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Downfall (2004, "Der Untergang")

Updated on May 31, 2015

Subjective and brave

The movie "Downfall" from 2004 has received both many positive but also critical remark, which have however been mainly constructive towards the German view on the issues of Nazism, the Second World War and Hitler.

The Oscar-nominate is a presentation of the last days of Hitler in the Berlin bunker through the eyes of an innocent and young secretary Traudl Junge, who does not until the end of the war, realize the amount of devastation and horror the world has had to survive due to the power and ambitions of a dozen men. The movie is very realistic and shows all hardships of life during the last few pointless weeks of the war.

Although a German production, the act manages to withhold its neutrality and is presented as a form of biography or historical drama. Hitler (Bruno Ganz) is portrayed very accurately and has been shown as a harsh, rash and violent human being with some modesty and dignity left intact. The cast is also very effective in its representation of the Chief officers during the Third Reich, such as Goebbels, Goering and Himmler. Who are shown as the greatest scum to walk this earth.

The most important aspects of this film are not the image of Hitler or the criticism of the Nazi state, but the bravery with which Germans openly created a film on a piece of their history which is for them better forgotten. The directors of this movie specifically created it so the this episode of history is not forgot to ensure for the future that such terror does never occur again.


The movie and some good reads

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