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Dragon Ball's Fierce moments

Updated on August 22, 2019
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Abuzar is still a student and polishing his skills of writing an article.

Goku's Rage Against General Black (Path to Power)

While fighting with General Black Goku used Kamehameha wave on the giant robot but was of no use. Android 8 later joined the fight but was destroyed by the giant robot. After his death Goku became enraged and unleashed a gigantic Kamehameha wave destroying the giant robot and killing General Black.

Goku Goes Super Saiyan

In the Frieza saga Frieza defeated everyone including Vegeta and Picollo. Frieza then killed Krillin with a KI blast. Seeing Krillin die Goku became enraged and transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time. After transforming, he defeated Frieza with a Spirit Bomb destroying the whole planet.

Vegeta vs Cell

Cell after transforming into Perfect Cell became very powerful. He killed Trunks with a ki blast seeing Trunks die Vegeta became enraged, thinking that he couldn't save his son. Vegeta then unleashed a series of attack on Cell but couldn't defeat him.

Gohan Goes Super Saiyan 2

After turning into Perfect Cell, Cell no longer needed androids, so he killed Android 16 brutually. Seeing Android 16 die Gohan became enraged and turned into Super Saiyan 2 and fought Cell.

Gohan's Rage Against Bojack

Bojack defeated every Z warrior and was about to kill Gohan, but Goku came to rescue him. Gohan then angrily turned into Super Saiyan 2. Even Bido and Zangya's power draining rope didn't work on him. He quickly killed them and defeated Bojack. After defeating Bojack he killed him with a Kamehameha wave.

Bardock vs Lord Chilled

After being defeated by Frieza Bardock lived on a planet. The purple colored creatures of the planet healed him. Soon the planet was attacked by Lord Chilled. Bardock thought that it was Frieza, so he attacked him furiously but was beaten by Chilled but when Chilled attacked the creatures of the planet, Bardock became enraged and turned into Super Saiyan and defeated Lord Chilled.

Vegeta's Rage Against Beerus

When Beerus became angry on Buu for not sharing pudding with him, he threw him away. This engaged the Z warriors to fight Beerus but he defeated them. When Bulma saw Beerus ruining his birthday party, she slapped him, then Beerus slapped him back. Watching that Vegeta became angry and attacked Beerus but couldn't defeat him because of the difference in the power levels but still should him the rage of a Saiyan.

Goku's Rage Against Black Goku

Goku and Vegeta were almost defeated by Black Goku and immortal Zamasu. Then Black Goku explains Goku how he exchanged bodies with Goku and how he killed Chi chi and Goten. After listening that Goku became furious and attacked them but wasn't able to defeat them.

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