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Dream House - Sometimes The Past Will Haunt You Movie Review

Updated on February 24, 2016

Sometimes Your Dream House Is A Nightmare

Sometimes a house retains memories, so they say, or at least this Movie will have you believe it! They will creep up on you when you sleep and whisper softly in your ear. This is what happens when Will Atenton ( Daniel Craig) decides a relocation is just what he and his family need. Will quits his job in a high power environment, and moves his family out of Manhattan and into a quant little town in New England. After falling in love with his new house, the family settle in and start to get on with their lives. But what they don't know is that their new family home holds a secret. It is not the Dream House that they thought it would be. It turns out that the house was the scene of a brutal murder. A mother and her two children were shot to death. According to a neighbor, played by Naomi Watts, not only did the murder take place just a few years before, but the whole town believe that it was the husband did the killing it.

At first, after the family move in, everything seems to be fine. The children are happy, and Will believes that this really is his dream house. But things soon start to go wrong, with chilling sounds emanating from the bedrooms, and strange tappings at the windows, the atmosphere soon begins to change, until one evening, while sitting on the couch with their mother, the small child whispers 'Everybody that lives in this house, dies'.

This is just the beginning of the nightmare. With twists and turns, flashbacks and never knowing exactly what is real or imagined, the story weaves a tale of mental trauma and grief of love lost. So who or what is the ghost?

This is the sort of Movie that knocks my socks off! There is nothing better than sitting in the Cinema with your feet up, munching on your popcorn and being scared half to death!


All Things Paranormal

From early reviews it seems that this film is a mixture of ghostly happenings and mystery. Bringing together two very popular actors, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, the onscreen chemistry seems to sizzle. As the story goes on, it takes a very eerie twist. On investigating the murders, Daniel Craig visits the institution that held Peter Ward, the husband who murdered his family, and is told that he stayed there for five years. Suddenly he realises that the video showing Peter when he was an inmate, is actually Will Atenton himself!

So, what's going on? It seems this is where the whole thing starts to get very spooky! How can Will and Peter be the same person? Well, evidently they can! It seems that Peter is held for the murders, as there wasn't any other suspect at the time.

Being released from the Institution only that morning, Will/Peter goes back to the house believing that his family is still alive. What he is confronted with is a mixture of ghosts, memories and a neighbor who seems to know much more than is actually going on.

Trying to get his memory kick started, Will/Peter suddenly realises that he didn't do the murders. Somebody else did. But who?

September 30

The release date of this film is 30 September, and personally I can't wait! This sounds like a cracking fast paced thriller, with a mix of horror, ghostly going's on and a murderer that hides in the shadows. I never thought that much of Daniel Craig as Bond, but this seems to be more his genre. I will be looking forward to seeing it as soon as it opens, and if you want to be scared witless, I suggest you go see it too!

Creepy Stuff!


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