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"Don't listen to the Critics" is a tired phrase.

Updated on September 23, 2016

Whenever a movie comes out with negative reviews many bash the critics for being stuck up and bitter. "Don't listen to the critics" is the the common phrase, but so many of us critique film, music, sports, etc, that we forget that everyone, including ourselves, is a critic. Sure some get paid to do it, and they all started out the same way we did, as a fan of something in particular, and yet we all post on Facebook, or talk in person if we liked or disliked a film. We tell our friends or family what movies to watch, which ones we loved or hated, but when a negative review comes out on something you like, or really want to see you end up saying, "Don't listen to the critics. Make up your own mind. Yet you're so quick to say, "Oh man that movie was awesome! You should go see it!" You just said don't listen to the critics. So why should we listen to you? Cause you're not getting paid to say that? If we could all get paid to write reviews for movies most of us would jump at that chance. I know I would. When a majority of critics say a movie is bad, it's probably bad. It's fine if you like it, but you also have to understand WHY a majority didn't. For example; You may like a cheap painting from Goodwill, you don't know why you like it you just do, but would you compare it to a Michael Angelo? No.

I will say tastes do change over time. Critics do make retractions on certain films years later, but for the most part they're pretty consistent. They love movies like we do. Nobody goes into a movie wanting to hate it. Now I will agree, some critics are snobs who believe they're opinion's are the only ones that matter, but we can't condemn all of them for the way a few act. I have been accused of being pretentious when it comes to reviewing movies. I tend to examine a film, but I pride myself in having an eye for the film making process. I have a few guilty pleasures in my list of favorite movies, yet I have an understanding why most of them didn't do well either critically or at the box office. I wouldn't go as a far as calling those movies great, I just simply say, "I liked that movie."

You have to remember, whenever you give an opinion about something, be it good or bad, you are critiquing it. Therefore you are a critic. It may not be your profession, but it's your opinion that you are telling a stranger,friend or relative. You can't be a hypocrite and say, "Don't listen to them, listen to me." You have to take all opinions into account, and based off of that, use your best judgement.


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    • nan4wrtng profile image

      nan4wrtng 19 months ago from Riverside, CA

      I feel reviewers have become more sophisticated over time. Many have valid reasons for their like or dislikes of a movie. Some reviews are subjective and I may not agree after I have seen the movie, for the same reason, that it may or may not resonate with me due to the message or content of the movie, but a majority of the time they get it right, and that is when you learn to recognize professionalism, versus petty dislike.