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Buy movies online for cheap. DVD's under $5

Updated on September 29, 2012

Where to buy cheap movies online

I will not spend more then $5 on any movie.

Even if it's a new blockbuster hit that only came out a few months ago. There is no secret, or special site or anything to it. The only catch is shipping and handling ( S&H ). Which is under $3. Most of the movies I buy are actually under $1. So if I get a movie for $0.89 ( which is a lot ) and I add S&H its still under $4, well under my $5 max.

How are these movies so cheap? Basic rules of Supply And Demand!

So start shopping for DVD's online here

Low prices on thousands of DVDs. Used DVDs starting at just $0.01

Online shopping for thousands of DVDs from all movie genres, television & studio specials, documentaries, family & educational DVDs & more at everyday low prices.

* Please note that prices are subject to change and were accurate at time of writing *

Only $1.99
Only $1.99

The not-so secret place to buy movies online.

I buy all my movies at

If you look in the right places of amazon you will find the best movie deals out there. Granted, They might not have your particular movie for under $5. It may be on other sites cheaper like eBay or But most people on eBay trick you with the S&H so be careful.

The right place for these super cheap DVD's is in the Used Section. Type in what ever DVD you want like " James Bond Casino Royal " and you will see several price options. Example-You can buy from for $4.49 or you can buy it new (from "other sellers") for $3.00 or $0.99 for a used DVD.

look for "100% satisfaction guaranteed!"
look for "100% satisfaction guaranteed!"

Not Everyone wants a USED DVD. But...

Let me explain this a little. Click on " Used " it will most likely bring up several sellers. Read the Condition. Some will say Very Good, Acceptable,and Like New. Ask yourself, do I want a Very Good DVD or just an acceptable DVD? Also read the small Descriptions, some may say "Minor stratches. Overall works just fine. Get yours for cheap" I would not buy a DVD that says it has scratches. so make sure in the description is says things like " Great condition, no scratches, guaranteed to play. " Chances are if you buy a DVD and its not how the seller described you will get your money back. So its a win/win.

I will be frank, I have purchased at least 250 DVD's from amazon this way. I have never sent anything back. One time I bought Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for less then $3 including S&H and the case was broken, the DVD was in great condition. So I was happy to get a cool movie for under $3. I actually later on sold it to a lady at work for $5 So it was definitely a good deal for me!

About $10 for all three Spiderman movies
About $10 for all three Spiderman movies

Spider-Man Set

Get the entire spider man trilogy for $2 Plus shipping comes out to about $10.00 ! For the whole set!

Spider Man 1 $0.01

Spider Man 2 $0.01

Spider Man 3 $1.98

About $10 for all three LOTR movies
About $10 for all three LOTR movies

Lord of the Rings

The entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy for under $1.50 ! The total cost is about $10 with S&H

The Fellowship of the Ring $0.32

The Two Towers $0.15

The Return of the King $1.00

Trilogy for Less then $15

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Black Pearl $0.99

Dead Mans Chest $0.70

At worlds end $2.58

Whole set for around $14.00 including S&H so its still less then $5 per movie.

Al Pacino Movies

Heat $1.69

Serpico $2.68 ( well worth it, great movie! )

Donnie Brasco $2.19 ( another Amazing film and it has Johnny Depp )

Devils Advocate $0.17

Righteous Kill $0.74

So you get the idea right?

Excellent, so now you and your family can reap the rewards of supply and demand. As you can see, its not about the actors or how great the movie is.Its about how many copies are out there.

Jim Carey I think is one of the funniest men alive. Been watching his goofy comedies, for over 10 years, he is an excellent actor. Yet his movies sell for pennies!

Al Pacino Is one of the best actors of our time. And his movies are selling incredibly cheap!

A Little Secret Trick

I use this trick every year.

Around the new year I start adding all kinds of movie to my shopping cart. Yep, tons, at least 50 movies. I go through and place every movie I want from the used section in there. I will not pay over $5 including Shipping for my movies. So, if a movie like Serpico, is $2.68 that is over my $5 rule. I will place it in my shopping cart anyway. If that movie sells, or if a new one is listed for less then $2.68 I will be notified next time I visit my cart. It will tell you how much it went up or down.

So go through Amazon. Put tons of movies in your cart, even if you are not going to buy them today because they are too expensive. I use $5 for a limit, your limit may be more or less. Remember, there are plenty of movies on Amazon selling for $0.01. You just have to find them.

I find the best way to find these cheap DVD's are when you type in an actors name in the search or a title with multiple films. Like The Matrix

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    • profile image

      Mark 5 years ago

      Yeah!! I collect movies and I want more to my collection and that they highlight great actor legends makes me even more satisfied. Now where's the buy button. Adding 25 to my cart!!!! Give me some more!!! Bigger Selection. Damn It!! Give me the fucking movies now!!!

    • htodd profile image

      htodd 5 years ago from United States

      This is really great and interesting ...getting movies in dirt cheap is really great...

    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 8 years ago

      My cooking is always doing good. But I need more practice with your recipe. I hope a lot of movie fans read this too. Its such a geat way to save money on buying movies.

    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 8 years ago from US

      good advice Midas, i hope many moviefans can read this hub,hows your cooking, maita