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Updated on March 15, 2016


Hubpages is a community that encourages writers around the world to share their writings as well as to earn money through it ( That's what I have read). I have been writing in this for five years and I do not write to earn money, not even from the book I have written ( My friends, family and the grannies kept on encouraging me that I should publish my poems as a book, to encourage people and from the sales of the books I could give money for charity after I cover my expenses.)

I just like to share what I have learnt and whatever I have written are suggestions and only creative writing. It's not at all funny when people take every little thing I have written so serious and use it against me. I never meant no harm to anyone through my writings and I do not have any kind of hidden agenda through my writings.

Only once in my life I have actually written a poem having the thought of impressing a guy with something I know I'm really good at. However, I learnt my lesson, God didn't bless me with poetry to impress a guy but to encourage and inspire people. Now looking back I'm actually glad that the guy I tried to impress didn't have the slightest curiosity to read what I have written for him and about him.

Unfortunately for me, I always ends up writing about human nature though how much I try to write about environmental nature. This is where so many misunderstandings happens and I ends up getting into trouble.


What are puppets?

Drama on the end of hands. Hand is the actor.

Puppets can reach any person's heart. Since I was a small girl I loved puppetry. I just thought of sharing what I learnt in 2008.

Why do we use puppets?

  • All ages love it.
  • It's a fantastic visual aid.
  • If anyone doesn't like to listen us, but they will listen to the puppets.
  • Great teachings been told.
  • Puppets can talk more than man.

The Story of Abraham and the King


Rules before giving the puppets to the puppeteers.

  1. Never fight with puppets, because we cannot say the love of God. (Not even as a joke)
  2. Committed to the ministry. No holding by nose, ears or mouth. (Inside is cardboard so easily can be damaged)
  3. Hold a puppet like a baby.
  4. Walking the puppet into the stage by using 4 steps.
  5. When walking off the stage, needs to look back and then down, and should go away from 4 steps.
  6. Don't come hopping, in an elevator or a lift.
  7. Puppets belly bottom should be seen on stage. Not too high, not too low. Arm has to be stretched out.
  8. Height of the screen= Height of the tallest person when the arm is stretched out. Small/ short people has to use a platform. Eg:- Wood, chair.
  9. Stage can be made of anything - Board, wood, plastic.

The first puppet which I made :)
The first puppet which I made :) | Source

How to make our puppet alive?

  • Mouth opens for each syllable
  • Move according to the lip-sing.
  • Puppeteer needs to sing and speak each word into rhythm.

Awesome !!

Anyone can be a ventriloquist.

The 4 P's :






* Different from the puppets in behind the stage.

* They have legs.

* Can win the favour of people.

* Can see the peoples' expressions and puppeteer can re-act to it.

* Character should be described.

Most Important tool - Your Voice,

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid caffeine and dairy products.
  • Need to be volume up so rest your voice.

What type of puppet do we need?

Dummies, Ventriloquist partners = puppets

Important items to purchase

  • Mirror - To keep your mouth still.
  • Teaching tools - CD's and books.


Lip Control


1. Soft Letters

  • Get a stick or a pencil and keep between the two upper and bottom teeth.
  • Don't shut the whole mouth.
  • If you shut the mouth, you'll only hum.
  • Just let a small air to come out.

Secret of sounding words

(click column header to sort results)
Soft Letters  
Hard Letters  
Substitute Sounds  
der / ger
er / huh
Hard letters can't use the sounds like in soft letters, because these cannot be said without moving the lips. Instead can use these substitute sounds for hard letters.

2. Hard Letters

  • Ventriloquism is like magic.
  • Lips are kept still as possible.

Examples :-

  1. Big boy plays boy ( Think this, but won't say 'B' or 'P' instead say 'D' or 'th' like this) : Dig doy thlays doy.
  2. Furious fox fixes fences. : Thurious thox thixes thences.
  3. Marvellous magic in Martin : Narvellous nagic in Nartin.
  4. Peter piter picked a petal : Theeter thiter thicked a thetal.
  5. Very funny boy : Thery thunny doy.
  6. Where is the water? : Ooar is the oter?


God's Love 11/03/2016

Being a Christian believer I like to share what I have learnt

As I don't like to see anyone go to the eternal damnation

Revealing about the love of Jesus Christ is my desire

None can understand the Bible without The Holy Spirit's power.

Heavenly God created the first man and woman

To have a fulfilling fellowship and conversation

He gave them the freedom of choice and didn't force

He expected them to choose wisely for worthy cause.

But the evil one who was jealous of the humans

Deceived the woman and he is still a great nuisance

So the Papa God sent His only Son to save us

So that we would be able to have fellowship without a fuss.

Just imagine, having this limited life span

People are killing each other for this and that since life began

After the sin if they had eaten from the tree of eternal life

Would be eternally living like zombies for the rest of the life.

This is why Jesus Christ came, died and rose again

So that He could save people from the dead

Hell is not a place suitable for anyone to go

I like sharing so that to Heaven we all can go.


Special Need Child 15/03/2016

I was a little sad, sadder than the usual

Then I saw a young girl with her mama I think

She looked so painful, kept on saying she can't go

Her mama said, just a little more to go.

A special need child who found it so hard to walk

Short haired beautiful girl whom God had made

All I could do was say a heart-felt prayer on behalf of her

I hope Father God would take a good care of her.

She reminded me of the time I went to learn puppetry

I saw a very fair gorgeous foreign lady

She was surrounded by so many special need children

She was loved by all at the Rehabilitation special children.

I just admired her kind heart and loving nature

It’s so amazing that one could have that kind of love for another

It’s something that I’m not at all comfortable with

As I take a lot of time to get to know a child with whom I might play with.



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    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 20 months ago

      Thank you for your thoughtful words aviannovice :) Anyway there's nothing that a person should be jealous of me as whatever I have achieved is through God's Grace and I'm way too kiddish for my age since my silliness has no end :) I do appreciate your advice :) Take care and may God bless you!

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 21 months ago from Stillwater, OK

      I think that you should travel your own road as best you can, for you have found your calling. That you help those less fortunate is such a commendable way to live. Do take time to regenerate, and never fear those that are too jealous of your own innocence to wish you well.

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 21 months ago

      Thank you Manatita for your encouraging kind words and I appreciate them :) The thing is that I used to have loads of nightmares, so for me to concentrate to do my daily work, at one time I went on writing and writing, then typing and typing as I was afraid of them and at the same time angry with myself. Sometimes, people take everything I write serious and might do things as practical jokes which are not at all funny. Writing helps me to calm down and forget things rather than speaking to a person. I write poems to encourage, comfort and inspire people and mostly with the permission of each person only I have put it in my book and connected each poem with a word or two from another poem. To do all that only God has given me the wisdom and the grace to complete it. It's a bit frightening when people take everything I have written so seriously as I have a very limited experiences of my own and thinking that all I have written is a representation of my life. Thanks again :) God bless you too!!

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 21 months ago

      Wow! I'm glad to hear Sir Billy :) I hope your wife will enjoy this :) God bless you!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 21 months ago from london

      Your poetry is still very beautiful and the puppetry is awesome. I wonder about your opening paragraphs. Who would be against someone as simple and innocent such as you?

      Life can be painful and we are all at different stages. Look at your four P's and simply carry on. I have always extended my hand to you. Write to me when or if things seem difficult. God bless.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 21 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Wonderful hub. My wife love puppetry...will share this with her.