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Duplicity - review

Updated on August 4, 2010

The Plot

This movie starts with Ray Koval (Clive Owen) and Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts) meeting at a party where Ray uses one of the best set of chat-up lines I think I have ever heard.

He's an MI6 agent, she works for the CIA and now that the cold war is over, the only people who need their help seem to be the big corporations, looking to weed out the spies in their ranks and protect the new product ideas.

Ray and Claire get steamy and attempt to pull off a scam, pitting one corporation against the other, whilst still remaining lovers.

The question is, who is playing who?

This plot has more twists than a Rubik's Cube as used by someone who can't fathom it out. One wonders whether it is Julia playing Clive or vice-versa and the plot can be a little hard to follow at times.

Nevertheless, the script and the acting pull off something that is rarely seen nowadays.

The music is fitting and the transcontinental travelling they do provide awesome backdrops as they hop in and out of bed and apparently in and out of love - or are they?

As they and their corporate bosses go further and further to try and cover the latest products, one is glued to the screen tryig not to miss a single instance of the dialog or acting, lest the gist of the entire movie be lost.

An excellent movie.


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