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Dynasty -- American Psycho

Updated on March 23, 2019

Who will be Adam's next victim?

Before Dynasty went on its winter break I had to choose between watching it and Midnight, Texas when NBC put it on at the same time as Dynasty and I chose Midnight, Texas and it got cancelled. NBC should have kept it as a Summer show and they could have had a popular Summer show which they’ve been trying and failing to find. Anyway, I could have watched it on the CW but it also felt like it was getting pretty ridiculous. Anyway, I tuned it last night, and OH MY GAWD! I can’t believe how the episode ended.

Apparently, they’ve brought the real Adam to the show and he’s a whole lot worse than the original. I didn’t watch last week’s show, but he may have something to do why Stephen is in a sanitarium.

Fallon, for the moment, is on Team Blake and she wants to keep from Blake learning that Stephen checked himself into a sanitarium. Blake apparently took it hard when Cristal lost the baby. From what I can gather, Alexis who caused the whole thing, framed an innocent man for it and Blake killed him. Having killed the man he think is responsible for nearly killing Cristal and causing her miscarriage he was able to get a good night’s sleep.

Into to this comes Adam Carrington, who Fallon is convinced is a fake, and who tries to keep away from Blake. However, when Blake sees him he automatically knows this is his missing son. However, with Fallon nipping at his heels, Adam offers to take a DNA test to prove it.

Probably in Alexis’ most heinous act to date she accuses Adam of being a fraud. She knows very well he isn’t, but she doesn’t want them to find out she hired Hank or her part in Fake Cristal’s death or the theft or any of the other things they did together. But let’s just say this Adam is someone you don’t want to cross.

Fallon and Sam go on a road trip to try and discredit Adam. They learn he was once a doctor before going to work in a vet clinic. He was fired for prescribing drugs to patients who didn’t need them and then stealing them. Fallon surmises Adam is a drug addict and he went to work at the vet clinic to keep his supply of drugs going.

Jeff wants to do something good for the poor youth and wants to build a youth center for them. Only problem is Cristal and Culhane want to build a football stadium in the same place. They play dirty and make sure the city council votes against Jeff decides to sell the land to someone who won’t let them build a stadium there, only he gets tricked by Cristal’s family. As a result of calling in a favor from her father her brother tells her their father wants to see her in person. I really don’t like this Cristal. There’s really not a nice character on this show. Of course none can compare for pure evilness to American Psycho Adam.

The DNA test come through and Adam is indeed the real Carrington. Of course, Fallon still wants big bro gone, and her instincts may be correct. But American Psycho weasels his way out of it when Fallon reveals he’s a drug addict whose been stealing drugs. Adam explains his mother was an addict and he kept getting the drugs for her until she overdosed on them. What he doesn’t tell them is he actually murdered his Not Real Mommy.

In a flashback Adam gave her a drink and as she sipping he says since she’s taken so much of it it may take a long time to kill her but he put double the dose in her drink. What’s the fun of killing Mommy if she doesn’t know it’s happening and that every breath she takes may be her last.

In the present Adam says all is forgiven to Fallon and proceeds to kiss her on the mouth. Claims it’s how his family kissed. Did Not Mommy sexual molest him? If so, that might make it a little better what he did to her just because she lied to him and kept him from his real family if she also molested him. But Fallon had better watch out because this guy has a way of getting back at people who give him trouble. Sam better also watch his back.

Afterwards he pays Real Mommy a visit and what he does to her shocked me, because it never occurred to me he’d do something like that. Drugging your Not Mommy’s drink is nothing compared to this heinous act.

Adam confronts Alexis with documents he swiped from the hospital when he and Blake went to take the DNA case. It proves she faked Hank’s DNA test and knew all along he wasn’t her son. Which means she also knew he was the real deal and tried to say he was a fraud. But Adam hugs her, says he’s going to listen to his heart about what to do. Alexis thinks it means all is forgiven. She doesn’t know he has a cold black heart far colder and blacker than her own. He tells her to burn the documents and she kneels by the fireplace and does just that. Adam puts a comforting hand on her shoulder before shoving and holding her head into the flames of the fireplace. OH MY GAWD!

I don’t think Alexis is dead. Nicolette Sheridan is leaving the show and this was her last episode. So I think Alexis will have to have reconstructive surgery and return as another actress Maybe an actress that fits the role better. But she won’t be able to talk and tell anyone what Adam did to her, and even when she can he knows what she did and I’d bet he made photocopies of those documents he gave to her. And God only knows what he’ll do next.

This Adam is far worse than the original one who painted Jeff’s office with toxic paint and made him as psycho as this Adam is and he also raped Kirby. I wonder if the show will hook American Psycho up with Kirby whose a little bit nutsy herself.

I think I’m afraid to see what the new Carrington son does next.


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