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Don't Miss Out on 'The Hunt'

Updated on March 23, 2020

‘The Hunt’ was supposed to come out late in 2019 but it’s release date got pushed back due to the El Paso shootings. Then it finally hit theaters a week ago only to be moved to VOD after the coronavirus pandemic struck. This movie cannot catch a break. I guess thats why the rental cost is twenty dollars, over double what a movie theater ticket would cost. They have to make a profit somehow. Anyway, lets get the politics out of the way first. Why was this movie’s release date pushed back?

Well, ‘The Hunt’ is about a group of stereotypical liberal elites who kidnap some stereotypical Trump supporters and hunt them for sport at their manor. I guess a movie with political undertones that’s about people shooting each other made audiences nervous. There didn’t need to be so much controversy, though, because this movie doesn’t do anything that should be considered offensive. If you’re worried about it sermonizing a political message at you, don't be. It doesn’t really have a message. There seems to be a few moments that critique the way political discourse goes down in this country—its a bloodbath—and maybe a call for some understanding, but ‘The Hunt’s main objective is satire. And its refreshing to see a satire with such a broad target. This movie’s ethic is similar to South Park in that it doesn't hesitate to make anybody into the butt of a joke. Yet it never seems to take a side. Because of this, I think people of all political beliefs can enjoy the movie. Some may not like how the humor doesn’t hone in on anything particular, but I think this all-encompassing mockery is good to see in such an absurd world.

Putting all that aside, though, ‘The Hunt’ is a good movie. It’s ballsy not only through it’s comedy but also in the way the story plays out. This movie will throw in some twists that might genuinely surprise you, but they never feel forced. They all fit into the ride nicely. The whole thing is led well by it’s main character who is written cleverly and acted with a commanding level of energy.

Is ‘The Hunt’ a masterpiece? No. I felt satisfied at the end but it wouldn’t have been my favorite film of 2019 if it came out when it was supposed to. It’s a well above average popcorn movie, though, that can throw in a little something extra. These same producers are behind ‘Get Out’ and ‘The Purge’, by the way, a couple other popcorn films with a satirical bent. ‘The Hunt’ is the best of all of them. Maybe it will be interesting to watch this movie as the years go on and our society changes. Of course, it translates well now but, in the future, it could be an interesting window into the craziness that goes on in 2020 America. Hopefully you don’t miss out on this movie because of it’s release issues. It's definitely worth a watch.


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