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Doctor Who

Updated on May 20, 2011

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The Doctor

The recent series of doctor who since it's revival in 2005 has really been good, bringing back all the classics that made Doctor Who a great show to watch in the early 80's (which is when I first grew up with it!) I soon found myself wanting to watch all the ones previously going back to the 60's and 70's.

The first Doctor William Hartnell made the doctor who series start off with a theme of an elderly grandad and his grandaughter (of which they never talk about since, story adjustments or something!) and his time machine sort of story that soon evolved into and especially when the second doctor Patrick Troughton Took over, a mythology of the time lords really became apparent and slightly more was explained towards where the storylines might go, the early versions of the Cybermen were quite laughable but they must have been scary for the time, although the budget never really allowed for high powered scares, it delivered on a cheap scale, and has often been joked about as having young kids hiding behind the sofas when the Daleks or some other alien creation showed up.

The third incarnation of the doctor played by John Pertwee brought with him more gadgets than he used to and the ever handy Sonic Screwdriver made it's self known and has continued to this day, as a doctor who fan myself I can say that I really enjoyed John Pertwees doctor the best, his acting was very professional and he gave the doctor a certain presence that just made it a joy to watch whatever the story, even if it was bad, Pertwee always brought a smile to my face, maybe because I loved Worzel Gummidge too (ahhh fond memories of childhood tv...the good old days!!)

The fourth Doctor regarded as the best by some played by Tom Baker, also the longest running in terms of episode count, Baker brought with him that scarf that seemed to make part of his performance all about the scarf at times, but it's the memorable voice of Tom Baker that shines and was easily recognisable, alot of Doctor who history was made in the baker era.

The fifth doctor Peter Davidson wore a cricket jumper, and I hardly remember much about this doctor, apart from a few dalek and cybermen stories, in fact the 80's brought with it the downfall of the series, as it began to parody itself on saturday nights Noel house party and what ever the could force the doctor to appear on.

Although there were some gems amongst the rubble of the late 80's Colin Baker was the sixth doctor and Sylvester McCoy the seventh....

The doctor who series languished in non existence for awhile as it faded from bbc one for a few years, until a proposed revival in 1996, poured nearly $3 million dollars into a canadian/american funded tv movie brought back the excitement of the adventures of Doctor who again with Paul Mcann playing the eighth regeneration of the doctor, this was supposed to be the kickstart that the series needed to bring back more adventures of the timelord, but it didn't.

The Doctors adventures continued on radio plays and books and comics again but no sign of a new series until it happened in 2005 with Russel The T Davies a long time fan of the show brought it back with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor, although he only lasted one full series of 13 episodes as he only wanted to be part of the time lords come back but not wanting to stop around and be pidgeon holed a just an actor who played the doctor.

Currently the tenth doctor played by David Tennant has been in two full 13 episode series and two christmas specials and has really brought an energy to the role and it will be sad to see him go when it's his time that's for sure, but that what the adventures of the supposedly last surviving timelords is all about ( oh and the master...) I reckon there is other timelords about, there must be...can't they!

Oh and more details about the time war please...

Doctor Who


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