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Dora the Explorer Animal Adventures Activity Ideas

Updated on February 9, 2008

Activities To Do After Watching Episodes

The Animal Adventures DVD has four episodes of Dora the Explorer. Here are some activity ideas based on two of the episodes on the DVD. Watch the episode and then do the activity with a preschooler, whether it is your own kid, your younger sibling, or the kid you are babysitting/nannying.

Baby Jaguar’s Roar

Create a map with three locations with the end location being where you hide a stuffed bear. The locations can be different rooms in the house or obstacles created inside or in the yard. Have the kid(s) act like a jaguar as shown in the episode as they follow the map you made to find the stuffed bear.


Create a map with at least three locations and an animal to find and photograph at each location. Use stuffed animals to act as animals to be found and photographed. If you have real pets, then you can use them too, especially if you have ones in cages or tanks because you control where they are and map them. Have the kid(s) follow the map and photograph the animals using a digital camera (they have reasonably priced ones just for kids these days) or alternatively have the kids draw and color or sketch the animals as they find them. After they complete their safari hang up their photos or drawings and have a little photo exhibit. Invite family and/or friends to see their photos. Of course, you can even award them a blue ribbon.


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