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Indian Cinema

Updated on December 5, 2014

Indian Cinema is as diverse as India itself. With it's various genres and languages, there is a movie made for every Indian. This is a concise view of Indian Cinema's diversity.

Diversity of Indian Languages

Various languages naturally evolve in a huge and diverse country like India. As per the 2011 census, there are 1,635 'rationalized mother tongues'. 30 languages are spoken by more than a million native speakers. Even in such diversity, Indian cinema manages to maintain a footprint which it should be proud of. Below is a view of Indian films certified between April 2013 to March 2014.

Industries producing more than 30 films


Industries producing less than 30 films


Diversity in budget

Though the films are from the same country, the huge difference in the budget between two films, one released in Dec 2013 and the other Jul 2014 indicates the diversity of Indian films.


Diversity of Awards

India loves it's cinema. One of the indication is the number of awards. Below is a concise list of awards for Indian cinema.

Government Awards

National Film Awards
Indian Government
all indian language films
Nandi Awards
State Government of Andhra
Telugu films
Kerala State Film Awards
State Government of Kerala
Malayalam films
Karnataka State Film Award
State Government of Karanataka
Kannada films
Orissa State Film Awards
State Government of Orissa
Oriya films

Awards by Print Media

Anandalok Awards
Bengali Magazine
Bengali films
Filmfare Awards
English Magazine
Hindi, East Indian languages and South Indian languages
Stardust Awards
English and Hindi Magazine
Mathrubhumi Film Awards
Malayali Newspaper
Malayalam films

Awards by TV and Media

BIG Star Entertainment Awards
TV Network
Hindi Film and TV
CineMAA Awards
Telugu TV channel
Telugu films
Asianet Film Awards
Malayalam TV channel
Malayalam films
Prag Cine Awards
Assam TV channel
Assamese films
Vijay Awards
Tamil TV channel
Tamil films
Zee Cine Awards
Hindi TV channel
Hindi films
Star Guild Awards
TV Network
Hindi films
Screen Awards
TV Network
Hindi films

Other Awards

International Indian Film Academy Awards
International Indian Film Academy
Hindi films
South Indian International Movie Awards
Vishnuvardhan Induri
South Indian films
Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards
Critic Association
Bengali films

Apart from the above awards, there is a 'Golden Kela Awards' by 'Random Magazine' for the worst Hindi movies.

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