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Dude, What Would Happen Review

Updated on August 20, 2009

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Dude, What Would Happen Review

Dude, What Would Happen premiered on Cartoon Network as part of the CN Real block of live action reality show programming on Wednesday, August 19, 2009.  First off, I am kind of hesitant to even think that live action stuff belongs on a network with the name cartoon in it, but I try to give these shows a chance in the thinking that if they are good Cartoon Network will make the move to creating a CN Real channel and return Cartoon Network to an all cartoon channel.  That being said Dude, What Would Happen  is not a good example of a show that would make me want to watch CN Real programming more.

Dude, What Would Happen is basically about 3 guys (I think they are high school age teenagers) thinking of random things to try out and then doing them.  The first episode they do crazy things involving liquid and one of the guy's car and things involving helium balloons.  Some might find it interesting to see them do things like fill the trunk with lemonade, driving with the car full of water, and making the car into a hot tub on wheels, but I just found them to be really stupid and pointless stunts.  The second round of stunts involved using helium to make a stuffed penguin, a sumo wrestler, and one of the guys fly.  This was just as crazy and really does not make for an interesting show.  I am not saying the stunts could not be cool, but really they really only seem like the kind of things that could be fun to see in person and perhaps even experience.

The main thing that I found annoying about the show was the guys themselves.  They just came across as total idiots.  Sure, they may be creative if those are really their ideas, but the way they talk and such just really showed they were stereotypical dumb perhaps high teenagers.  I know I am older than the crowd this show it supposed to appeal towards, but I have a feeling that the whole crowd that even watches the channel does not want reality live action shows in the first place and this one is not going to bring in new viewers with its poor quality.


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    • profile image

      ... 4 years ago

      The name of the Channel is CARTOON Network

      Let me repeat... CARTOON network

      My first problem

      This is a Realatiy show(Ik Horrible Spelling)

      Why is it here..... CARTOON network should stop making Shows like this


      WDF These Young girls Are wetting themselves Thinking about "how hot Jackson is"???


      This Show should be named "Dude What Would Happen If we Ripped Off Myth Busters"


      These Teenagers Need a real job instead of this gay Bull Shit

      *sarcasm* Best Way To Spend Almost 30 minutes Of my time

      I am Done Comment If you agree

    • profile image

      Kitty 4 years ago

      I have no freaking idea why I used to like this show back in 2010...

      It amazes me how I ACTUALLY liked this show.

      Also "Destroy Build, DESTROY!" seem's preety horrible now when I look at it today, I got reminded by this show when it was added to Netflix.

      How ironic, don't you think?

    • profile image

      Hort3kulture 5 years ago

      On a second note, is it just me, or do the people that support the show seem to lack the mental capacity to use grammatically correct English? Yeah everyone has those words they can't spell but this is insane.

      I think they've listened to way much "dude, what would happen".

    • profile image

      Hort3kulture 5 years ago

      This show is honestly a waste of cartoon network's time. I have masters degree in Biology with an emphasis in horticultural studies, and for some reason my kids think this "science" is more interesting than what I do every day. My sons were watching the show one day, so I sat down to watch a few minutes of it, absolutely ridiculous. I'm 35 years old, and remember what cartoon network USED to be before these brain numbing shows became ideas. I'm not trying to seem like a parent who hates television, but with the way TV is headed, there's honestly times I want to cancel the satellite.

      Anybody remember Bill Nye, or Beakman's world? Those were the shows that grabbed kids attention while teaching them something in the process. I owe my career to shows that stimulated my brain like that.

      Bottom line kids, go out to the backyard as try to build catapults, mess with mentos and diet coke, do stuff to stimulate an interest that may follow you the rest of your life. Don't use the tube as a recreational tool.

    • profile image

      A person 5 years ago

      The shit they put on TV now is just horrible. Dude What Would Happen is a perfect example of how bad things have gotten compared to all the great shows that used to come on. Cartoon Network has the word CARTOON in it for a reason and that is not to show a bunch of ball suckers doing lame ass stunts and talking in some of the most annoying voices ever.

    • profile image

      twisted10 5 years ago

      if yall have time to actually comment on this show then yall have no lives because that show waz awesome if yall dont want to watch it then dont watch it and dont comment on it stupid people these days

    • profile image

      Firefox 5 years ago

      Dude, this show sucks, idk anyone who watches this show anymore because some of the stuff they do are retarded. Such as the trampoline one. I wouldn't be surprised if anyone wanted to beat them up in an ally. And CJ is not HOTT, he looks kind of stupid if you know what I mean.

    • profile image

      annonymous 6 years ago

      i just read about fifty comments and i agree with most of them and they all have good points i mean what happened to ed edd and eddy and all the shows like that.

