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Meet Daisy Ba-ad: Artistic Director, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Trainer

Updated on October 25, 2011

Daisy B. Ba-ad, is a playwright, artistic director, composer, entertainer, trainer and motivational speaker based in Cebu City, Philippines, whom I have the honor and pleasure to befriend in this lifetime.

And oh, If you are a hubber, you probably would have seen her on HubPages. She is none other than dayzeebee. This is a surprise so I don't know how she is going to react to all of this.

The intimidating director at work.
The intimidating director at work.

How I Met Daisy

Intimidating, passionate, straightforward are the words that came to my mind the first time I met Daisy. She was going to conduct our music ministry workshops and I blanched when she asked each of us to sing a few lines in front of her. Being a shy and timid person and not confident with my singing skills, I was absolutely terrified. I opened my mouth and out came “For thine is the kingdom and the power” in a highly strained and tight voice when she said curtly, “Stop criticizing yourself!” I gasped inaudibly. How did she know? I looked at her. Her eyes were closed, her hand poised in the air ready to cue me as she said, “Again!” I was trembling when I was done.

Kiddos: A TV Segment for Kids

Daisy's Passion

As a young child, Daisy already found her passion in entertaining her family and friends. During parties, she vividly recalls how her dad would clear the table to have a makeshift stage; put her on top and how she would dance with so much zest and excitement. “I loved making people laugh and giving them joy. But most of all, I loved it that daddy was very proud of me.”

She was a natural in front of a crowd. She could grab your attention if she wants to and stir up all sorts of emotions and thoughts. She was all over the place improving her skills in oration, declamation, singing, dancing, writing songs and poetry, writing and directing musical plays. One of her original Cebuano musical entitled Tall Tales Kuno was awarded a grant by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Philippines under their Artistic Excellence program.

Read more of Daisy’s biography and artistic works in Wikipedia.

At age 47, her passion for theater arts has never waned. This keeps her blood and creative juices flowing. Her firm belief that theater arts can truly mold people’s character is so deeply ingrained in her system that she even uses this in her workshops for corporate groups as well. Many have truly benefited under her tutelage and I am simply one of them.

Daisy's Heart

Daisy and I are so different (she’s the animated director with this booming voice that is very commanding while I’m the timid, soft spoken and quiet one) that many people would wonder why we are such good friends. When I asked her this question, she laughed saying, “Well, for one you were never “star-struck” with me. You are so real. I can’t even imagine a grown woman who is so transparent. I guess I’m so used to either people trying to make an impression or they’re too intimidated to talk to me. But you…you just make me laugh with your child-like ways and never ending questions and stories.” She suddenly grew very serious. “But most of all, you have such a beautiful friendship with God.”

It was my turn to laugh breaking the seriousness of the moment. She is the only person I know who in our conversations would actually ask me, “Can you tell me something about God today?” And having never been able to share fully about my friendship with God, oh, I was delighted to do so!

Ms. Daisy extreme right standing while I'm kneeling (extreme right). Photo taken during a workshop: Being in Marketing
Ms. Daisy extreme right standing while I'm kneeling (extreme right). Photo taken during a workshop: Being in Marketing

Our friendship has deepened through the years because we value the same things; love for God, wanting to understand and experience unconditional love, the desire to constantly grow as persons and make a difference in other people’s lives. As spiritual partners, we have given our commitment to be always truthful to each other no matter what. This helps us deal with ourselves - face our weaknesses and improve on our strengths. And of course, we have a lot of fun. If I feel down in the dumps, she brightens my mood when she takes on a silly character, my favorite is the girl with the british accent. You should hear her! Likewise, if she feels low, I tickle her to death and say silly things that usually makes her laugh.

Silly Moments in Taiwan

We were fortunate enough to have been given the chance to bring Siddhartha Musical to Taiwan. Ms. Daisy remembers this experience with special fondness.
We were fortunate enough to have been given the chance to bring Siddhartha Musical to Taiwan. Ms. Daisy remembers this experience with special fondness.

With the director’s hat laid away for a moment, Daisy at home could be seen playing with her dog, doing some gardening and concocting all sorts of dishes for me to eat (whenever I come to visit). I initially drove Miss Daisy crazy with my penchant for child play, constant probing and incessant questions which she has to answer or else. I asked her what it was like to have fans asking for autographs, what it was like to be with famous actors and directors, to be performing in a huge crowd, to be interviewed by the media. She also went crazy when I’d ask her how she felt, what she thought, why she did this and did that in anything and everything under the sun.

It didn’t take long though and she allowed the child in her to come out more often. We have our silly moments when we talk “singing our lines”; exercising, cycling, meditating and healing; watching Disney movies; and one of my favorites is when I’d get to choose a book and I would read to her over the phone a few pages. This is normally followed by long discussions and sharing of our reflections regarding the topic for the day.

Daisy's Dream

What more does she want in her life? The question makes her pause as she stared into space before looking at me intently. “My dreams are all here in my vision board.” She points to the poster posted on her bedroom wall. I see family bonding and publishing bestselling books, CD’s, financial abundance to be able to share more to others and even guesting in Oprah Show (which made me laugh out loud because my face was there too).

With the growing, learning and healing taking place in her life right now, she simply wants to finally settle down in a place where she can finally call home. Of course, she can still see herself doing the things she love doing - directing, training and writing. To read more of her writings, visit Dayzeebee's hubs and articles on our website: Loving Abundance.

She also wants to have the time and the budget to be able to write two musical plays (and of course direct it for the world premiere) that are close to her heart. My Precious One, a little girl’s friendship with God; and Hara Amihan, another name for Queen Juana, the wife of King Jumabon – the first Cebuano couple to be baptized by the Spaniards. And she dreams that it will be part of the Music Theater International list of musical plays. She declares to me with a twinkle in her eye, “It is a legacy I want to leave to the world.”

The Good Witch of the North

I'm more confident on stage now.  This is me in the Wiz. The play was directed by Ms. Daisy.
I'm more confident on stage now. This is me in the Wiz. The play was directed by Ms. Daisy.

One Last Note

I wrote this article as a loving tribute to honor Ms. Daisy. Also, it brings me into realization that artists, entertainers or other famous people are just like anyone of us. They hurt, cry, laugh, love and dream.

As I am writing this, years have passed and my voice no longer trembles when I sing before her. (Chuckles) I am proud of her and the things she has done all these years. Some of the reasons as to why she is really good at what she does: her passion, her desire to see people grow, her belief and willingness to give someone a chance and importantly because she always strives to learn something new. Also Ms. Daisy is quite a terrific performer and she can act really well. I look forward to one of these days to see her perform on stage. "Can I have your autograph now?" She still refuses to give me one. Hahaha

Ms. Daisy, I have been a witness on how you train people and marvel at your ability to see the potential in each one. So I pray that your dreams will come to reality; that the persons who believe in you will come into your life giving you wondrous opportunities and support. Most of all may you have a life filled with glorious sunrise and sunsets on a journey to loving abundance.

You have been my “angel” in so many ways and I thank God for you. You taught me to see the beauty within me, built a bridge back to myself and allowed me to shine. Yes, you continually allow me to shine in your presence and it takes a big heart to do that. I am forever and deeply grateful.

Michelle Simtoco

An important post script: If you have been one of those who have been trained under Ms. Daisy or a fan who admire her and her work, I invite you to leave a comment below. I'm sure she will appreciate reading them. Thanks!


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