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Doctor Dull: An Unfaithful Adaptation

Updated on August 11, 2020

A Magicless Mess

Of all the adaptions of comic books into film, this is probably one the least faithful, changing several characters from their attitudes powers and even skin colors just to make a quick buck. And before you think of labeling me a racist know this, the two characters whose race was changed were both Asian and were made black and white just to appeal to the American demographic which seems stupid since there are more Asians in the world than both white and black people combined. Marvel is very guilty of race changing for the sake of "diversity" now they are also responsible for whitewashing characters which seem counter-intuitive to their political agenda.

Next, they'll make Luke Cage a small Inuit man, Johnny Storm will be a 50-foot reptile terrorizing Tokyo, Nick Fury will be an alien from Planet X, Thor will be Zeus, The Hulk will be an old man Alzheimer's who constantly forgets how to smash, and Spider-Man will sprout wing and call himself Angel. Turning established characters into slightly different versions of the same character yet still calling them by the name of the old characters seems stupid and pointless when you can just create a new character instead even Stan Lee said he was against that kind of thinking. Speaking of the creators of Dr. Strange the filmmakers neglected to contact Steve Ditko because he was just a silly old man who created all the characters in their not cinema "film". The part about Steve Ditko being silly was me being sarcastic in case no one picked up on that.

Eggs Benedict Cabbagepatch Kids is again the same old character the art arrogant genius who nobody gets the same character he and Johnny Depp always play. Baron Mordo is now black and now a totally different character and steals a sacred scroll or something. White ugly old lady with cancer who thinks she can play a wise old Asian man senses the chosen one will come. Doctor strange The neurosurgeon is an arrogant blowhard genius with a heart of gold gets into a car crash and his hands are crushed so he can no longer perform surgery. He spends almost all his money trying to fix his hands which at best would take years of therapy without magic. But he's a spoiled Narcissistic brat And wants his hands fixed now, obviously with no luck.

Then he hears about this one guy who was a paraplegic who can now walk, which to a sane person would sound like bologna. But he's a gullible idiot and he falls for it, and low and behold it's real, and he meets a crazy cancer lady who thinks she's Asian. Cancer lady tells him he must perceive beyond his senses not be limited by his thinking and more quoting Yoda and poof his hands are healed and he's the new sorcerer supreme.

But he's now tasked with defeating Baron Mordo Evil black guy and Evil white guy played by a terrible Swedish actor who may or may not be also whitewashing an Asian character. It's hard to say because not much was known about the character since he was a very minor character originally, but he likely wasn't Swedish, with a name like, Kaecilius which sounds like a Mediterranean name. So I'll say Maddy Mickeymouse, is also playing a whitewashed character. Blah blah blah, he wants to take over the world by releasing an ancient fire monster because he's predictable and one dimensional like every other character in this overproduced CGI heap of garbage. Surprise Doctor Dullard beats Mad Mickey and Baron Blordo and saves the day, and now his butler is a terrible comic relief character. The End.


Actually Baron Mordo is from Transylvania in the comics, it was only in the animated film where he was Asian alright. Still doesn't change my point that it's dumb to just change an established character for no reason when you could just as easily create a new one. I have nothing against people of other races stop pretending people who don't like SJW politics in comic books are neo-nazis or KKK members, don't be like Slotto Blocktavius and most of the writers at Marvel who spit on the ideas of Stan Lee Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby and who don't have an ounce of respect for these men or any of the other original creators behind the Marvel Universe.

Back to the Animated Dr. Strange film its a much better film, and it was made with less money and was a much more faithful adaption of Steve Ditko's and Stan Lee's creation, and the villain was better and so was the overall story. It doesn't matter how big a film's budget is, what gives it quality, is the people who write, produce, film or shoot, and direct it and if they're skilled in the craft of film making or not. Which the filmmakers of this live-action Dr. Strange film have proven to be less competent and skillful with several times the budget of the animated film.


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