    • profile image

      dood_h8r 6 years ago

      "Dude, what would happen if we took all the food we waste in a single episode, and fed the starving kids in America with it?"

      God, I miss the 80's.

    • profile image

      dudehater 6 years ago

      This is probably the most horrid thing I have ever seen. I think I wasted about 5 minutes of my life going... WTF is a jock, a spear chucker, and a hippie-wanna-be doing on a show and trying to "act". I want those 5 minutes of my life back please!!!

    • profile image

      CN what the fuck 6 years ago

      I can't believe this fucking show is still on air,CN is wasting there fucking time with these chods seriously this show has no point of being on a network called CARTOON network emphasis on cartoon. Really they get rid awesome cartoons to put in this bullshit. The show is proof that any fucking retard can be on a show. Really what happen to Toonami??? Destroy build destroy is more tolerable then this god awful tv show. (Andrew Wk FTW) This only comes to show the lack of intelligence cartoon network has for putting this on instead of a cartoon of some sort.Also for you girls who say "cj and jackson are soooo hot", thats not the point of the comments the point of the comments is to state your opinion on the show and By looking at the comments I think majority of people despise this piece of fucking shit of a show. Also if you watch a show for someones looks, rather then the plot and meaning of the show then your fucking pathetic and have no cognitive structure. Instead of watching this go watch mythbusters or jackass. Jackass has more of an educational value then this crap, this is the kind of show that will make the future of humanity clinically retarded, god save us all.

    • profile image

      CJ is not hawt 6 years ago

      Everyone who thinks CJ or jackson is hawt- YOUR OPINIONS DON'T COUNT.

      Like the show for it's content, not for the "S3XY" boys.

    • profile image

      THYS HA8TYR 6 years ago

      Where do I start...?

      Alright, so we have dumbass number one, dumbass number two, and dumbass number three.

      Dumbass#1: DUUUUUUDE. We shud lyke, totuhly be a giant dildo-



      This is seriously what every damn episode is like.

      I can feel my brain cells dying when i watch it.

      The poster 'Amber Winters' Is an obvious fake. Jackson is currently single, and claims to be. I if he really is dating Amber, then he's ashamed of her. He broke up with some dumb bitch about 3 years ago.

      Alright, now for the overall review:

      As a 16 y/o girl Junior in high school, I'd be surprised - shocked even - if any human being over the age of three-years old actually watches this garbage. It's obviously staged, you can tell because of the god awful acting. Jackson is by far the worst actor I've ever seen on set. (Except for Tommy Wiseau, the god of bad acting.)

      I'm not going to continue much further, (I know I havn't really said much, as for the awfullness of the show) because I have much worse shows to review, but I will say that this show is childish, immature on many levels, and all in all, un-funny. Just an incredibly lame rip-off of Jackass and Mythbusters.

      Watching the show is very similar to getting ass-raped.

      'Nuff said.

    • profile image

      Roxas 6 years ago

      Stupidest show I have seen on Cartoon Network.

      Staged, Stupid Teens and well it is not funny nor is it educational.

    • profile image

      Eddy  6 years ago

      When I first saw the show I thought it was the stupidest thing on tv not funny and retarded. But this one day I was high I found it to be the most hilarious thing on tv it mad me feel that that this show was ment to be watched high. Just like Adult Swim. I think there trying to take over the network cuz Adventure time is so trippy, DWWH is outrageously stupid and other shows taking over for "high" viewers to watch Idk if you don't like to get high this show is not for you or you have to be stupid and young to watch this shyt.

    • profile image

      ... 6 years ago

      how old is Jackson now?

    • profile image

      RIddick 6 years ago

      I can't believe that they would make such a stupid show. And it seems the only people that like it are girls that just think the guys are hot, or young kids that can't see the shit stains this leaves in their brains.

    • profile image

      Jimanez 6 years ago

      I tried to watch/get into it... Very... Uninteresting. 0/10

    • profile image

      Blahblahbleh 6 years ago

      This show is soo dumb, I can tell you the moment they tell you what they are doing, whats going to happen. What would happen if something thats 160 pounds going 20 mph collided with a human thats 160 pounds and standing still? No, they are NOT going to just "cancel each other out" You fucking idiots, my 6 year old cousin could tell you whats going to happen! Seriously CN, your going down the drain. Atleast make an attempt to make your "reality" block look like its reality and not scripted. Leave that to Disney/Nick they are slighty better at it.

    • profile image

      sierra 6 years ago

      I was talking about jackson in that last comment.

    • profile image

      sierra 6 years ago

      I totally agree someone needs to beat up and punched hard in the face a couple times. I dont understand how he even has friends.

