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Dragonball Z characters

Updated on March 28, 2014

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The Anime I Grown Up With

Dragonball Z was the most famous anime when I was just a kid. They say that it’s not normal for a girl to love watching an anime with tons of fist fights and other brutal scenes. However, it never failed to entertain me. I remember way back on my elementary years where I rush going home just to watch this exciting Anime. Of course I even memorized almost all Dragonball Z characters. Time passed so fast that I almost forgot about Dragonball Z. It’s good to reminisce the past and look at the TV show that awakened by interest towards Anime. I'll try to cover all the Dragonball Z characters on this hub even those that were not considered as part of the main cast.

Son Goku

Son Goku is the main protagonist of the whole series. He is a Sayan which was supposed to destroy earth but accidentally fell on a cliff when he was just a child and bumped his head. This incident made him forget about his real intentions and made him become the savior of the planet. Don’t ask me about how strong he is because there is no limit to what he can do. He can do instant teleport, move extremely fast, and do his special move which he calls the Kame-hame Wave. For the record, he can blow up and entire planet easily so messing with this guy is certainly not a good idea. It’s a good thing he’s on the good side. The best feature of this hero is not his sole strength though but his friends. Along his way to protect the earth and be stronger, he met a lot of friends which in most occasions aided him in battle. The technique called the “Spirit Ball” which is often the last recourse in a losing battle won’t be possible without the help of his friends as it needs the power of others to form it. Among all the Dragonball Z characters he is the most liked and loved by most fans.

Son Gohan

Son Gohan is the son of Son Goku which made him inherit Sayan powers as well. Gohan received his first battle from Piccolo which was Son Goku’s enemy until they were forced to combine forces to face Raditz. Most Dragonball Z characters are known for bravery but not Gohan. When he was a kid, Son Gohan is a coward and would rather run than fight. Nonetheless, with the help of Piccolo who eventually treated Gohan as his son, Gohan became one of the strongest Sayan in the Universe. In fact, he was the one who easily defeated Cell. The most interesting part about Son Gohan is that his true powers often comes out if a friend or family is threatened or died. Considering his father is Son Goku, it was not surprising to see him with so much power even when he was just a kid. The only thing unique about him is his association to school. He is the only among all the Dragonball Z characters who went to school and eventually became a genius. While taking college, he met Vide, the daughter of POGI, who became her wife later on. In the end, they had a daughter named Pan.


Kuririn is Son Goku’s best friend. They met when they were just kids where both of them studied martial arts under Master Yoshi. Although you might think of him as the weakest Z warrior, he is considered as the strongest human in the series. Sad to say, he is not physically gifted in terms of height and even hair but he boast a very strong technique which closely resembles a discus disc. Kuririn is also one of the humorous ones among all the Dragonball Z characters. He may not be the strongest or the bravest but he is a true friend and will never leave anyone behind. Kuririn married Android 16 and had a kid later in the series which is one of the most intriguing twists in the story. Imagine a beautiful and strong android marrying a small and funny guy.


For me, Piccolo is the most interesting one among all the Dragonball Z characters. The fact that he was first introduced in the series as the son of Son Goku’s mortal enemy made his character very exciting. You will keep guessing if he is still up to something bad or he totally changed to be on the good side. He may be harsh especially when he trained Son Gohan but he is willing to protect Gohan with his own life. Piccolo is considered as the Super Nemic when King Kame gave and Niel fused with him. His powers are very dependable and the battle experience he got along the way made him a very formidable opponent. He was the one who killed Raditz.


Vegeta is as interesting as Piccolo. He is the prince of Sayan and the rival of Son Goku in terms of becoming the strongest Sayan alive. Although he is a part of the Z warriors, Vegeta is way off from being good. However, he eventually became attached to earth as he tried to understand what made Son Goku so powerful. Later in the series, he married Bulma and had a son named Trunks. Vegeta is the second strongest Sayan in the universe. He doesn’t like the idea of being second to Son Goku at first but he was able to accept the fact and became one of Son Goku’s most trusted comrades in battle. He is known for being hot-tempered and rough in his battles. He attacks ferociously and would leave no chance for the enemy to retreat or heal which is contrary to what Son Goku does. Nonetheless, he is one of the most exciting among all Dragonball Z characters who you should look forward to while watching the series.

Trunks (Future & Present)

There are two Trunks in the series; one in the present who is just a kid and the other one from the future. The future trunks came travelled time to save the earth from doom. On his time, the Z warriors were defeated by the androids and Son Goku died because of a rare illness. His mother (Bulma) made the time machine and ordered him to deliver a medicine which can cure Son Goku. He was successful on his quest, changed the future and made it better. The present Trunks is as strong as the future one. He found a best friend in the name of Gotenks (youngest son of Son Goku). Both of them are strong individually but they are a lot stronger when fused. Amongst all the Dragonball Z characters, Trunks has the coolest hair in my opinion which even looks better when he transforms into a Super Sayan.


Goten is the youngest son of Son Goku and is the best friend of Trunks. He looks like Son Goku in many ways. Like trunks, he was able to achieve super sayan form at a very early age. He fought Majinboo with trunks where they use the body fusion technique to become Gotenks. However, their lack of battle experience and young age lead them towards defeat. He ended up as a handsome teenager who still looks like Goku but with Gohan’s hair. Although many disregard Goten as one of the most important Dragonball Z characters, the series won’t be complete without Son Goku’s youngest son.

