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Dynasty -- the Carringtons Take a Road Trip

Updated on November 5, 2018

And Culhane gets in deeper...

Last time, Kirby found out a deep dark secret Alexis and Anders were keeping and revealed it to everyone at the baby shower for Stephen's baby. Turns out Stephen is really Anders son. It also turns out Alexis was right about Melissa, who finding out Stephen isn't a Carrington, revealed he also isn't the father of her baby.

Alexis thrown out of the house by Fallon. Sam getting a kick out of it, but Stephen goes to protect Alexis. Stephen runs into Blake whose been drinking. Stephen says Blake is still his father. He sees Anders, and goes off with him, instead of stepping in to protect Mommy Dearest.

Alexis tries to explain she did it because of Adam. She was upset and Anders blames himself for not watching Adam more carefully. Both Anders and Alexis were drunk. Blake says he can't picture it to Sam. Believe me, seeing you and Alexis doing it couldn't be any worse than Alexis and Anders. Blake vows he's going to make Anders pay for this. Stephen says he doesn't know if he can be here right now.

Anders comes to Blake saying they need to talk. Anders preparing to resign. Blake says he must find his replacement, first.

Sam having a photo shoot to update his passport photo. Stephen tells Fallon he's moving away to build houses. I just realized the actor playing Sam is the same actor who played Jamal's boyfriend when Empire first started.

Jeff and Kirby drinking champagne as he celebrates getting his share of the Carrington Atlanta sale. Jeff feels bad for Stephen and feels he'll forgive Alexis. And little Miss Kirby

Culhane's new master calls him. He's to go to an undercover poker game.

Sam not thrilled when he hears they'll be roughing it in Paraguay where Stephen wants to go to build houses for the poor.

Blake won't approve of Anders candidate for his replacement, as he's enjoying too much making him miserable.

Fallon happy she got Stephen to agree to stay [she wrote a fake letter that she claims they wrote together as children], until he realizes she faked the letter. He tells her he and Sam are leaving, pronto.

Alexis comes to the tent Sam is practice camping in. She's not thrilled to learn that Stephen planning to leave. She tries to scare Sam into getting Stephen to stay. After the last time he teamed up with her, he's not doing it, again. No sale, Alexis.

Anders trying to find someone to promote within the Carrington house as his replacement. Kirby steals info off of Anders computer. It's Stephen's credit card number.

Blake throws a glass at the latest contender to offer to replace Anders. Blake throws a glass at Anders, next, who calls someone up. I'm guessing it's Cristal.

Fallon learns Stephen left early, before she could try to get him to stay. So she brings Blake and Anders to Stephen in Paraguay. Not about to be left out of the family trip, Alexis shows up, uninvited. Now all we need is Nu Cristal to pop up and things will really be jumping. Alexis is still unaware there's a new woman in Blake's life and when she finds out she's going to hit the roof.

Sam tells Alexis she needs to give Stephen space. Anders accuses Blake of being afraid of the truth, since he won't listen to his side of things.

Fallon says they'll stay as long as it takes. Stephen says the family won't last a day.

Kirby went on a shopping spree. I guess she thinks her new half-brother owes her a life-time of birthday presents.

Jeff is at the poker game when Culhane arrives. Culhane's master wants photos of a man named Keith's ledger.

Dinner with the family has them throwing barbs at each other. Blake orders Anders to get him some water. Fallon decrees they'll all be staying in tents like Stephen when Alexis wants to know where the nearest hotel is.

Culhane is nearly caught taking pictures of the ledger. His master tells him he's not to leave until the game is over, when he'd better make a hasty exit.

Fallon wakes Blake and Anders up, and can't find Alexis. They find Alexis getting a massage and that she turned the main tent into a luxury tent. Which, of course, disgusts Stephen, but Alexis swears she had nothing to do with it.

Culhane told he's got ten minutes to get out of the poker game. He tries to get Jeff to leave with him. Culhane manages to get Jeff out of there before the FBI raids the poker game.

It was Kirby that shipped in the luxury tent to make Stephen made at Alexis so he wouldn't forgive her as Jeff said he would.

Blake and Anders get into it. Then Stephen accuses Fallon of only being there for herself. So she says they're all going to work together to build the house. Stephen apologizes to Fallon. When the house falls down, Stephen suggests that they all go home.

They all return on the Carrington jet. Sam and Fallon help a drunk Stephen up to bed. Cristal waiting for Blake when he returns. I was right. Anders called Cristal.

Culhane's master makes sure he doesn't get the New York job he was planning on so he and Fallon cold go away together and that he now works for her, permanently.

Kirby calls Alexis to let her know she was the one who set her up. Alexis vows to get rid of her again.

Blake asks if Anders called Cristal. After talking with Cristal, Blake forgives Anders. Blake doesn't want Anders to leave and for them to be a family for Stephen.

Fallon says Stephen the glue that keeps the family together. She says he does everything for everyone but she's not going to let him do it anymore and he needs to go like he planned. Stephen asks Fallon to reconcile with Alexis for him. Reluctantly, she agrees.

Blake watches Fallon and Stephen singing together. Kirby gets a legal document from Alexis. I doubt it's a love letter. And Stephen tells Sam he needs to go back to Paraguay to find out who he is and he needs to go alone. He'll be back for Christmas.


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