    • profile image

      sierra 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Jesse 6 years ago

      Horrible rip off stupid stunts lame explosions, the list goes on.

    • profile image

      eh.. 6 years ago

      dude?! what would happen if we cancelled our show rescuing ourselves from further embarrassment?!

    • profile image

      cn real sucks 6 years ago

      I want to punch jackson in the face

    • profile image

      Foodlover 6 years ago

      this show is stupid to start with, but really bugs me is the amount of food wasted at any given point during an episode. There is so much food that they just mess around with and waste on stunts that are pathetic. Think of all the food they can donate to a food pantry and save starving people. Kids who watch the show get the idea that they can just waste food, and that theywon't get in trouble. Giving kids this idea causes more food to be wasted and its really sad.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Really? Is this show the kind of stuff our kids these days are watching? Is is any wonder why they cant even get out of high school anymore..

    • profile image

      random guy 6 years ago

      Same hear, it's a cheap rip-off of mythbusters, which by the way ROCKS. The guys are total idiots and i hope they actually do something good with there life (but most likely not).

    • profile image

      CN ripoff 7 years ago

      All of the CN real shows are ripped off of another show.

      Dude what would happen - mythbusters

      destroy build destroy - junkyard wars

      Survive this - Survivor

      The othersiders - Ghost Busters

      That rollercoaster show where you win money and stuff (I forgot the name) - Cash cab?

      etc. etc.

    • profile image

      A Humble Observer 7 years ago

      Pretty much all of the CN Real block was just other reality TV shows with the charm surgically removed and replaced with idiot teenagers. Othersiders was Ghost Hunters, Destroy Build Destroy was Smash Test It and Junkyard Wars, BrainRush was Cash Cab, Survive This was Survivor, and so on. This one is Mythbusters - but with a key difference.

      In Mythbusters, things had a point: busting myths with science and explosions. Dude, What Would Happen doesn't have that. It's just random stupidity - and, with the surprising professionalism of Adam and Jamie replaced with a group of teenagers who... well, to describe their intellect, I must call on the ancient myth of the Fates - three old witches who only had one eye between them, and were forced to swap it whenever one wanted to see. Replace "eye" with "brain cell", and you've got some idea of how mind-numbingly stupid these guys are.

      I could almost accept this show if it were just another abominably dumb reality TV show - but it's not. It's an abominably dumb reality show, as many have said, on the CARTOON NETWORK. The network that gave us Justice League, Samurai Jack, and Megas XLR, kept Futurama, Family Guy, and King of the Hill alive, and raised an entire generation of anime fans with the Toonami block, reduced to ripping off Mythbusters.

      This series is an insult to nostalgic viewers, to kids, to animation fans, to the parents looking over the kid's shoulder, to wizards like Bruce Timm and Genndy Tartakovsky who slave to create shows that could crush this one a thousand times over, and to the sponsors of the show, who lose exposure every time this putrid garbage comes on air and makes millions of all the above groups switch to Nickelodeon.

      Thankfully, there is hope. This show has been removed from the schedule, and the Friday timeslot is kept in a glorious stranglehold by brilliant shows like Brave and the Bold, Clone Wars, Symbionic Titan, Generator Rex, and soon to come, Young Justice. The live-action shows are infrequent, and look to be improving, with Tower Defense having an actual writer and plot - here's hoping it might find life on another network.

      Mates, do your duty. When "Dude, What Would Happen" makes its "triumphant" return, watch the show immediately before it, and then switch to another network. It doesn't matter which network, but preferably one showing an animated series. Every switch is another sign to those buttholes to, in the words of Kerry Packer, "Get that shit off the air!"

    • profile image

      sachek67 7 years ago

      Such a f***ing waste of shit..... you know how many people cant afford stuff, and they destroy it. And isn't it funny that they always win? 2/10

    • profile image

      gsagsah 7 years ago

      now i wish i could kill girls cause all of the dude what would happen fangirls and the rest of the boyband fangirls will say your just jelouse cause there hot and your not this show sucks it's not funny when the cast of jackass watch this they got so pissed that they kill the dudes for ripping them off

    • profile image

      Sad... 7 years ago

      Really? Did they really make this show? The concept is good, well the idea of a live series for cartoon network is anyway, but the name and the execution, aghhhhh! it is driving me insane! First of all,the title:"Dude, What Would Happen", it is screaming stupidity, i mean really, this is what they came up with?! the first thing i imagined when i saw the title, was the spokesman introducing the question "what would happen if we got high?", this is just my first reaction, before i even saw the way they acted, which is just provoking someone to come on stage and back hand slap them across their faces. Out of all of the stupid things that these stations have made, this truly takes the cake, and it makes me think that the movie "idiocracy" is coming to real life.

