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Eastenders Janine Arrested for Murdering Grandmother Lydia!

Updated on June 13, 2011
Janine and Lydia have bonded
Janine and Lydia have bonded
Janine takes sneeky peak at Lydia's will
Janine takes sneeky peak at Lydia's will
Janine bonds with her Grandmother before she passes away
Janine bonds with her Grandmother before she passes away
Pat comforts Janine
Pat comforts Janine
The police turn up and
The police turn up and
take Janine away for questioning
take Janine away for questioning
Janine's Uncle Norman turns up for his Mothers funeral
Janine's Uncle Norman turns up for his Mothers funeral

Will the Police find Janine Guilty?

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No one was more shocked than Janine Malloy when she genuinely grew to love her Grandmother Lydia. Janine was only four when her Mum June passed away, and through her Grandmother, Janine has felt closer to her Mum somehow. Janine is very similar to Lydia in a lot of ways and she has enjoyed the quality time together talking about her Mum and looking though old family photographs. We all know Janine as a 'super Bitch' when in fact there is a lonely little girl inside just wanting to be loved.

Events take a turn for the worse this week when a sick Lydia wakes Janine in the middle of the night suffering from hallucinations, Lydia claims that she can see Janine's Mum June and asks her to get some photographs from her bedroom. While looking for the photographs, Janine finds Lydia's will and cant resist taking a sneaky peek. Janine is surprised to see that her Grandmother has left her entire estate to charity, but she is even more surprised when she realises that she doesn't even care about the money as finding out more about her Mum means more to her than anything else. Lydia explains to Janine why she is leaving her money to charity and Janine tells her that she understands the money is going to a good cause and that she would be happier with photographs of her Mother than any money, this pleases Lydia no end.

Janine and Lydia bond even more as Lydia opens up about June, and Janine just sits there enjoying all the stories of her late Mum. There is a very touching moment when we see Lydia and Janine both admit they love each other and we start to see a more vulnerable side to Janine. However Janine is soon left reeling when Lydia reveals that she wanted Janine to come and live with her after the death of her Mother but Frank and Pat were against the idea and sent Janine to live with her older sister Clare instead. Janine is angry that her Dad and Pat would deny her the chance of happiness when she was a little girl by not allowing her to live with Lydia. Later Lydia asks Janine to wheel her into the front room so they can watch the sunrise together, the pair continue to chat but when Lydia stops answering her, Janine realises that her Grandmother has passed away. We see Janine rest her head on Lydia's lap in total shock.

Still in shock, Janine wanders out onto the square in her dressing gown and finds Carol and Billy in the cafe, Janine asks them to help her. Billy takes Janine back to her flat and phone Dr Yusef who arrives shortly after. When the news of Lydia's death reaches Pat, she heads straight over to Janine's as Billy and Yusef are leaving.Janine is still furious with Pat following Lydia's earlier revelation, but eventually breaks down and allows Pat to comfort her. However Janine soon asks Pat why she didn't allow her to live with Lydia when she was a child, Pat tries to explain that things were more complicated than Lydia made out but Janine remains angry prompting Pat to leave. Alone in the flat Janine sits looking at old photographs and letters but when her loneliness becomes to much she goes over to The Vic. Pat and Ryan are also in the pub, talking about Janine. Ryan tells Janine that she has probably already spent her inheritance, and if that didn't hurt Janine enough, Pat soon reveals that everyone thinks she killed her Grandmother.

There is more heartache for Janine when she returns home to find her flat has been burgled and all Lydia's photographs have been thrown across the floor. The Police arrive not long after and Janine initially thinks they are there to investigate the burglary, so she is stunned when they reveal they are actually there to question her about her Grandmothers death. Janine is immediately taken away and questioned down at the station. Meanwhile Pat is in the Cafe telling Carol that she believes Janine killed Lydia, Eddie Moon overhears their conversation and immediately confronts Pat telling her that Murder is a very serious accusation to make. Later when Janine arrives back from the Police station she storms straight over to The Vic to confront Pat and demands to know why she reported her to the Police. Pat tells Janine that it wasn't her just as Ryan admits it was him that called them, Janine is upset but kind of expected it from Ryan as he has betrayed her before. We all know Janine is innocent this time but what will the Police's conclusion be?

After the death of Janine's Grandmother Lydia, Janine is shocked when her Uncle Norman (Lydia's son) turns up at her funeral. Norman originally just wants to attend his Mothers funeral but after discovering that Lydia left her entire estate to charity he decides to stick around in Walford and contest her Will. Norman is a lonely clumsy man with a good heart, and is thrilled when he comes face to face with Pat Evans who he once had a huge crush on and still appears to have a soft spot for. George Layton, 68, who plays the role of Norman also starred in Doctor in the House, It Ain't Half Hot, Mum and Minder. George says "Norman is a great part and i'm excited to play him".


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