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Drake & Future Hit their Mark on “WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE”

Updated on October 3, 2015

Talk about making Ace moves; “FBGOVO” is stamped over everyone’s twitter feed after the release of OVO’s finest’ Drake & Future’s FREEBANDZ highly hailed mixtape “What a Time to Be Alive”. The two quickly put an end to any talk surrounding them and went to work. Cohesively uniting on what is easily said to be the biggest collaboration since Jayz and Kanye’s Watch the Throne”. The duo, both released ‘Back to Back’ mixtapes’. With Drake’s release of “If you’re reading this it too late” going platinum; it’s only an uphill ride for Drake this year, especially after releasing a few charged up tracks during his squall with Philly rapper Meek Mill. On the other end of the spectrum, Future isn’t far behind in his consistent delivery of mixtapes’; dropping Beast Mode & 56 Nights this year, labeling Future “the hottest rapper in the game right now”. In July of 2015, future released “DS2". Dirty Sprite 2 was a follow up to Future's DIrty Sprite Mixtape back in 2011. Drake is his only feature of the Album "DS2" on the song “Where ya at, that says alot. "DS2" is notably one of Future's most recognized Album's and perhaps the top of his rank.

The eleven tracked mixtape is a perfect narrative of trap meets views from the 6; but the self-reflective EP plays heavy on the epiphany of endless grinding and excessive living. Future delivered the same energy and mindset his displayed on "DS2" on "What A Time To be Alive", ‘Diamonds & Dancing’, ‘Jersey’,’ 30/30’ and ‘change locations’ are by far the immediate bangers of the mixtape. These are the tracks you go straight too and put on repeat. Drake’s Outro on ‘Diamonds & Dancing”is moving but altogether involuntary when it comes to keeping it real, ‘You doing me Dirty’ Drake continues to sing. Any real sentimental vocals the OVO artist had, goes right out the window as the mixtape continues down. As Drake formerly falls back into his worst behavior rap mode. Throughout the Album Drake reminds us that he's here to stay on top and remain "Legendary". “What a time to be Alive”, opening song is ‘Digital Dash; Future has it all stashed away, the ATL rapper doesn’t shy away from his use of drugs which you can distinctly hear throughout the verbally abrasive album ‘DS2’. Future’s rap style is for true hood listeners, or can I stay geared to straight trap living. With Future’s distinct notable mumble, he delivers an eyes view of his life unfolded; rapping about being married to the money first, then to that dirty.

Live from The Gutter” is perhaps the realest track of the mixtape. Future reports live straight from the gutter, talking about his struggle, before the lavish life and before the fame followed up by Drake Future spits that same energy he raps on his infamous song ‘Tony Montana’. The majority of the tracks surround the vague underline topic of women getting that money, “Plastic Bag” is a prime example of that. Future gets back to the paper in “Im the Plug”.

The two’s collective effort of evenly taking the wheel, was a successful one. Drake & Future hit their mark on “What a Time to Be Alive”. And in case you wondered about the more suitable, previous image of an Owl covered fully in purple dripping as the mixtapes’ Cover art, it was replaced by white Diamonds which may or may not have much to do with the mixtape aside from the lavish lifestyle Drake and Future surface in each track. I can assure you “What a Time to Be Alive” is definitely good money, for trap music fans.


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