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Don't Sweat The Pits Of No return.

Updated on December 1, 2009

The Pits Of No Return!


of smelly
rain forests
drip drip

Lint catchers
often shaved
but voraciously tenacious
they grow like weeds
skunkweeds at that.

Here is the
center of musk
produced for
sexual enhancement
that few love to savour.

Hollow places
to hide things
a shoplifters drawer
to store
what's the stores .

Noise makers for
litte boys
making thier
fart explosions
from under handed
attempts at
smothering the burping pit.

Cathedral arches
for those crippled
its vast space
cushions and supports
those on crutches.

Favorite hidey hole
for the addicted
a shooters paradise.

Stain maker for
white shirts

and blouses,
yellow markings
you can't even
"SHOUT" them out .

Police detector
cops observe as
the sweat stains
size reveals the
levels of guilt.

Natures sweater
in a bassackward way
you enoy this sweater
when it's hot.

blotted out
by deoderants
with catchy names,

like Right guard??

what about the left armpit?

Or Arrid..extra dry,

dry armpits being the
ultimate delight.

Armpits sit
in stereo
on each side
of you.

They lie
under arms
that cover their
stench or
leech out the
artificially created
perfumes that make
each pit bearable.

Armpits are
one of God's
litte jokes
on his nervous
little mortals.

But don't sweat it
his are huge
and were a direct cause

for the flood
when Noah built
his ark.

Isn't it nice
to know that even God
has to sit and
sweat when things
don't go his way.


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