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Dress Like Omar Little from The Wire

Updated on June 24, 2015
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It's all in the game...

Notorious stickup man, Omar Little, from HBO's critically acclaimed TV series The Wire, is by far one of the most interesting characters that the boobtube has ever graced upon us. A homosexual thug with a strict ethical code who robs drug dealers and is feared by all, he's certainly unique to say the least. Praised by fans, critics, and even said to be president Barack Obama's favorite television character, this is one TV gangsta who will not be forgotten. And because of this (not to mention my own love of the show) I've put together this quick guide as to how you can gain Omar's unique style all for yourself!

Whether it's for Halloween, cosplay, or simply your own deep-seated desire to dress like the Robin Hood of the hood, this guide will help point you to what you need to wear, from head to toe, to dress like Baltimore's most revered badass. Accessories included — Indeeeeed.


Do-rag (aka wavecap)

Often mistaken as simply a fashionable accessory, the actual purpose of do-rags are to protect those nice cornrows and waves sported primarily by African Americans. Omar, who is known to wear a variety of cornrow styles when his hair's grown out, is often seen wearing his own dark-colored (usually black) do-rag throughout all five seasons of the wire.

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Plain Black, Fitted Cap

Over top of Omar's hair freshening do-rag, he's seen wearing a variety of hats. The most basic and Omar-esque being the plain, fitted black baseball cap with a slightly bent bill, in which he wears during The Wire's fifth and final season.

Granted, it's nothing especially eye-catching. But when you're dodging the wrath and recognition of drug dealers and police everywhere, sometimes not sticking out can be your best course of action.

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Diamond Earrings

No self-respecting gangsta can ever go without at least a little bit of bling. And while Omar has never been too overtly lavish or flashy in his choices of jewelry, he nevertheless can regularly be seen wearing one diamond earring in each of his ears.

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The Scar

One of the most recognizable features of Omar Little is his well-known facial scar. While it's never actually revealed in The Wire as to how Omar received the scar, in a short prequel featured on the season 5 DVD, showing Omar as a young child in 1985, it's shown that even then he had the scar. Implying that he had to have gotten the injury that caused it at a very young age and not during his ripping and running years.

To get your own tough-guy facial scar (without actually physically harming yourself) simply pick up the makeup featured in the Amazon link below. To get the proper Omar-like effect, position the scar from the top-middle of your forehead, straight down to the very top of where the bridge of your nose begins, then bring it down to the right side of your face as the photos above show.

(Trivia: In reality, the actor who plays Omar, Michael K. Williams, gained the facial scar during a bar fight on his 25th birthday, when he was slashed with a razor blade.)

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Beaded Necklace

Omar Little isn't like most gangstas in the hood. Other than being gay, having a code of ethics, and being the only man on the streets capable of terrifying vicious drug dealers, he also tosses away the street cliché of wearing the ten pound chain and, instead, wears a beaded necklace which he acquired during his brief retirement in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with his boyfriend Renaldo. Upon returning to Baltimore, up until the end of his time on the series, Omar is see wearing this.

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Duster Coat

In many ways the streets of Baltimore that we see on The Wire are much like the wild west. Everyone's toting guns, there are shootings left and right, the line between good and bad is constantly blurred, and you never know when your time is going to be up. So perhaps it's appropriate that Omar, the Jessie James of the streets, is always seen wearing his cowboy-esque long duster coat (often mistaken as being a trenchcoat).

As far as practicality is concerned, the coat is also useful in concealing Omar's long shotgun and kevlar vest when he's battling it out with the many notorious drug dealers around him.

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Bulletproof Vest

The rough and tough streets of Baltimore are a war zone. With gangs and crime everywhere you look, danger lurks around every corner. Especially if you're a stickup man who antagonizes the areas most ruthless thugs at every opportunity. So why not play things safe when your out there ripping and running by wearing a kevlar vest at all times. Omar's bulletproof vest has saved his life on numerous occasions. He's usually seen wearing it over his shirts, under his his duster jacket.

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Baggy Jeans

While it's true that Omar doesn't always wear jeans, they're nevertheless the choice of pants which he wears the most. When you get your own pair, make sure you get a size slightly larger than what you need, as Omar typically wears his pants baggy. Then again, who in the hood doesn't?

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Shotgun with Shoulder Strap

Throughout the course of The Wire's five season run, Omar Little can be see carrying and using two different types of shotguns. The first is a side by side double barrel 12 gauge shotgun of unknown make with sawed off stock (he again utilizes one in Season 5 when he returns to get revenge on Marlow). Later he switches to a Mossberg 500 Cruiser, which he ditches in the docks. But later gets a new one near the end of Season 4.

While I can't directly link you to where to purchase weapons, don't fear! There are plenty of toy look-alike shotguns available for purchase online. Check below to get started!

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Silk Robe and PJ's

Regardless of how rough and tough you are, everyone has their sensual side. While you may need that heavy old duster jacket, bulletproof vest, and a durable pair of jeans while you’re out playing the game in the uproarious jungles of the street, when you’re just lounging around the house, it’s your time to relax. And what better way to do so than in the wonderful feel of satin.

In The Wire, Omar is seen wearing his turquoise satin robe and pajamas set when he wakes up at his humble, boarded up adobe and ventures out for a box of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Gun holster not included, so be sure to carry and big rep.

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Other Accessories

  • Newport Cigarettes - Omar's smokes of choice (and the last purchase he ever makes).

  • Honey Nut Cheerios - A morning breakfast so delicious that Omar is willing to risk his life for them.

  • A Bag of Dope - While I can't in good conscious condone dragging a bag of drugs around with you, a fun alternative is to purchase a large quantity of candy pills (link below) and toss them in a bag. Voila! Your very own legal bag of dope.

  • Leather Gloves - Omar doesn't always wear gloves on his jobs, but sometimes he does... and sometimes it's too cold not to. It may be a good idea to grab a pair just in case (for a photo of what kind to get, check out the photo above).


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