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Dragon Ball AF

Updated on December 27, 2013
Goku Goes Super Saiyan 5?
Goku Goes Super Saiyan 5?

What Is AF?

Ok so Dragonball Z was an amazing anime quite possibly the most addicting and entertaining anime ever. After Z ended another non-cannon anime called Dragonball GT began picking up where Z left off.

Even though it was not cannon the series was pretty decent and satisfied fans. However, since Akira Toriyama didn't make GT it was technically not part of the original storyline.

Now that GT is finished fans wanted more and a rumor known as Dragonball AF emerged. Nobody truly knows where this rumor originated from some say it was a leak others say it was a joke. Since the title is AF it is also known to be an April Fools joke.

The truth is however that this is not a real series and no matter how much the pictures seem real they are all photoshopped and made by fans.

Goku SSJ 5

After GT Goku was Super Saiyan 4 and his power level spiked tremendously to new heights. In his super saiyan 4 form it is entirely different from his previous forms. He has red fur an ape like chest and dark black hair. This new design has inspired many other people to create new versions of a false Goku Super saiyan 5.

There is no such thing as super saiyan 5 and canonically the level ends at Super saiyan God. The concept of ssj 5 is a huge body bright white fur white hair and a reddish face with an un parallel energy boost.

What Is Goku's Highest Form?

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Other Characters

Vegeta, Gokus lifelong shadow is supposedly going super saiyan 5 also.

It is kind of a shame that he never surpassed Goku until GT when he went super saiyan 4 due to blitz wave machine.

His highest level non-canonically is Super Saiyan 2.

Yamcha and Tien also fuse to form Tienscha.

Trunks and vegata possibly fuse to to form Trunkgeta and Broly may go SSJ 4.

The main villain of this series is known to be Gokus Son Xicor. Xicor is supposedly born at SSJ 5 level.

Exploring The World Of AF

Rigor is supposed to be the son of the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, and he finds a way to control his power and fight alongside the Z fighters. Whilst away with Shenron in other worlds Goku meets a beautiful girl who falls in love with Goku. Goku however says no and he loves ChiChi later the girl seduces Goku in his dreams and turns out to be a powerful being.

She later gives birth to Xicor and sends him off to find Goku. Xicor has an extreme power level. Vegeta is said to have been practicing and training while Goku left and turns Super Saiyan 5. Rigor is a hero in this series and at one point Broly returns as a super saiyan 4 and fights his son and the Z fighters. All this is however purely fan made and fictional.

So What Is AF?

Well, AF is basically just a false fan made series. Actually it isn't even technically a series since there are no episodes. All the pictures are fake and some people off of Youtube might have made their own episodes. However AF was just a joke and a rumor that was never to happen and never did happen. Most likely it was a April Fools joke.

But. After the recent movie Battle Of Gods there are some hints and question that arise. This could be a hint to a new series possibly. However after watching the movie GT seems like it never existed. Also Bills explains that their are 12 other Gods each stronger than the other. This could possibly mean a new series?


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