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Don't Breathe Film

Updated on September 2, 2016

Official Movie Trailer

Film Synopsis (Contains some spoilers for plot usage)

As you’ve seen from the trailer, it might look like another Horror flick, but it’s actually mislabeled. It should be under “Thriller” category instead, because that’s what it was! Aside from the gory, bloody parts.

A group of 3 teenagers perform break-ins to earn their living. Alex, Rocky (female) and Money use Alex’s dad’s keys from his employment at a Security Firm, to break into the clients’ houses and steal merchandise. For the next break-in, the group is planning to break into a Blind Man’s house and steal his cash ($300,000). Which Alex is against doing, and tries convincing his other 2 friends to “not do the job, because it’s cash and we could go to jail.”

The stakes are raised, as Rocky and Money are into doing “this last job,” before they quit and move to California. So, Alex is sorta talked into performing this job, also because Money dangles Rocky in front of Alex’s face, because Alex is crushing big-time on Rocky. Also, another stake raising item is Money’s use of a 9mm firearm inside the Blind Man’s house.

The security is bypassed at 2am, when the Blind Man should be asleep (“What difference does it make if the lights are on, he’s blind”), as the rest of the neighborhood is fast asleep. The trio finds that his windows are secured from the outside, which is a clue to the Movie Viewer on “How are they going to escape, once the Blind Man catches them inside of his house, trying to steal his settlement money?”

Another Q: how does the Blind Man survive the multiple attacks to his person, his house and his life?

Answer: You’re going to have the see the Film, to find out the film’s Ending.

I Liked the Film!

I usually don’t see the Horror category film, because it makes my stomach jump up & down. Plus, I’m not a “Blood & Guts Gory” kind of girl. If it’s B&G type of film, it should be real action (like The Mechanic Resurrection or War Dogs), so I can see the Hero bleed.

I chose this film as a 2nd option, because my first choice of Morgan was not showing on Preview Night.

As a story, it worked really good as a thriller. The Set Design was laid out almost like a play, so I thought maybe it had been adapted from a Stage play, done up with different camera angles for the film. Also, the Casting was excellent for the 4 cast members.

Did you like it?

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Just in from Theatre World!

Just a day after this film was released theatrically, I found out from a source inside of Theatre World that the Director has announced a sequel is being planned. So, what will it be called? We came up with a few names of our own, so vote on it!

Sequel Names

What do you think the Sequel should be called?

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