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Dr Who and Leela and the HORROR at Fang Rock

Updated on August 2, 2015

Horror of Fang Rock is a Doctor Who story of four episodes that were shown on BBC One from 3 to24 September 1977 .

Lighthouse keeper Vince stands atop a lighthouse in the early 1900s, and sees that a purple object falls into the sea.

He is calling for another keeper, Reuben, who says that it most likely was a meteor. A third man, Ben, come up and joke that they look for ladies. Ben Reuben and then go down to eat dinner after watching something in the water.

They bicker about the electricity or oil is best.Vince yells down that there has been fog and Ben goes up to check

Meanwhile the Doctor's Tardis materializes near the lighthouse.

Upstairs in the tower they know that it has become colder and Vince says the cold comes from the land into the sea. He starts the horn in the tower. Reuben commented that the mist feels unnatural and that in the last 30 years, he has always known when the fog comes in.

Doctor and Leela have come out of the Tardis and she thinks she's in Brighton , which is the place where the Doctor originally tried to materialize the Tardis. He admits that they are in the wrong place and go to the lighthouse to ask for directions.

Inside the tower the light suddenly begins to work, and Ben, who worked on the generator in the boiler room is confused because it was not he who fixed it. After he goes up the tower again something green behind the generator begins  to glow . After a few minutes the light goes back and Ben goes down to check the generator.

Doctor and Leela arrive at the tower and enter through the boiler room and up the stairs where they meet Vince.

The doctor said that he saw Ben in the boiler room and he goes to check while Leela is left. She says she is cold and Ben offers her warmer clothes.

The Doctor opens the door and yells for Ben, but he is not responding. He goes to see the generator and finds Ben dead while Vince comes down the stairs. The doctor says that Ben died of a stun and Vince goes up to tell Reuben what has happened while the doctor examines the boiler room.

He finds Ben's lantern on the floor, which is flattened.

Yacht Survivors

Reuben does not think Ben was killed by an accident and suspects the Doctor and Leela.

He walks down to talk with the doctor and ask if he thinks they are behind Ben's death.

Reuben says that he knows what he knows. He takes with him a cloth into the boiler room to put over Ben. Leela asks the Doctor if the killer will come back as she is dying to pursue him. The doctor says he is not interested in playing hide and seek in the fog with something that can smash lights and kills by using  electricity.

The Doctor goes to talk with Vince and Leela sneaks down the stairs, past Reuben in the boiler room and into the fog.

Vince tells the doctor about the object that fell into the sea just before the fog and the cold came. Reuben comes up while talking and tells Vince that he can go and eat dinner. He only sees the doctor.

Outside Leela has meanwhile found dead fish in the water and she heard crackling, like Vince also heard in the tower when she descended the stairs. Leela is being pursued by something  that glows green when she goes back to the tower. Vince can not find Ben in the boiler room. He yells up to Reuben that Ben has woken up again, but Reuben does not believe him. 

At the top of the tower the Doctor is watching  a light that turns out to be a yacht. Reuben yells down to Leela and Vince comes up while the light goes again. Reuben lights flares , but the yacht is now smashed on land.

They run down to see if there are any survivors, while Leela blows on the horn. Suddenly, the light begins to work again and Leela sees a creature that looks like a green ball that moves around the outside of the lighthouse.

The others include three survivors who come  back to the lighthouse. They are Col. James Skin Sale, Lord Palmer, Dale (who owns the yacht) and Adelaide, who is Palmer Dales' secretary. Reuben go up in the lamp room again while the survivors are warming around the stove in the living room. The Doctor tells Leela that it is the monster of Fang Rock.

Dale Palmer demands clothes and drink, but Vince tells him that alcohol is not permitted in the lighthouse. The doctor goes down and they ask where is the mate Harker, who was left to secure the boat. He is told that it is due to Harker that they survived and the Doctor asks why they wrecked.

He gets no answer.

Vince says he must go to the boiler room to fill the boiler and Leela joins him. Palmer, Dale is eager to get to London before the stock exchange opens, but the Doctor says that it is impossible in the fog.

In the boiler room Leela hears something outside and she sends Vince to get the Doctor.

