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Don't Forget, This Includes A Lapel Pin

Updated on April 5, 2011

Deerstalker Hat Not Included

It's good to know that even if you are a private sort of man or woman, you too can enter this exciting profession through a home study course - or you could if you were reading the magazine it came from, in 1964. And you will get a lapel pin AND a certificate! I am sure that this will impress all the no-goodniks.

Also, just the fact that no salesmen will call is enough to ensure that my future will indeed be rewarding. Mind you, they didn't say that other people wouldn't be calling. Maybe they send out professional investigators to your home. Maybe as part of the home study course! And you are supposed to elude them, or capture them, or something. Or demonstrate how you crack pick locks.

Thank goodness you will have that lapel pin!

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