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E Tickets For Concerts and Events

Updated on March 18, 2010

Concert, Sporting Event and Theatre Tickets by Email

What is an E-ticket? Simply put it's a ticket that is emailed to you. It's sent to the buyers email address.

If you order E-tickets from the box office they will usually come as a pdf. Be very careful with this email and print out. Once the bar code on the E-ticket is scanned at the event center, it is used. So whoever gets their first with a legitimate print out of the E-Ticket will get in. So don't give it out to anyone.

If you buy E-Tickets from an online E-Ticket broker, they may deliver them one of two ways. For security reasons, a legitimate online E-Ticket site will make sure that only one copy of the E-Tickets are printed. The E-Ticket may be listed as an E-Ticket. But in many cases the E-Ticket seller will print out the E-Tickets for the event and then FedEx the concert tickets to you.

The event ticket seller may also email you the E-Tickets as an attachment. In both cases the E-Ticket seller will only print or email one copy of the E-Tickets. Just like hard tickets, you will need to keep the E-Tickets secure, and make sure no one makes a copy of them.

Why buy E-Tickets? You can order the E-Tickets online and have them delivered without leaving your computer. If you order from a broker it will save you shipping costs in some cases.

Security Issues:
They security issues are the same as they would be with a regular concert or event ticket.
If you buy thE-Tickets from the box office site make sure no one can access the email with the E-Tickets. If they are FedEx delivered, treat them as you would any event ticket. Put them in safe place until you leave for the concert.

I prefer E-Tickets. It saves me the trip to the box office and the wait of standing in line, etc. I've never had a problem with an E-Ticket. If you buy them from an online E-Ticket broker, please read Buying Concert and Event Tickets Online, before buying.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions related to E-Tickets for events or concerts.

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For an example of a reputable online ticket broker please see this site.


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    • profile image

      seatsforeveryone 10 months ago

      At this point a very high percentage of tickets are e-tickets and available for download instantly. Upon purchase from a professional online website the e-tickets are immediately sent to the email of the purchaser.

      Here is an example of where one can safely procure e-tickets:

    • profile image

      etickets 3 years ago

      Do u have to print out tickets if u purchased etickets to get in

    • webdevjim profile image

      webdevjim 8 years ago from Davenport

      Hey Dora,

      If you are traveling to the event it's the same answer. If you can, buy them from the box office.

      Otherwise, buy them from a broker who is listed with the BBB and doesn't have any complaints on google.

      Most brokers spend 10s of thousands of dollars to get their businesses set up. They won't risk it all over one order.

      Hope that helps.

    • doraemonix profile image

      doraemonix 8 years ago from buitenzorgh, Indonesia

      So, Which one the safety way to gets the Ticket bro ?

      If my place far to the place event concert, How do I gets the ways?

      E-tickets is simplify but not safety, imo