    • profile image

      Austin and Matthew Mommy 7 years ago

      Seriously, I am a young mom and watched this show with my 9 and 7 years old sons. My 7 year old thought it was "cool", and my 9 year old said "boring and stupid!". This show is stupid homemade pranks that someone is wasting money on. I mean come on cartoon network has some weird shows but this is just plain out dumb. The boys on that show belittle themselves by acting like idiots, and I canmt believe their parents let them do it! I am fairly sure that at least 2 of those boys are not the idiots they portray themselves to be. Anyways point being take this stupid show off the air itms not worth the time, or money of the people producing it.

    • profile image

      anon 7 years ago

      Jackson goes to my high school. Like 2 weeks ago when it was raining, I watched him run by and into the rain without his shirt. Stupid, but still a nice view. He drives a really nice Audi. He obviously gets paid well. In the surfing on marbles episode he said "I would never be late to school if it was close to the beach." Ironically, our school is literally a 10 second drive to the beach. (Pali High). Jackson trounces into my French class every day. I had no idea he was on this show. How weird. I thought he would go to a pretentious private school, but no, just public school

    • profile image

      CN Critic 7 years ago

      Honestly, I think that this is the lowest of the low Cartoon Network has ever sunk. Why? Because for believing making us believe that CN Real is dead, they still continue this piece of abomination crap on.

      Now, at first I had no feelings for this show. But as time progresses, I begin to feel slightly more angry with each episode, up to the point where I just want to straight up kill these guys. Seriously, how is anything that they are doing worth watching? I have seen notshot vidoes that are more entertaining than these idiots, and they haven't stooped to that level.

      OK, so everyone is saying that this is a rip-off of Mythbusters. You may want to throw in Jackass in that mix as well, only this show isn't both. It's Mythbusters minus the fun science, and it's Jackass dumbed down (and that's saying something about that show. What I mean is by "smarten up"). It really take the fun out of watching this show if you are a fan of either shows.

      And I question: ... WHY? Why is this show still on the air? Why are they doing this? Why? Why? WHY?! And here's another one: who are they sleeping with to be on the air? Stuart Snyder? Come on!

      Now, I can grasp the idea of live-action being on Cartoon Network for the sake of trying to compete against Nick and Disney, but if they are pumping out crap like this, they aren't going to win! Cartoon Network has the one thing going for them that is beating the other channels senseless: cartoons! And don't get me wrong, some of the other live-actions shows aren't that bad. In fact, I really absolutely enjoy BrainRush when it was on and I find Unnatural History to be better than what Nick and Disney can show.

      But the Dudes... they ruin all of my hopes of enjoying a good show. They even the distance to go and ruin one of the things that I treasure and that is explosion. The one explosion that they had on the show was an utter failure, that it completely lost my faith in explosions in general. I had to watch all of the explosions on Mythbusters just to restore that faith. ALL of them.

      This show does not suck balls. It sucks brain cells! For the love of God, this show is draining every single piece of our sanity that is left in us and if this show goes on for another season, we'll be so insane that we'll storm to Burbank and take down the execs for allowing us to view this crap! I will even unleash the nine circles of Hell upon all of the higher ups just so that I can inflict my hatred for this show.

      I don't care for all the fan-boys and girls of this show, this is the absolute worst piece of flaming crap I have ever seen! To honest God, I will pay to see these boys execute on the spot. Double if I am the one doing it. There is nothing that I like from this show (with only a line from the opening and that's it), and I can't say that this is worth watching ever again. You think Out of Jimmy's Head is bad, this is worst!

      Congrats Cartoon Network, you made something even worst than Out of Jimmy's Head! Just do us all a favor...

      KILL THIS DAMNED SHOW ALREADY! JUST LET IT ROT IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY! In short: this is the worst show that I have ever seen! I don't want to see the Dudes' faces ever again or else I am going to blow something up in pure anger of this show!

    • profile image

      Cancersupporter 7 years ago

      This show pisses me off so much! It is just stupid retarded rich kids wasting there money on destroying things people would love to have! No.... They can't waste there freaking money on finding the cure for cancer! No! They have to waste there money on making the stupidest show even my 4 year old brother thinks is the worst show ever! Oh my gosh how is this show still even on cartoon network! How is this getting views?!

    • profile image

      Person Guy 7 years ago

      Why would anyone like this show its so stupid its kid version of myth busters which no one watches I mean really like one of the episodes Caveman texting why would anyone want to know about this its stupid Cartoon network should stick with Cartoons and Cancel all live action tv shows they already did it with one that no one ever remembered and never cared about.

