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Dramatic Celebrity Weight Changes

Updated on November 20, 2013

10 Shocking Celebrity's Weight Changes

It is a known fact body image effects on society and personal self-worth, especially in the entertainment industry. To make it big (no pun intended), celebrities succumb to the rigorous and often unattainable ideal body image. Some celebrities lose weight for health reasons, for roles, for peer-pressure or for perfectionism. While others just embrace their body, skinny or not. The extreme lengths some celebrities do go through to loose weight can be quite shocking whether it is surgery, diet pills, eating disorders, body contouring from medical spa companies or weight loss plans. Here we look at some of the most shocking celebrity weight changes.

Mariah Carey

As with all pregnancy, Mariah Carey gained quite a lot of weight carrying her twins, Moroccan and Monroe. 6 month after she gave birth, she lost over 70 pounds with the help of Jenny Craig diet plans.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has been battling over her weight for the most part of her life. Since being named Weight Watchers' celebrity spokeswoman in 2010, Jennifer Hudson has shed an impressive 80-plus pounds.

Paul Wall

Being 6 foot tall 320 pounds, Paul Wall's doctor had diagnosed him as morbidly obese. Taking diet pills over the years didn't work for him and opt for gastric sleeve surgery to loos the weight. Through the procedure he has lost over 100 pounds.

Randy Jackson

At his highest peak, Randy Jackson at one point weighed 350 pounds. What made him take action about his weight was being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2001. He choose to get gastric bypass surgery with the help of skin tightening treatments such as Venus Freeze and now weighs at about 220 pounds.

Snooki Polizzi

Even before having her first son, Snooki was always on the heavier side in the shore house. Tired of the constant criticism about her weight and gaining 40 pounds during pregnancy, she made a comeback and dropped 42 pound weighing at 109 pounds after 6 month of daily workout with a personal trainer and eating healthy.

Al Roker

Americans have been watching Al Roker deliver the weather and co-hosting NBC's Today Show for the pass 27 years. After failing numerous weight loss plans and diets pills, Al underwent gastric bypass surgery. He lost 100 pounds after the first 6 month of the surgery and continues to report to America with the weather.

50 Cent

Most people lose weight because of health concern, 50 Cent, however dropped 214 pounds, weighing at about 160 pounds, in 9 weeks to play the role of a cancer patient in the film, Things Fall Apart. Fortunately, after the shooting wrapped, he gained back his weight and is back looking like himself now.

Jared Leto

To play the role of Mark David Chapman in the film Chapter 27, Jared Leto gorge and force fed himself to fain 60 pounds. In the process, unfortunately, also gained severe gout-like foot pain. It took him a year to reverse back to his normal weight and vowed not to ever gain weight for a role again.

Nicole Richie

In 2006, socialite Nicole Richie shock Hollywood with her 90 pound stick-bone figure. Although, she has kept quiet about her dramatic weight loss, many speculated she has a eating disorder or an effect of drugs. After having healthy two children, she still remain relatively thin but appears to be much healthier than at her thinnest point.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson weight has fluctuated throughout her singing career since she debuted on America Idol. Her weight change was never good enough for Hollywood and decides not to let the criticism get to her anymore. She is now happily embracing her full figure curvy body and is spending her time not losing weight but focusing on her singing.

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      Chucky Row 2 years ago

      What about Matthew McConaughey? lost weigh & looked awful to portray an AIDS patient.