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Eastenders Masood gets his violent revenge on Yusef while Christian proposes to Syed

Updated on August 8, 2011
Masood finaly snaps and kidnaps Yusef
Masood finaly snaps and kidnaps Yusef
before hand Zainab had been struggling to cope
before hand Zainab had been struggling to cope
and turns to her son Syed for comfort
and turns to her son Syed for comfort
Meanwhile Yusef knows just how to wind Masood up........
Meanwhile Yusef knows just how to wind Masood up........
and after Masood takes his anger out on Afia
and after Masood takes his anger out on Afia
Yusef runs straight to Zainab
Yusef runs straight to Zainab
Meanwhile Christian proposes to Syed
Meanwhile Christian proposes to Syed
and tells a furious Masood of their adoption plans
and tells a furious Masood of their adoption plans
Things dont get any better for Masood when he runs into his wife with Yusef
Things dont get any better for Masood when he runs into his wife with Yusef
and Dr Evil pushes Masood to far
and Dr Evil pushes Masood to far
Masood wants revenge on Yusef and is willing to fight fire with fire.
Masood wants revenge on Yusef and is willing to fight fire with fire.

Will Masood and Zainab get back together after this?

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We have seen Yusef become very nasty and manipulative over the last few weeks in his bid to win back ex wife Zainab. Yusef was the one who convinced Zainab to reunite with her Son Syed behind Masoods back knowing full well it would anger Masood. Yusef then loaned Zainab ten thousand pound to bail them out of trouble when Masood gambled all their money away on a horse and lost the lot. Yusef even convinced Ian Beale to tell Zainab about the affair between Masoood and Jane. Since the affair revelation, Zainab has told husband Masood that she wants him out of their family home as soon as their son Tamwar is married. Masood is feeling very lonely and isolated from his family and he blames Yusef for all the bad luck he has been experiencing recently. Masood is also paranoid that wife Zainab would rather be back with her ex Yusef, the jealousy Masood is feeling right now is simply eating away at him.

This week in Eastenders the Minute Mart is burgled when Zainab fails to lock up before she leaves, however friend Denise takes the blame as she can see how much Zainab is struggling at the moment. Later when Zainab sees Syed she reaches for his hands before breaking down in tears, Syed is understandably concerned for his Mum and after taking her back to his place to calm down, Zainab tells Syed all about Masood and Jane. Syed assures his Mum that it is her Masood loves, but Zainab insists that once Tamwar and Afia are married she wants Masood out of their house. Later while working back at the Minute Mart, Christian invites Zainab over for dinner, but Zainab guesses that Syed has told him all about her family troubles and tells Christian to go choke on his lousy smug concern.

The next day, Baby Kamil is poorly and so Zainab agrees to let Syed look after him for a few hours, unfortunately Yusef sees Zainab giving Kamil to Syed and cant wait to wind Masood up with the news. When Yusef smugly tells Masood that the son he has disowned has Baby Kamil, an angry Masood storms round to Syeds and takes Kamil back. Meanwhile Christian is excited when he finds the perfect home for himself and Syed to raise a baby but Syed doesn't share his enthusiasm. Syed feels that things are moving far to quick and the problems with his family are really effecting him right now. Later Syed tells his worried brother Tamwar what is going on between their parents. Syed then heads over to the Minute Mart and suggests to Mum Zainab that her and Masood should consider Relate. A proud Zainab shouts at Syed before breaking down once again in his arms, the moment doesn't last long before Zainab is pushing Syed away and telling him she is fine and to let her be. Christian witnesses this latest moment and tells Zainab that she is being unfair to Syed but is left hurt when Syed tells him that it has nothing to do with him and to stay out of it. However later while on their own Christian and Syed have yet another disagreement regarding Zainab, Christian is visibly upset and so Syed assures him that his family problems don't effect their relationship and that they are still as strong as ever. While caught up in the intimate moment Christian proposes to a shocked Syed but his reaction leaves Christian hurt. However later when Christian proposes again, Syed happily accepts. Later at the cafe Christian tells a furious Masood about their adoption plans, and both Masood or Zainab are totally against the idea however Tamwar visits the couple and tells them that he supports their decision and will give them a reference if needed. What will Masood and Zainab think of their eldest Son Syed's engagement?

Meanwhile Yusef can see how tired Zainab is and goes over to the Minute Mart with some sleeping tablets for her, Yusef tells Zainab that he cares about her and just wants to help so Zainab agrees to take the pills. At home Zainab and Masood are still putting on a show for Tamwar pretending that everything is fine between them, but Tamwar has had enough and tells them they can stop the pretence because he knows exactly what is going on. Now Tamwar knows everything, Zainab tells Masood to leave the family home. After she kicks him out, Yusef takes the opportunity to be there for Zainab in her hour of need and remind her of the romance they once had. Later when Yusef runs into Masood he cant help but tell him how he has been comforting his wife. This revelation is like a knife in the heart for Masood who cant bear the thought of Yusef comforting wife Zainab. Masood sees Afia and after being a little heavy handed with the young girl he threatens her Father, telling Afia what he will personally do to him if he doesn't stay away from his family. Afia is left upset and shaken by her father in laws outburst but Yusef is more interested in comforting Zainab and turning her against Masood. When Masood sees Yusef in his bedroom taking of his tie, Massood is filled with rage at the thought of Yusef sleeping his wife (of course yusef has told zainab he is going to the toilet knowing that Massood is outside, yusef makes it look like he is getting ready to bed Zainab) Masood can not believe what he is seeing and it pushes him to far as he explodes into a jealous rage. Encouraged by Phil Mitchell who also has a score to settle with Dr Evil, after he gives him a poor medical reference meaning his job application in Dubai was turned down, Masood follows Yusef to the garage where a confrontation ensues, Phil turns up and makes Yusef get into the boot of his car. Masood and Phil then take Yusef to an abandoned warehouse where Masood ties Yusef to a chair. Masood has a petrol can and threatens to set yusef alight and leave him to die unless he stays away from Zainab, but what Yusef doesn't realise is the petrol can is only filled with water.

Masood has never got over the fact that Yusef's family tried to burn Zainab to death after she cheated on Yusef with Masood back in Pakistan. And although Yusef claims he went back for Zainab and attempted to save her, Masood only knows what he saw the night he saved Zainab and that was her locked in a burning kitchen alone. Masood eventually lets Yusef go free believing he has scared him enough, but Yusef just uses the kidnapp against Masood when he turns up at Zainab's door badly injured, bleeding and covered in petrol. Zainab asks him what happened and Yusef tells her that it was Masood. This will bring back a lot of bad memories for Zainab and i am not sure she could forgive Masood for carrying out her worst nightmare on another human being, and this is exactly the reaction that Yusef is hoping for. We all know that Masood left Yusef untouched but how long before Zainab discovers the truth?

A source for Eastenders said this storyline is a twisted love triangle that will also show the sometimes brutal side of arranged marriages.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      yusef is stupid

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      oh! i feel soooo sorry for zainab! i h8 yusef he munipulates her and im happy if he gets burned alive! :(


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