herself as "Rey Skywalker."

To even BEGIN to understand this complete defecation of all the work that came before, we must finish this three-part series by discussing the greatest and longest-standing and truest Original Sin upon this franchise, to be concluded in Part Three.

Stay Tuned for Part Three

To be concluded in the final part of this series . . . until then, leave a comment on how you think this part means to you.

© 2020 Michael Rivers


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