    • profile image

      Enough of you RETARDED girls... 7 years ago

      obviously you don't like the show... if the show had 3 fat forty year old men sweating constantly, but talked the exact same way doing the exact same "stunts" you would hate the show like everyone else

      just cause you happen to think a guy is hot does not mean that their show is good

    • profile image

      Fuckyoustupidlittlekids 7 years ago

      OK you obviously don't know what stoned is. How about you complete middle school before you make the claim that they are high.

      Also just because guys are hot and doesnt make a good show. If there was a show called "Moderately attractive guys with an IQ of 90 stand around and use catch phrases from the 80s" Would you watch it? Yes, you would. Because for some reason teenage girls idolize any guy who thinks they're cool. Thats the only reason this shitty show survived one season.

    • profile image

      Eddie 7 years ago

      Jackson is easily the biggest moron ever. Nice bushy eyebrows. I think he's really a woman. I hope someone kicks his ass.

    • profile image

      hiya 7 years ago

      This show is like soooooooooooooo awesome!! I want Ali's autograph!

    • profile image

      wow 7 years ago

      ali is cute and soooooooooooooooo is cj

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      jackson is so hot moo calyenta i know why the show still is on

    • profile image

      say123 7 years ago

      dude what would happen if you tryed to reann act romio and juiliet but instead of climbing up to the bocanny she is hagging on to the tree for her life and you only have 45 seconds to save her before she falls into some sharp nails and to save her you have to make a half shot into a hoop.?.??

    • profile image

      hi 7 years ago

      dude what would happen if you tryed to put a rocked blaster to the back of skates.??

    • profile image

      Truth 7 years ago

      Lol. This show is retarted. I just watched an episode and this is one thing they said- "who needs water when you've got snow!" seriously? You don't have to put alot of science in it but at least make it have an actual point instead of random bs. I mean Do you really need to ask what would happen if you use breaks on a skateboard going at full speed? At least have something explode and experiments that doesn't ask stupid questions. Honestly, I think PBS has better shows than this trash.

    • profile image

      Cartoonnetwork90 7 years ago

      I agree this show is so stupid and the 3 idoits are so stupid they going to get themselves killed we need to get the parnets with kids watching Cartoon Network invole so they can see them and complain to Turner

    • profile image

      WTF? 7 years ago

      My brother loves this show. He is eight. He watches it constantly. It just really embarasses me to see guys acting like that. Dude, what would happen if you grew the fuck up?? Omg, and yes, okay, we get that you think the guys are cute. But if you were their girlfriend how would you put UP with that shit? Seriously? I'm a girl, and I couldn't. Hopefully they don't act completely retarded in actuall reality. Atleast they make money looking like complete douches on television. So basically, we all understand the show is an EPIC fail for anyone above the age of 13. After viewing I immediately wondered why I hadn't wasted brain cells on a fucking bowl. But even high you wonder WTF? (As I figured out the next day when my brother was watching it, yet again) Hopefully it doesn't rub off on him.

    • profile image

      Insanity going WTF 7 years ago

      "luv disz show and i think jackson and cj are hot.....this show definetly has no point to it at all but i like if ur an adult watchinqq it y u watchin iht????? dat means yuh need ah life and u aint gat crap tah do..dont watch it if u think its dumb -SMART ASZZES" - Proof of concept

      The show is literally killing the minds of these people who watch it! If this isn't a troll then I will eat my hat! Between CN Real, and their new idiotic cartoon shows, I am done CN. It was a good run all those years we had together.... but after hearing one of the retards on that show using impossible as three words, I cannot watch something that is harmful to children.

      Excuse me while I go claw my eyes out.

    • profile image

      Sammy 7 years ago

      I agree the show reminds me of a mythbusters rip off except the people on it act like idiots. Deff not what I want to watch or what I want my kid watching. Oh and regarding hotness - guys on the show being cute does not make a good show and these guys... Not all that cute anyway.

    • profile image

      This show is gay 7 years ago

      DUDE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if Cartoonetwork made a better show?

    • profile image

      idk...make one uhppk 7 years ago

      luv disz show and i think jackson and cj are hot.....this show definetly has no point to it at all but i like if ur an adult watchinqq it y u watchin iht????? dat means yuh need ah life and u aint gat crap tah do..dont watch it if u think its dumb -SMART ASZZES

    • profile image

      Sigh 7 years ago

      I feel sad for this generation of kids having missed out on the truly great shows and thinking crap like this is entertaining...

    • profile image

      x_iiLovJackson 7 years ago

      look me,me sister, cj, and jackson go to the same high school and we(me and jackson) and them (mii sister and cj) are goin out so yall should just back off!