It turns out to be Harker who has with him a body. The doctor comes down and it turns out to be Ben. Harker said he found him floating in the sea.

Leela asks if it is the monster of Fang Rock that ate him, but the doctor believes that there are some who are trying to study anatomy. Vince comes down and is convinced that Ben went out after he died. The doctor says that the electric shock caused him to faint, then he staggered out of the lighthouse and drowned.

After Vince returns to the boiler room Leela asks the Doctor why he did not tell the truth. The doctor replies that he does not know what the truth is yet.

Palmer, Dale says that they will continue voyage, but Harker refuses. He claims that it is the crew of the lighthouses' fault that they crashed and that therefore it is their responsibility to ensure that he gets to London on time. The doctor comes up and says they all should be in the tower while he goes out.

Adelaide asks if she can get a room to sleep in and Reuben suggests that she can use one of bunk beds in the bedroom.

Up in the lamp room watching Vince and Reuben the Doctor and Leela that goes through the fog. Reuben says that it is 80 years ago some saw the monster last. .At that time two men perished and one went crazy.

Doctor Who is holding a compass in which the needle goes around. He says it is from an electric field that is strong enough to kill. Leela shows him the dead fish and they go back to the lighthouse while the monster follows.

In the lighthouse Doctor Who and Leela come back to the lighthouse and he tells her that he believes that what Vince saw was a spaceship that crash-landed in the sea. He believes that the fog is an attempt to isolate them and that monster will attack soon. In the living room and fell asleep Dale Palmer tries to get Harker to send a message to stock brokers. Harker tells him about all those who died and attacks Palmer Dale. The doctor comes in and he separates them. Doctor Who says that the lighthouse is under attack and by sunrise they may all be dead. Now out comes the monster closer to the lighthouse.

Up in the lamp room Reuben tells Vince that it is time to fill the kettle again. Vince is nervous for what happened 80 years ago will happen again and Reuben offers to do it.The Doctor tells the others in the living room that no one should leave the lighthouse.Dale Palmer gets angry and Leela threatens to cut out his heart if he does not do as the Doctor says. Leela thinks it is getting colder, as it was last time the monster is approaching, and the light becomes weaker. Suddenly they hear Reuben howling down in the boiler room.

The Doctor and Leela run down and they find the door open. Upstairs in the living room Adelaide becomes hysterical. Harker goes down to help and Palmer says they should stick together.

Harker is on the way out of the tower, but sees Reuben coming out of the room where they store carbon. He says that Hawking will leave him and go up the stairs. Doctor and Leela come back and tell them that Harker Reuben is also back. They go up while Harker secures the front door. The doctor comes in and asks where Reuben was.Colonel Skinsale replies that he was outside the room a little while ago and the Doctor goes up to the bedroom. Dale Palmer also goes up and follows after him.

The doctor knocks on the door to the bedroom, but Reuben is not responding. He stands perfectly still inside the room and turns green. Doctors think it's shock and sends Leela into the boiler room to tell Harker that he must fill the kettle.

Up in the lamp room Palmer tries to persuade Vince to send the message and Vince goes along with it after he offered £ 100 and James Skinsale is in the stairs and listens. On the outside of the tower the monster climbs up to the railing around the balcony on the outside of the lamp room. The doctor comes up to talk to Vince and Dale Palmer sneaks out on the balcony.

Down in the boiler room Leela tells Harker that he must fill the kettle and takes sledgehammer Harker used to secure the door. Vince wonders if it's the monster of Fang Rock has come back. The doctor does not believe in the story and says that they are eight and only one monster. Out on the balcony it begins to glow green and Dale Palmer is attacked. In the living room Adelaide has become angry because of Colonel Skinsale has told her about Dale Palmer. She does not believe in it and goes to find Dale Palmer to tell him about it. The Colonel smiles and goes to the telegraph.

Outside the bedroom Leela threatens to knock down the door with a sledge hammer if Reuben is not responding. Up in the lamp room doctor says to Vince that they should stay in the lighthouse the rest of the night. He hears that Leela is trying to knock down the door and goes down and stop her. He tells her that Reuben will come out when he is ready.

