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E Street Band: Working without the Boss?

Updated on January 12, 2018

E Street Band: How about working without the Boss?

So often in life people do great things that always don’t get top billing. This idea happens in Rock N' Roll as well. Doors Guitarist Robby Krieger wrote their classic "Light My Fire" and played his instrument brilliantly yet toiled in the shadow of Jim Morrison. Another example is that of Beatles' Producer George Martin who did many things to help enrich the Beatles sound yet was never a household name. This concept also holds true in the case of singer Bruce Springsteen’s backup band, the E Street Band.


For nearly five decades this band of fine people have soldiered long and hard helping Mr.Springsteen deliver his wonderful music. So many of Springsteen's songs had key contributions from all of the E Street members. This group of musicians have shown their ability outside of playing for Springsteen as well, playing for musicians and celebrities such as Conan O’Brien, Lady Gaga, and Stevie Nicks. In fact three of the current members Patti Scalfia (Mrs. Bruce Springsteen),Nils Lofgren, and Steve Van Zandt have released solo albums of their own music.

With all of this talent concentrated into one band, a logical thought comes to mind: an E Street Band album without Springsteen. This would at long last showcase at front and center the skill and brilliance of the E Street Band. This group would not be helpless without Mr.Springsteen.


It would have three singers and songwriters (Scalfia,Lofgren and Van Zandt), three guitarists,two keyboard players,a saxophonist and a drummer. How many rock bands have this variety of talent in their ranks? NOT MANY. This album would definitely sell given Springsteen’s following and the greatness contained in the E Street Band. Let’s give the E Street Band the top billing it has so missed out on for so long, let’s have the E Street Band make an album of their own. I think the Boss would approve. And when the Boss approves you know things are cool!


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