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Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Review: Showdown of Love!

Updated on November 26, 2017

Vegeta's Struggle

Goku has once again used up all of his energy during the battle with Kefla and is left defenseless. Gohan and Piccolo rush to his rescue but are stopped by the Namekians from Universe 6. I am really looking forward to seeing this, I just hope we don't have to wait too long to see it. There is no doubt in my mind Saoneru and Pirina will be fusing and taking on Piccolo.

The episode cuts to my favorite underrated character in Super, Vegeta (why do you keep doing this Super?). Vegeta is upset Goku was able to use Ultra Instinct to defeat Kefla, so he decides to try to fight without thought or action and allows a B rated fighter (literally!) to pummel him. Vegeta doesn't allow it to continue for long but still, come on... Vegeta deserves his shining moment in this tournament and I'm beginning to lose hope.

Where did this guy even come from?

Android 18 and Android 17

We finally get some interaction between Android 18 and 17! We find them observing the fighting arena and engaging in small talk? Android 17 offers to help bandage 18's ankle (who wouldn't right?). It was a sweet almost comical fanservice moment. They shared hopes for their futures on Earth and family life. We can almost forget how they tried to destroy it once before, our Androids have come so far. Now getting to the moment we've all been waiting for...

Android 17 and Android 18 vs Ribrianne & Rozie

Androids to the rescue! Goku is attacked by Ribrianne and Rozie and our Android's step up to the challenge. I'm so thankful they do (it must be a Thanksgiving miracle!), honestly not because they saved Goku, but because of the end result! Android 18 kicks Ribriannes oversized ass.

Almost the entire Dragon Ball Super fanbase despises Ribrianne and for good reasons (look forward to my upcoming blog on those reasons). After Ribrianne insults her husband, Android 18 takes this battle personally. Android 18's whole demeanor gets colder and she ends up throwing Ribrianne so far off her game she knocks her own teammate Rozie out. Then the most annoying thing happens and Ribrianne turns into a love giant and we are almost made to believe Android 18 will give up but....

Android 18 has too much to lose. She attacks with all of her stamina and power, breaking through giant Ribriannes "love". The moment we have all been waiting for has come. RIBRIANNE IS OUT!


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