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Dynasty -- Uncle Max Shows His True Colors

Updated on October 25, 2018

And Kirby is a lose cannon...

Last time, Blake did the nasty with Alexis and it was nasty. A woman named Cristal Jennings may be the real Cristal. Fallon may be developing feelings for Liam and she wants to get rid of him fast because she doesn't want anything to threaten her relationship with Culhane. Sam learned Stephen knocked somebody up. And Kirby landed on Jeff's doorstep.

Fallon going to meet Liam's family. Liam says they'll have to act like they like each other. Liam noticed that she's replaced his ring with Culhane's. Better hope Uncle Max doesn't notice.

Blake announces he's cutting all the kids out of his will. Monica sees Kirby coming out of Jeff's bedroom. Kirby hits Monica up for a job at her new club. Monica doesn't want to hire her because she's a suspected arsonist, but she says it was Fallon. Monica says she's in a good place with Fallon so don't try that. Jeff gets her to let Kirby help at the club for the day.

Sam, Melissa and Stephen are all Three's Company about the baby until Alexis whispers poison in Sam's ears that Melissa is lying that she's pregnant with Stephen's baby. She suggests he try to prove it. Meanwhile she's still scrounging around for money.

Maxs wife, Moira against buying Carrington Atlantic. She calls Fallon CEO Barbie and says Blake was stupid to put her in charge of it. She says if the family doesn't kill the deal she'll go to the press and kill it, herself.

Cristal sees Alexis talking about Fake Cristal and calls up the Carringtons wanting to talk to Blake, but Anders refuses to allow her to talk to Blake and tells her the gravy train is over.

Melissa, Stephen and Sam shopping online for the baby. Sam asks Melissa how she's doing and mentions she doesn't seem to be suffering any morning sickness.

Blake shopping for cars.

Liam says Moira is usually sweet. Uncle Max tries to make excuses for her. Apparently, Moira had some dealing with Blake in the past and that's why she's against it. Said Moira perked up when she heard Blake was against the sale.

Another club having a big event the same time Monica's club is opening. Kirby decides to see what she can do to change that.

Alexis tries to give Hank a painting she stole to hold him off. This guy is dumber than a box of rocks.

Max invites Fallon to his penthouse for dinner while Liam is away from the table. When Liam comes back Max pretends nothing happened. She gives him the key back in front of Liam.

Sam following Melissa. Alexis claims what Melissa bought at the store proves she isn't pregnant.

Fallon learns Max is meeting with another energy company.

Blake learns Jeff bought the car he wanted.

Fallon shows up at Max's and meets up with Moira. Moira says Max told her Fallon made a pass at him. She won't listen to Fallon when she tells her Max is the one whose after her. Then she calls Max and agrees to meet with him like he wanted. So, Max is a super sleaze who wants to boff his nephew's wife.

Kirby cons her way into the competing club. She releases a bunch of rats in the club.

Sam hosting a natal meditation class with Melissa.

Kirby comes back and tells her Purgatory got closed down for having rats in their building. Kirby says she did it because she's grateful for Monica giving her a chance. That impresses Monica.

Fallon hires a call girl to take her place with Max so she doesn't have to put out for him to seal the deal.

Blake comes to see Jeff. He says he wants the car Jeff bought, and Jeff says it's not for sale. Then he challenges Jeff to a race.

Fallon realizes it was Max that conned Moira into threatening the deal. Fallon blindfolds Max so he won't see she's bringing in a ringer to screw him.

Sam and Alexis break into Melissa's house. Alexis finds a fake baby bump. She tells Sam she's sure Melissa is wearing another fake one at the natal meditation.

Club Colby has its grand opening and its a success.

Stephen and Melissa at the natal meditation.

Blake and Jeff having a toy car contest. Seriously? They're fighting over toy cars? I thought they were really going to race against each other.

Fallon and Liam arrive at the club, much to Culhane's displeasure. Liam decides to call it a night and let her spend the night with Culhane. Jeff wins and Blake's car crashes and burns.

Kirby greets Fallon at the club wearing her dress and necklace. Kirby and Fallon get into a cat fight. Meanwhile Alexis goes after Melissa and rips open her dress proving Melissa is really pregnant. Fallon and Kirby are pulled apart as Kirby vows to take everything from Fallon for having her shipped off to Australia.

Stephen appalled what Alexis and Sam did. Sam says Alexis manipulated him, but Stephen isn't having any of it.

Fallon orders Monica to fire Kirby but Monica refuses and gives Fallon her money back. Monica and Fallon are no longer on good terms. Kirby says that's one down.

Cristal is mistaken for a nurse and allowed into the mansion. She tells Blake she knew Cristal Flores and she thinks she'd want her to help him. She produces a locket with a picture of her and Cristal in it.

Fallon has Kirby arrested for assaulting her.

The hooker that Fallon hired calls Fallon to say that Max is dead.

Something tells me Alexis isn't going to be happy when she learns a new Cristal is in the house when she finally thinks she's in the catbird seat. And if her dumb boyfriend Hank spills what he knows her goose is going to be cooked.


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