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5 More Top Drama Series to Watch Now on Netflix Streaming

Updated on October 10, 2013

Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad | Source

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has been everywhere lately. I have been trying to avoid the spoilers about the last episode since I joined the party a little late and it has not been easy to do. Even if you know how it is going to end, it is very worth it to watch this series from the beginning on Netflix Streaming.

Breaking Bad is about a struggling high school chemistry teacher (Walt) who finds out he has both lung cancer and a baby on the way within a short period of time. Walt is sure that he is going to die and he wants to provide for his family after his death. His solution? Meth. Enter a former student (Jesse) and a cast of colorful characters and you have a very watchable show.

If you are not so sure about Breaking Bad give it a one episode try. A little warning though, the show does have adult themes and lots and lots of violence. Just because it is filled with violence does not mean the show does not have any substance.

Currently Seasons 1-4 are available to watch instantly on Netflix. The first 8 episodes of Season 5 are also available to watch with the last few episodes to hopefully follow.

American Horror Story
American Horror Story | Source

American Horror Story

American Horror Story is one of those shows that is so creepy that it is not advised for anyone to watch it who is prone to nightmares. The show is almost like a Halloween haunted house, meant to scare. It is the scariest show on this list and the one that is good but made me uneasy. Watch with caution if you are squeamish.

The First Season is available to view on Netflix Streaming. The Third Season is currently airing on FX Network.

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

I resisted Orange is the New Black for a while. I am really not sure why, but maybe because it is a straight to Netflix production and for some reason that scared me off. There was no reason for me to worry about the quality of this show. Jodie Foster believed so much in the series that she directed an episode.

Orange is the New Black follows a young upwardly mobile woman (Piper) who finds herself in prison for a crime she committed a decade earlier. This is the ultimate fish out of water story. Piper is ill prepared for life behind bars even though she did study books about prison beforehand.The show is based on the book by the same name.

I am so glad I watched this show, although the first few minutes of the show will make you wonder if you are watching an X rated film. (In other words, only watch this around people you are very comfortable with). This show is very adult, but it is has substance behind the nudity and adult themes.

Above all else, Orange is the New Black is very funny. As a viewer, I became very invested in the characters and I found myself rushing home at the end of the day to watch the next episode.

The last episode of Season One is very shocking and I am already looking forward to Season Two. Season Two is slated to be released sometime in 2014.

Mad Men

If you have not started watching Mad Men, Netflix is a great way to start. The plot of Mad Men moves at a slow pace, so watching back-to-back episodes is the perfect way to watch this show. I have tried watching Mad Men as it is aired and I find myself getting impatient. I prefer to just wait for the show to be released one season at a time on Netflix Instant Streaming.

Mad Men focuses on Don Draper, a successful advertising man during the 1960’s. He is a bit like Darrin Stephens if Darren catted around on Samantha and had a secret life. My favorite character is Peggy Olson, a young professional trying to navigate herself in a man’s world.

Seasons 1-5 are available to watch on Netflix Streaming.

Mad Men

Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper on Mad Men
Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper on Mad Men | Source

Friday Night Lights


Friday Night Lights

I want to start this recommendation by saying I am not a fan of football. I am confused about the basic rules of football but I know a good show when I see it and Friday Night Lights is a good show. The football angle is what took me so long to watch this so if that is what is holding you back, give this show a chance.

Friday Night Lights was based on the movie and the book by the same name. It is set in Texas in a football mad town that hates to lose. The highlight of this show for me is Coach Taylor’s wife, perfectly played by Connie Britton. This is a show that you find yourself getting involved in from the beginning. I would recommend it to anyone who likes their shows a little on the soapy side.

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    • BrandyMcNelson profile image

      Brandy McGhee Nelson 4 years ago from Alaska

      You're welcome! Violence upsets me too. It isn't in every episode of Breaking Bad but it is a part of the show. Orange Is The New Black is very funny, isn't it? I feel like I get so attached to the characters that I hope they don't get out of prison!

    • macteacher profile image

      Wendy Golden 4 years ago from New York

      Thanks for a useful hub. I waited a bit to watch Orange Is The New Black, but I'm glad I started watching. It's a very unique and funny show. I keep hearing about Breaking Bad and want to watch, but I'm easily upset by a lot of I have to think about it. Thanks for the reviews, I"m going to look into more of the shows on Netflix.