    • profile image

      L O L 7 years ago

      Lol this show is so fucking stupid...First of all, they're all bad actors. Second, the show is totally set up so they do whatever they have to do right at the last second..Do you ever notice that?

    • profile image

      Jo-Jo powezzybaby  7 years ago

      yall niggas just haten cuz they got they own show and yall at home sucking off eachother if yall think its soo damn easy why yall didnt make yall own show,yall watch they fucken boondocks yall MF's just like nasty shit like that and family guy and all that other bull shit yall just mad to cuz they got more money than yall boys who saying yall dont like it yall just mad cuz they look sexy and yall dont yall should be ashamed nasty ass niggas and yall want a girl friend puhhhh!!keep deamin

    • profile image

      Ashley 7 years ago

      I LUV LUV LUV the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like ma fave show. The R so cute but Jakson is the HOTTEST!!!!! out of them all

    • profile image

      dumbroads 7 years ago

      oh em gee dis show rocks and da tree host r ssooo hot n cute nt 2 mention funny! anyways everyone knows this show is dumb and offers further death to brain cells, much to the chagrin of eveyone. in all of honesty cartoon network should go back to making good ol cartoons, take all the boomerang shows and put it back to cartoon network. cn real please leave the live action to nickelodean and disney. little girls stay off the tv and go back to reading magazines, what is it you kids read? tiger beat?. and keep all your physical appearance comments to yourself or amongst your friends. in conclusion everyone knows these types of shows are plain waste of time like all reality shows that plague tv land and little girls stay away or else the pedophiles will come and get cha. amen

    • profile image

      shrooms 7 years ago

      theyre probably so stoned, they think of crazy things to do, and CN gives them the money to do it =]

    • profile image

      Christen 7 years ago

      I saw this show and i like it is alot like mythbuster but its still cool:) Jackson Rogow is sooooo hot!

    • profile image

      cheesers 7 years ago

      P.S. my favorite part of the show is the fuking ending!!!!

    • profile image

      Seccolino 7 7 years ago

      My grandson loves this show. He laughs, groans and cooools from start to finish. I found this site looking for more info and episodes for him.

      He doesn't care how the hosts should or shouldn't act because being ridiculous is the what this show is all about.

    • profile image

      rain 7 years ago

      This show is really pathetic and pointless. how can people like this? i don't understand how these guys can be okay with acting so ridiculous on a tv show for just a little green.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 7 years ago

      most of these people who like this show are 12 old girls who want their cherrys poped by these guys never going to happen becaus these guys are fucking GAY! the show itself tells us that half of our generation are retards who cant stops saying DUDE! seriously i say dude sometimes but not borderline retard like they say it. oh and all their doing is try to be like jackass but are not they fail with aids at it fucking faggots i hope they accdently get killed by some of the stunts they pull but most will be unlikely since they script the whole bullshit show.

    • profile image

      jamesr 7 years ago

      dudes your cool

    • profile image

      omg 7 years ago

      Enough with all the uhh he is soo hot uhh he is so cute uhhh he is so fine. Dam its anoying. They are retarded. Sometimes I wonder why this show is still on air because it sucks so bad.

    • profile image

      girludontknowwhoissupercute 7 years ago

      i like ali he is so freaking hotttttt

    • profile image

      Mark 7 years ago

      I am 12 and this show appeals to me. If you people don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself because none of you would like it if people said that stuff about shows you like, right? Of course I don't agree with the fact of reality shows on a cartoon channel, and they should go back to the old shows (like Ed, Edd n Eddy and My Gym Partner's a Monkey and those shows) back on, but give Dude, What Would Happen a chance.

    • profile image

      Lollypop 7 years ago

      Hey Courney I agree with u it is a cool

      and the dudes are hot

    • profile image

      Lollypop 7 years ago

      Yahhhhhh! I love dude what wouid happen hey sabacka tell

      me who shouid I like Jackson Ali or cj

    • profile image

      J.E.Sprouse 7 years ago

      ok.those of u who found the show suckish...let me tell u that is ur opinon. I,however,found the show to be REALLY funny. i watch it every time its on. i even record it and watch it over and over agin. and those of u who think the oposite...then u can kiss my ass cause u have NO taste in good tv!!!

    • profile image

      Sabacka 7 years ago

      ...I rest my case.

    • profile image

      Courtney212 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Sabacka 7 years ago

      I'm 18, female, a university student, and I've watched CN since I was 7. This show?

