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Dr. John rocked but Sarah Might have stolen the show...

Updated on October 9, 2015
bluesradio profile image

Marc has worked in Radio for years, his folks having started a jazz station when he was a teen and he has been on WMUR, WNCU, and now WCOM

Dr. John came to Durham, and though the man is in his early 70's, he still has energy and gave a great concert at the Historic Carolina Theatre.

I was so pleased that I was able to catch this show through my old contacts at WNCU, and I was also quite pleased that I got to discover a new musical find.

Sarah Morrow, the trombonist, is definitely the truth This young lady knows how to keep the crowd rocking and have a good time....The rest of the band was equally tight and then they brought in as a surprise guest, a performer from New Orleans who know calls Durham home, the world famous Branford Marsalis...And that just added another dimension to the show.....

Definitely glad I got a chance to see this Icon do his thing, and he is still a masterful story teller and performer....The song topics ranged from Monkeys and how they probably feel about us, to cats, and all kinds of other really cool songs...

If Dr. John comes to your city, be sure to check him out!!!.


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