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Drag Me to Delaware: The Virality of a State

Updated on January 2, 2017

Going Viral


Only in Delaware

Delaware is a Drag (Really)

Not too many public figures can claim that they were born and raised in the state of Delaware. There's the actress Aubrey Plaza and few others . Less, possibly, can claim that they continue to live in Delaware. Aside from Vice President Joseph Biden (D), (who was born and partially raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania) the fame of the state lies predominantly with the jabs saying that the life there is slow and boring.

But a viral video published to World Star Hip Hop just might bring into view the shenanigans which befall the Diamond State on a regular basis. Wailing and yelling and threatening to kill her opponent in the fight which preceded the dragging, 24-year-old Mykia Lee put on a show, certainly. She displayed like she attempted to win a Golden Globe. The video failed to capture the actual "turn up" moments where shots ring out in depressed sections of "Killmington, Hellaware" from where the draggers and dragee hail. This type of foolishness happens every day in the First State. This past December, Newsweek declared Wilmington the "murder town USA." Dragging a woman across a highway is base but it pales in comparison to the impoverished neighborhoods and violent streets which compose parts of Delaware. For not paying attention to the true incidents which ought warrant media scrutiny, viewers may not be prepared for what really goes on in the D.

The video clip may just provide outsiders with the knowledge that Delaware has its curious moments just as any other state. But what makes Delaware different is the fact that the entire state has to be put under a microscope in these incidents. The traffic act took place in Glasgow, Delaware which is actually close to Newark, Delaware but few know nor care about the difference between the two places. Everything boils down to the state. If it happened in the capital (Dover) people would still need a map to point out the location of the city. So what will happen to Miss Lee and her opponents? Perhaps she will look to her alleged Christianity and forgive them for they know not what they do. What might happen is that she'll go down in viral video history as the extra, overdramatic scream queen. This Delaware daughter just had her twelve minutes of pain and fame.


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