      Plot: Nonexistent. The premise of the show is to appeal to teenagers who want to see a) crazy stunts b) scientific-method derived conclusions in some bastardized, commercialized format c) be part of a supposed social phenomenon defining teenagers in general. So a) the stunts are ridiculously commonplace and mundane, being exceptional only in the sense that they have a bigger budget and a task force more than the average "stoner" in his/her backyard, b) there's no process, just a random "what would happen" mentality that drives said asinine experiments, c) that social phenomenon so poorly reflects the targeted age group in general that the mismanagement in and of itself would be a failure - and moreover, even if there's some truth to that social image (e.g. some of the previous commentators), it's certainly not the kind of truth we want to expand/perpetuate/idolize (by "we" I mean people with purpose and a future).

      Casting: The acting is ridiculously awful. The primary emotions behind what acting there is - namely, total awe, shock and excitement bordering on substance-abuse-induced "highs" - are absurdly exaggerated and utterly unrealistic. The obvious feigning of the emotions also indicates the falsehood behind the actual "experiments" - in other words, even the "science" we could be generous and pick out of it is bogus.

      Girls: Get some self-respect and stop giving us a bad name. People you think are hot =/= credit to a television show. Take an intro film class, learn some entertainment business basics, or at least literature composition (elements like, you know, a plot?). And seriously, if you think "hip" teenagers like this are hot, you've either never met a guy worth a dime in either brain cells or personality (I won't speak for looks, since I do respect differences in aesthetic taste), or you don't care. Either way, I don't know whether to be disgusted, or just pity you.

      CN: Stick to the purpose of the channel. It was awesome, it was honest, and your targeted audience loved it and kept loving it even after they grew up. Honestly, did you need the money or publicity? And is this getting you either? Infamous = bad famous, last I checked. And this show is going to make our generation infamously stupid for years to come, if society has the memory of a goldfish.

    • profile image

      Lollypop 7 years ago

      I still like dude what wouid happen

      I don't care if all three boys have

      girlfriends I'll still watch it with my heart


    • profile image

      Lollypop 7 years ago

      why does everybody hate dude what

      wouid happen I think ali cj and Jackson

      are cute well I am. only 12 years old

      and I think there hot

    • profile image

      Lollipop 7 years ago

      Yes I like dude what wouid happen Jackson is so hot

    • profile image

       7 years ago

      im 14 and a girl andbelieve me i would not mind being on this show it s the bomb!!!!! GO C.J. JACKSON AND ALI!!!!!

    • profile image

      WTF gay shit 7 years ago

      Go back to old CN!!!

      This show is fake and stupid. They don't even talk like modern day teenagers

    • profile image

      CL 7 years ago

      DUDE, what would happen if this show wasn't on the air anymore?

      Answer, cartoon network would suck a lot less.

    • profile image

      chu 7 years ago

      I think this show is pointless and overexagerated, cartoonnetwork has gone downhill since 2004. This isn't freaking mtv, we don't need this shit. People pay money to see this shit? This is basically a terrible attempt to copy mythbusters. Waste of money and resources.

    • profile image

      Lam0rz Amy 7 years ago

      If you're 17 and watching this, you're old enough to be watching Mythbusters and learning real science. Not oogling over long haired douchebags dressed as a carrot. Yeah, you know those dangerous domesticated horses? PFFFT

    • profile image

      WP 7 years ago

      Half court shots...

      Shooting fake dynamite with a toy crossbow...

      You can tell these kids are in high school because they think over exaggerated acting is cool.

      They will realize they are all complete douche bags and probably end up overdosing on herion, making everyones' lives better

    • profile image

      aldo 7 years ago

      hi i am 12 years old and i dont know if you know thes wibe site cale it is a good plas to go espeshely the boys will like it and i love carolina thats in my clas in 5th grad she is hot

    • profile image

      alex 7 years ago

      can i seepk to you so you can try to do somthing for my like puting gas in a amty coca cola water batel to see if it can fly pleas

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      Cj is so hot &i'm not a12 year old girl I'm 17 &i love that show

    • profile image

      sharis 7 years ago

      i happen 2 love this show. and et me tell u JACKSON IS SOOOOOOOO SEXY! i love this show and would recommend it to any1 who likes crazy and wacky things. k love ya bye! peace!

    • profile image

      just watch mythbusters 7 years ago

      I like how everyone thinks this show sucks except for the girls who think that CJ and Jackson are hot. You ever think maybe THAT'S the reason you're watching, because CN is selling you sex? You know, like the same reason anyone likes the Jonas brothers? Newsflash, the cast of this show is made up of the biggest tools ever and they will be failures after this show goes off the air. If you want some good television for your age group, watch "16 and pregnant" on MTV and realize why it's not worth it to pine after douchebags.