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is one of the funniest Dragonball Z characters. He was the one who though Son Goku and Kurillin martial arts including the infamous technique called Kame-hame wave. He may look old but there was one time in the series where he erased an entire mountain using his Kame-hame wave. He loves to read explicit magazines and even peeps at women while changing clothes. The Dragonball series is definitely not complete without this funny old master.


Bulma is one of my favorite Dragonball Z Characters. She first met Goku while searching for the Dragonballs. They were very young back then. Bulma’s first boyfriend in the series was Yamcha but they broke up sooner or later and she met the Prince of Sayan, Vegeta. The couple brought upon another interesting character in the name of Trunks. Since Bulma’s father is the owner of Capsule Corp, her main contribution was gadgets and weapons including the spaceship that Son Goku used in going to planet Nemic.


Yamcha may not be one of the strongest Dragonball Z characters but he is definitely important. He was the first enemy of Son Goku. His “Wolf’s fang fist” technique gave Son Goku a hard time. However, he failed to be stronger in time since he was more concentrated on dating girls other than training his skills. Nevertheless, he helped a lot during the Sayan, Frieza, Cell, and Majinbu crisis. In my opinion, the only thing that made this character interesting is the scars on his faces. It reminds me of Samurai X at some point.

Tien Shinhan

Tien Shinhan may not be a Sayan but his power is not a joke. He played a very big role while the Z warriors were up against Cell. This technique gave the Androids and Vegeta some time to escape although all his efforts were wasted in the end. Unlike Yamcha, Tien Shinhan devoted his whole life training which made him the second most powerful human, second to Kurilin. He was a former student for Crane together with Chiaotzu. His most famous technique was the ability to make copies of himself. However, this technique also divides the user’s power so it’s not that effective.



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    • profile image

      kenney smith 5 years ago


    • profile image

      pg 5 years ago

      goku is cool and goten

    • DeanSexton profile image

      Geofferson Dean Sexton 5 years ago from Nowhere Land, Ontario, Canada.

      Gohan surpassed that of a Super Saiyan with the help of Old Kai and a ritual that unlocks his true potential. If he had not been absorbed by Buu he could have easily defeated him according to his father. While on Supreme Kai's planet Gohan temporarily loses control of his inner rage once more and it is revealed that if he could learn to control his hidden anger he'd be an unstoppable fighter. Given that he is passive in nature Gohan refused to use his inner strength and thus is seen as a more scholarly character in GT . . . which although Toriyama helped to produce is really not canonical, given that he wished for the series to end after the Cell games.

    • profile image

      ☺☺☺ 5 years ago

      what is you name

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hmmm...I watched the whole series as well. Gohan only reached lvl2 Super Saiyan compared to Vegeta and Goku who both reached the 4th level although Vegeta managed to do so with the help of Bulma's invention. Thank you for liking my hub! I'll update this one soon.

    • DeanSexton profile image

      Geofferson Dean Sexton 5 years ago from Nowhere Land, Ontario, Canada.

      I own every episode and movie in the Dragonball Z universe and I have to say that it still stands as my favorite cartoon of all time.

      Great hub, voted up, but I have one minor issue, Vegeta isn't the second strongest, nor is Goku the first, if you watch the series as it was meant to be watched, (up until the Cell Saga) it is said quite clearly that Gohan is the strongest Saiyan. In the following sagas he stops using his power because he's afraid of what he's capable while under its influence.

      I'm a bit of a continuity bastard, I'm sorry, but I loved the hub! Piccolo and Vegeta are my favorites!!!

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines

      I'm glad to hear that. Dragonball is indeed a classic anime which deserves our praises.

    • lacall profile image

      lacall 5 years ago from Tucson

      I love dragonball z they are my favorites since i was seven. I got all the series not all the movies.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      Kuririn marries Android 18, not 16.

      Nice list though.

    • Xnanga profile image

      Jamie Peutherer 5 years ago from Scotland

      Very good articlem especially when you're talking about my favourite anime EVER which I also grew up with. (I guess you can tell with my profile picture being SSJ2 Teen Gohan)

      Anyway I thought I should point out a slight mistake, you've wrote "Master Yoshi" instead of Master Roshi, no big deal though, lovin' the article, keep it going! :D

    • profile image

      blah 6 years ago

      my name is blah because i always say blah blah blah blah

      blah blah.i say blah because gohan is awesome

    • Saleeln18 profile image

      Saleeln18 6 years ago from Illinois

      Cool hub. I'm a devoted DBZ fan myself. I grew up on this show as well, I still remember at 4:00 and 4:30 the streets of my neighborhood went completely dead as everybody went inside to watch the new episodes of Dragonball Z. It's definitely my favorite show even to this day, and the movies are awesome too. Great job.

    • Brandon Spaulding profile image

      Brandon Spaulding 6 years ago from Yahoo, Contributor

      I love comic book heroes. I took a comic book class for college credit. This is an artform all in on its own. The class taugh about the anatomy of a comic and how writers put comics together and use literary rules. I loved it. One of the graphic novels the instructor discussed was the Dark Knight. This graphic novel is the basis for the storylines in the most recent Batman Begins movie series. The graphic novel ends with the third movie that will be coming out soon. I encourage you to read the novel. I think you will enjoy the drama in it. Have a great day!


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