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Let's Talk About It: NBC's "Duets"

Updated on June 21, 2012

This past Wednsday was the last recorded show of NBC's hit show "Duets!" Next week, WE GO LIVE!! We, the viewers, now hold the fate of the remaining contestants in our hands!! This show is holding its own against their competitors. It's unique in the fact that the competitors are not just those who auditioned but are also the super-stars themselves! Who doesn't love a good competition between celebrities!?

The orginal super star cast was Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke, Jennifer Nettles and Lionel Richie! Kelly Clarkson knows all about competing on stage being the very first winner of FOX's hit show American Idol. Robin Thicke came onto the scene shocking the R&B world the white man with some serious soul! His album "The Evolution of Robin Thicke" sold millions, instantly making him a household name. Jennifer Nettles is the lead vocalist for country's chart-topping group SUGARLAND and has proven herself worthy of her Grammy, CMA and ACM awards. Unfortunately, after commericials had aired and marketing was all ready to go, Lionel Richie dropped out right before airing. He was replaced by Grammy award winning artist John Legend and what a mistake it WASN'T!! He has stepped up and truly made this show a competition!

Each celebrity chose 2 duet partners out of the thousands that auditioned! Jennifer chose John Glosson and J Rome. Kelly is singing with Jordan Meredith and Jordan Farol. Robin Thicke is partnered with Olivia Chisholm and Alexis Foster while John is tearing up the stage with Bridget Carrington and Meleana Brown. How exciting it must be to be on stage with one of your favorite artist! *blessed* For those of you who will be tuning in next week for the live show, unfortunately you will not see Jordan Meredith, Meleana Brown or Alexis Foster; they had the lowest scores over the past few weeks and were sent home. Here is some proof of the awesomeness you may be missing:

This show gives people the opportunity to perform, not only by themselves but with award winning artist! You dont want to miss anymore episodes from this dynamic show! Tune into the live show at Duets original time, Thursdays at 8/7central!!


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