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Dragon Ball Super: What Happens Now?

Updated on February 2, 2018
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I'm an avid Dragon Ball fan and have a love for Anime of all kinds. Want my opinion? Think I'm wrong about something? Let's talk!


Spoiler Alert! If you’re not at least on or around episode 120, wait. This is not intended for you just yet.

Recently news broke that Dragon Ball Super will be coming to an end. If you’ve been following the most recent episodes at the time of this writing, we’re currently in the final stages of the Tournament of Power arc. It seems safe to say that the waning moments of this tournament will be the last we see of Goku and friends for a long time or quite possibly, forever. Although we have high hopes of seeing a winner come from the Tournament of Power, there are quite a few potential cliffhangers. With no new episodes and the manga playing catch up, fan fiction, fantasy storylines, and mass speculation are sure to run rampant in the coming months. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s see how this all plays out. Until then, here are a list of questions the Tournament of Power doesn’t seem likely to answer.

I Am a God


With the entire existence of Universe 7 at stake, Goku and company entered this tournament knowing full well that winning is the only option. The exhibition matches ahead of time and the tension felt from all the other universes competing set a rather villainous tone. Everyone involved would have to ascend to the greatest level they’ve ever been and be in tip top shape not just physically, but mentally as well.

Having dealt with Cell in the past, everyone knew the drill and how to maximize their training efforts. Although there was a great deal of growth in all of the Z fighters, the most notable display of growth thus far through the tournament came from both Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta seems to have mastered his Super Saiyan Blue form while Goku has gained temporary access to a technique known as Ultra Instinct. These new forms/transformations have made them stronger than we’ve ever seen them in the history of the series, and somehow it still doesn’t seem like enough to defeat the mighty Jiren. That leads to my first question: Have Goku and Vegeta surpassed Beerus? Beerus held back significantly during his fight with Goku but the Goku that stands before us is an even more capable fighter than he was then. Even still, Frieza has displayed his ability to fight off the power of a God of Destruction (something Goku found himself having a hard time with) so does that put him in the running to be the strongest of them all? We need answers and this question opens up a whole new wormhole that deserves to be addressed in more than ten episodes.

Heaven Sent

Zen-Oh and the Great Priest couldn’t have been more serious in regards to doing away with several universes. It’s happening right before our eyes. Why is it so important to have a universe full of strong fighters? And just how strong are these other universes that weren’t forced to compete? The other noticeable thing is that the angels aren’t erased with the God of Destruction they’ve been assigned to. They say that the Supreme Kais are the counterparts to the Gods of Destruction but they don’t seem to have a special bond with an otherworldly beings.

What happens to an angel when the universe they live in gets erased? We don’t know. The angel isn’t erased and seemingly has nowhere to go. Do they merge with a sibling? Do they come serve under Zen-Oh with their father? Do they have a mother or a world of their own? I’ll be scratching my head the most over his one.

Dragon Ball Super

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Super Dragon Balls

A wish of super proportion. That’s what will be granted if you’ve collected all seven of the planet sized Super Dragon Balls which just so happen to be scattered between two different universes. You also have to ask in the language of the Gods. This is no simple feat. Capable of granting any wish you could possibly dream of, there’s no wonder all the fighters want to be the sole victor.

The question here lies after the winner makes a wish. The Super Dragon Balls are found between universes six and seven. I think the vast majority of us believe that Goku and universe seven are going to find a way to pull out a victory. All of the remaining fighters for universe seven seem to have their own ideas on how the wish should be used. Vegeta wants to bring back universe six and that may be the best case scenario. Because the Super Dragon Balls are split between universes six and seven, where would they go after a wish is made? Would they all go to universe seven, since universe six has been erased? Or would they cease to exist?

Silence is Golden

After Majin Boo decided that he missed his ball and needed a nap, a roster spot opened up on the squad. Arguably the most capable fighter next to Goku and Vegeta, Frieza, would go on to take this spot. He’s stronger, wittier, more fierce and now comes in gold. Goku talked to Fortune Teller Baba about getting a 24 hour pass for the notorious villain and she begrudgingly obliged. There’s no point in saving the world when the universe is at stake.

Frieza wants Goku to use the Super Dragon Balls to bring him back to life. I wouldn’t put anything past Frieza, especially in his current predicament. Frieza appears to have an even greater plan that may involve Beerus, Whis, Zen-Oh and/or the Great Priest. What could Frieza possibly be up to? Will he pull a Zamasu and finally get immortality? We saw what happened to Frost when he tried to break a rule in the presence of Zen-Oh, so is Frieza willing to be erased for this plan? We got so much growth and character development from the initial fight with Frieza on Namek. The fight between Goku and Frieza is what brought about the Super Saiyan transformation we all know and love. With the way things are currently aligned, does Frieza deserve another saga? It appears so.

What Next?

Dragon Ball Super ending is sad and confusing. Is it a season finale or a true series finale? Is it going on hiatus so the manga can catch up? Are all the creative efforts going into the movie that’s slated to come out later this year? Will any of our open questions, concerns, or cliffhangers be addressed in these last few episodes? We’ll find out shortly. Until then, let’s enjoy what little time we have left.

Dragon Ball Super

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© 2018 Earvin Allen


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