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Best Horror and Thriller Films to Watch at Night

Updated on August 8, 2020
Dense Densyang profile image

Denise is a communication student, a poet and a book lover. She enjoys watching documentaries and film.


Horror and Thriller Films

Only fewer people likes to watch horror and thriller films. These stories may not be real or just fictional, it still terrifies a viewer. For horror and thriller film enthusiasts, watching these films is a sort of terrifying themselves - primary reason is to feel the adrenaline rush. I am one of those enthusiasts. A lot of people asks me (even my students when I shared to them that I do like watching these films) why I like watching horror and thriller films so much. Well, maybe like most enthusiasts I like to feel the adrenaline rush brought by these kind of films. But apart from that reason, I also want to feel and experience terror maybe not in real scenarios but most likely in films. It feels like I'm in another world where terror and fear sets in. There are bunch of horror films across the world. There are horror films that you might think not scary at all. I think people from different countries have diverse opinion about which horror or thriller film is the scariest. Primarily, this is because we believe in different things, we have a different culture or maybe we could also agree at some point.

List of Must Watch Horror and Thriller Films you should not miss

Note: This list is my personal preferences based on horror and thriller films I have seen already. The films are not ordered and arranged through its quality but it was just arranged randomly.

1. The Curse of La Llorona

This is a 2019 horror film that takes a glimpse of some old folklore in a certain town about a woman named La Llorona.

2. Get Out

A 2017 mystery/ thriller film which is about Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams) who are in a sort of interracial relationship. Because of this, Daniel is quite nervous meeting his girlfriend's family in her hometown but then his expectation was smaller than what he had discovered after staying there.

3. Us

From the same director of Get out, Us (2019) is also an outstanding mystery/ thriller film you should not miss. This film is about a woman named Adelaide Wilson with her family returning to the beachfront home where she grew up as a child. She had same traumatic experience in the place and feared it would happen again and so she was right. This film has also shown some pressing racial issues in the United States.

4. The Haunting in Connecticut

There are two versions of this but I am talking about the first one here, the 2009 version. (I have not seen the second one, I am only recommending films I have personally seen.) It was said that this was based on a true story of family who used to live in a certain house in Connecticut and have experienced this terrifying incidents there.

5. Pet Sematary

Also a 2019 film about a family moved to a rural town. Dr. Louis Creed discovered a mysterious burial ground through his neighbor, Jud. This led them to face horrible consequences later on. Though I liked the movie, I have questions in mind about some characters who have appeared at the beginning but never to be found in the middle and the end of the story.

6. Assimilate

This is one of my favorite thriller films in 2019. Simply because, I was not able to guess what would happen next because you wouldn't know until you've done watching the entire movie. The young characters in the film are making web series about the life of their neighbors in their quiet but an epidemic (not entirely disease or contagious disease) arose and started to kill the people in the town including their family.

7. Better Watch Out

This is a 2016 thriller/ psychological horror that will make you go crazy, of course not literally but the entire movie is filmed in only one setting, the teenager's house. Obsession pushed the young man to do brutal things towards the guys that the girl she likes is dating and previously dated. At the end of the movie, you would somehow take the young man's side. Find it out yourself maybe we have same thoughts or maybe not.

8. Train to Busan

This is one of the films that made me scream a lot. A 2016 film about a zombie outbreak in South Korea. The man (Gong Yoo), his daughter and other passengers are trapped in the train when the outbreak happened. This film made me cry too. You want to know why? Watch it then.

9. Insidious 1, Insidious 2 & Insidious 3

With different plots and focus in the story, I would certainly recommend you to watch this film. This is a movie series I am so inlo love with. The Insidious 1 was released on 2010 which was about the couple and their son whose body was coveted by a malevolent spirit.

Insidious 2 is then another story of the same family. After fighting against the evil spiril that coveted their son's body, something really off made the family's life into a chaos again. It was because of Josh (Patrick Wilson) who was then also possessed by a demonic entity. To free Josh's soul and finally defeat the malevolent forces around his family, Lorraine Lambert (Barbara Hershey) and her ghost-hunting friends investigate the past to save her family's future. (Insidious: Chapter 2

The last chapter (Insidious: The last key) was released on 2015 and is not a story involving Josh's family but it is about Lorraine Lambert and her family back in her home town where she runaway from. This chapter shows the dark past that Lorraine have encountered that turned her to become an exorcist.

10. The Other Side of the Door

This is about a grieving mother who felt guilt after her son died in accident. Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) found out about a Hindu temple where she can communicate with someone from the 'other side'. She went there with so much longing for her son. She failed to follow the rules in the temple and soon released demonic forces that haunted her family.

Well then, the decision is yours to make. You can pick among those recommended films and tell me about your opinion about it as well. Leave a comment if you have seen any of those and what for you is the best among the rest.

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