    • profile image

      f all of you 7 years ago

      @ everyone who says this show doesnt suck balls: this show sucks balls

    • profile image

      kuceBAC3 7 years ago

      this show sucks balls so bad...combined with all the gay poses they frequently make, and the beyond retarded ideas they come up with. The only reason they come up with original things is because they are so retarded no one even even thought twice of doing them. DUDE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF WE RAN A TRICYCLE INTO A BUNCH A CHEESE? seriously? How about shooting each other in the face with a shotgun?

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      These kids come off as Grade-A D-Bags and, like others have stated earlier, their "stunts" are dumb/inane/other synonyms and are not interesting to watch or interesting in general.

    • profile image

      Lam0rz Amy 7 years ago

      Last comment disappeared..

      Just rambling about how common it is to run into other 30 year olds watching chowder.

      Also, how they should leave real science to Mythbusters.

      Believe me, it was more witty than this..just too tired to retype

    • profile image

      Will 7 years ago

      I have caught this show before or after watching good cartoons like Flapjack and Chowder. The kids are actors chosen from a casting call based on what the kids in the age range they are trying to appeal to such as physical appearance and attitudes. The lines and even reactions to "experiments" are scripted and they are told exactly how to act in any instance. If an "experiment" doesn't go in a way which the directors feel will be pleasing to the ideal audience, the shot is re-done.

      In conclusion, I am a 30 year old male and I think this show is terrible, the ideas they come up with are not theirs or creative, 9 out of 10 of their "experiments" are not original, misleading, boring, and a waste of many resources that I feel it is a shame to be wasting in an economy such as ours. However, the show and idea directors are doing a very good job getting ratins because statistics are a science and they are professionals.

    • profile image

      Dragonite2289 7 years ago

      What I find twice as annoying is all of the douche young girls/stupid guys get on here a states that these guys are attractive in anyway. It's not really so much as a point for a male for me to make. But that shit is annoying. This review is about the showand the people that related to it. Unless the guys were baboon butt ugly appearance wouldn't matter.

      Also the fucking hippie-ish neutral retards that state that if you don't have anything good to say about the show don't say anything and if you don't like it, don't watch it. That's also stupid. Point your comment towards the reviewer and not everyone else. He has a problem with the show and that's just people agreeing with him.

      The show is dumb. Just about everything has been said about it. So I'll skip to the guys. Going against the reviewer I can't possibly understand their personality. They have to paid to act like that. And as for CJ, I guess he was told to act a certain way specifically as to contridict the way the other to fucktards acts. If not, then good for him for not allowing CN to change him just because they hold a couple of bucks in his face.

      Regardless, if those guys actually act that way in Real life then Jackson has and never will get a girl. The other guy who is just second fiddle to Jackson's stupidity probably is still finding out what girls are. And CJ who all the idiots here claims is "cute" is one of those types of guys who seems to be intellligent but because of the simplicity of the show - it's like, who cares. You're faunting your brain on a show which has stunts and crap that an 8 year old can do - yes even the potentially dangerous stuff.

      Just as the guy above saids. This show sucks.

    • profile image

      jimmypop 7 years ago

      Dude, what would happen if they shot themselves in the face with shotguns?!?!

      This show sucks.

    • profile image

      Lam0rz Amy 7 years ago

      P.S. - I'm a total "stoner", and I must say, I have more fun watching other CN shows (i.e. - chowder, flapjack) SOBER then EVER watching this while on any kind of mind altering substance. I won't even watch this show drinking coffee. This show does NOT appeal to the average (higher intelligence) marijuana user. It appeals to teeny bopper girls whose hormones are running rampant, and any *dude* with flowing hair and a white smile makes them happy

    • profile image

      Lam0rz Amy 7 years ago

      This show is a total waste of time, resources (food) and brain cells. I can see from the comments on this page what kind of people like this show (14 year old girls?). LOL @ the comment re: "what would happen with a barrel of live grenades and a shit eating grin". I have more fun playing the lamest game I can find on my Xbox 360 (oh wait, I don't have a game that lame). This show is just idiotic. My 3 and 4 year old even laugh at it. And not in the "it's funny" kind of way, but the "it's sad this show is even on the air" kind of way.

      And P.S. - all those boys are fugly. Something about teens acting like baboons makes me feel nauseated.

      "Dude..what would happen if we took all the food we wasted and sent it to Haiti where the children are starving?"

    • profile image

      liliblue 7 years ago

      I like the show and from what i've read the show has pretty good rating so if you don't like it don't watch.

    • profile image

      jfass 7 years ago

      dude what would happen if i buy a sniper rifle and kill all the actors in dude what would happen a happy man