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Dynasty -- What Child Is This...

Updated on December 7, 2018

Cristal and Alexis play a game of oneupmanship...

Last time the Carringtons celebrated Thanksgiving and a tornado hit causing Fallon to dream she was Dorothy in Oz. She ultimately chose Culhane, but he heard her on the phone dumping Liam. Hank didn’t like the way Claudia was treating the baby, so he double-crossed her and left the baby with Alexis. And Blake proposed to Cristal.

Someone banging on Alexis’ trailer. It’s someone named Randy. Alexis tries to call Hank and demands he come and get Claudia’s baby. She tells him she can’t take care of the baby. I thought maybe she’d bond with the baby and think this was a second chance to be a mother after Adam was stolen from her.

Blake and Cristal having sex in bed. Cristal suggests Blake break the news to the family. Everyone not happy about the announcement. Can’t blame them. He’s known her how long? A week and does he really know her? It would be strange if they were happy about it.

Alexis gets an idea seeing the Jesus baby in the manger that’s being set up.

Culhane sees Fallon looking at an article involving Liam. Culhane doesn’t seem to care about what he heard.

Alexis gets Sam to help her. They hear a baby crying. Alexis wrote a note making Sam think that its mother gave him up. The rest of the family comes out and sees the baby and are not too pleased. They don’t seem to be pleased about anything at the moment. But by what Alexis did it makes the psychic’s prediction for Sam to come true.

Alexis says Child Services says there’s no missing children. Fallon is all for getting rid of it, but Sam wants to keep him. The baby spits up on Blake when he holds it.

Blake tries to hose down Alexis when she starts saying they have a shared destiny.

Monica listening to Isis and Alex singing. Fallon suggests they start a record label together. Monica doesn’t think them working together is a good idea. Monica guesses Fallon doesn’t really want to plan her wedding.

Cristal and Alexis cross swords when they meet.

Anders suggests that Kirby should try getting a job. Kirby offers to help Saw with Baby Blake.

Blake and Cristal picking out her ring.

Monica wonders if something is wrong since Fallon is determined for them to start a recording company together, and she says she just likes to work.

Alexis shocked when she goes into her loft and all her plants and flowers are dead.

Fallon tells Culhane about her new company. Jeff and Culhane learn their poker game could be a problem as Monica wants the poker game gone.

Cristal tries to give Alexis some home-made muffins but Alexis isn’t biting. When she sees the dead plants she suggests it could be Celia’s spirit and offers to sage the place with Alexis to put Celia’s spirit to rest.

Jeff and Culhane brainstorm on what to do about Ada. Jeff wants to tell Monica the truth, but Culhane says no. Jeff suggests instead of playing hero he needs to be honest with Fallon. Definitely Team Jeff.

Cristal shows Alexis how to sage the loft. Instead of chasing away bad spirits it sets off the smoke alarm.

Alexis goes to Blake saying Cristal is trying to ruin her loft so she can’t move in and accuses her of killing her plants. She vows to show Blake that Cristal is no nice girl.

Kirby and Sam interview Nanny’s like they’re running a sports team. They have a diaper changing contest. And other stupid things. No job would be worth going through that for. It’s like the women on The Bachelor acting like trained seals to get a stupid rose. Just not worth it. Sam thinks he and Kirby together make a good team and they might not need a nanny.

When Monica and Fallon have a disagreement about talent Jeff suggests it’s not too late to call off going into business together, but Fallon backs down and does what Monica wants. Then she admits to Monica she can’t stop thinking about Liam even though she loves Culhane.

Culhane gives Ada her money and tells her they have to find a new venue. Ada threatens to take care of whomever is standing of the way of her having her games in Monica’s club.

Alexis claims the heat is out of control and the water keeps coming on by itself. Cristal says she may have to tear the whole place down to be rid of Celia’s dark spirit. Which is probably just what Alexis wanted her to say to prove she’s a no-gooder.

Alex performing at Club Colby. Jeff agrees that she has a good voice. Culhane lies to Jeff about what Ada said and claims she’s fine with letting them off the hook. Ada in a black wig talking to Fallon.

Kirby and Sam want Anders to get a tattoo with them. The tattoo artist knows how to make the baby stop crying, so Sam asks him to stick around.

Cristal admits she killed Alexis’ plants to try and get rid of her. Alexis thinks it’ll make Blake break it off with Cristal. Alexis did the other stuff to make Cristal think Celia’s ghost was back to get her to confess.

The fire alarm goes off and Club Cobly fills with smoke. Culhane is behind it to appease Ada. Monica’s leg get trampled as everyone runs out in panic. I really don’t like him. Tell the truth you freaking moron. Things are just getting worse.

Alexis plays her video for Blake. Alexis thinks she’s won as Blake asks for a moment alone with Cristal. This didn’t change Blake’s mind a bit. Sorry, Lexie.

Monica has a broken ankle. Jeff’s had enough. He tells her he’s been lying to her.

Culhane got what he wanted and Monica and Fallon are forgetting plans for the recording company. Fallon admits to Culhane she kissed Liam and he says he knows. She says she now knows she has no feelings for Liam and wants to get married right away.

Culhane claims he’s done. Ada tells Culhane everything he did was him, not her. She says they’ll be done if Culhane picks something up for her.

Cristal offers to help Alexis clean up. She says she knows Alexis stole the Baby Jesus and replaced it with the baby. Cristal says she knew Alexis was setting her up and just played along with her to get the upper hand over Alexis. It seems right. Cristal is not a nice girl.


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