Adelaide is coming up the stairs to find Dale Palmer, but the Doctor sends her down to the living room again. Vince looking for Palmer out on the balcony, but found him not. He goes to tell the others, but changes his mind.

The Doctor asks Leela to bring everyone to the living room. Colonel Skinsale is skeptical when the Doctor says that the attacker is extraterrestrial. Leela comes back with Harker and says she can not find Dale Palmer. Vince calls down and says that he believes that Dale has fallen from the balcony. The Doctor, Harker and the Colonel goes out to check while Reuben is in the stairs to watch.

The Doctor takes the body of Dale Palmer and the Harker secures door. Adelaide accuses Colonel Skinsale of having killed him, but the Doctor says he was killed by electricity and he was dead before he hit the ground.

He then found out that Skinsale has destroyed the telegraph and thus isolated them from the mainland. Vince calls down and says that the pressure in the boiler has gone down and the horn does not work. They go down and find Harker's dead. The doctor sends the rest back to the room and goes into the coal room where he finds the body of Reuben who has been dead for several hours.

Vince stands up in light room when Reuben comes up and kills him. Leela turns on the boiler while the Doctor wonders what he should do. She suggests that they pretend that they think the monster is Reuben so they can get close enough to kill it. Doctor says it can not go because they will be killed first by electricity. He finds a power relay the generator uses to drive the transmitter for a distress signal and asks Leela to bring everyone together to light the room because it is the easiest room to defend.

Leela tells SkinSale and Adelaide in the living room that the monster has come into the Lighthouse and they need to fight. Adelaide faints. Doctor Who searches the bedroom and hides when the monster comes. Reuben is lagging behind the window frame on the outside of the lighthouse.

Meanwhile, Adelaide has woken up again and tells Leela that they must go to the lamp room.Suddenly the monster comes in through the door. In the living room the monster is trying to kill Adelaide. Leela throws her knife at it, but it goes straight through. She and Skin Sale run out of the room and up the stairs where is the Doctor. He tells them that they must move up to light the room and spread the powder in the signal rockets on the stairs.

He sits down on the stairs and the monster comes. It is changing shape from Reuben to it's actual appearance. The Doctor recognizes it as a host. It tells the Doctor that it is a scout with a new transformation technique. Doctor mocks it by mentioning that they are losing the war against the Sontarerne. Ruta coach says that it intends to invade Earth and use it as a strategic outpost. The doctor replies that the route does have failed and that he has taken down the transmitter. Ruta coach believes that the signal was broadcast long enough and it follows the Doctor up the stairs.

The doctor lit a match and throws it on the powder as Skinsale and Leela spread it into the stairs and the monster is screaming in pain. Doctor Who asks them  to find more since heat damages it. They fill up the rocket launcher with all the signal rockets they find. The doctor is concerned about the Routans mother ship, but he believes that if they manage to shoot it down, the Routan founders will leave the earth in peace. A laser can destroy the ship when it lands because it will turn off the shields. Leela suggests that they can use the lighthouse light, but the Doctor says he needs a diamond to amplify light. Skinsale mentions that Dale Palmer always wore diamonds.

Doctor and Skinsale go down while the injured Routan slowly begins to climb up from the bottom of the stairs. Colonel Skinsale finds diamonds on Palmer  and give them to the Doctor, who takes one, throwing away the rest and runs up the stairs.

The Colonel  starts to pick up the rest of the diamonds as well as the Routan   comes upstairs and kills him. When the Doctor reaches the top of the stairs  Leela has the rocket launcher which hits the Routan. The doctor begins to focus the laser while Leela runs down the stairs and looks to see if the Routan is dead or not. Outside approaching is the mother ship itself.

The doctor completes the laser and aims it toward the ship. He turns it on and they run down the stairs. On the way down Leela picks up her knife from the living room.They run out of the lighthouse and hiding behind a rock just before the laser hits the mother ship and it explodes.

Leela is blinded and asks the Doctor to kill her, but he says it will blow over. He tells her that her eyes have changed color to blue because of the explosion. They go into the Tardis and leaving the site while the Doctor reciting a poem by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson .


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