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Eastenders Questions-Where are the children gone? why do they not own washing machines?

Updated on September 30, 2011

Mysteries of the Square!!

Eastenders is a popular soap which is supposed to portray real life so why are there so many mysteries surrounding the life in Albert square. Here are some questions that i have.......

1. What has happened to Zainab and Masoods baby son? We never see them with him, and as they are both frequently seen at work or alone on the square, and they obvioulsy can't afford a Nanny. Then where is he???

2. Where is Roxy and Jacks daughter Amy? Roxy seems to constantly be on boozy nights out and we often see her return home without a babysitter in sight, so does she leave Amy home alone??

3. How can Masood disown his son Syed? Masood previously had a gambling problem and also cheated on his wife with Ians wife Jane, surely these things are also against his religion??

4. Will Syed ever discover that he has a baby with Amira? Amira left the square after discovering she was pregnant and that her new husband was gay, but will she return to reveal the truth??

5. Most of the Residents of Albert square complain they are skint, so how do they afford to eat out everyday and drink in the pub every night??

6. Why does everyone exit in a taxi do none of these people drive??

7. Why does everyone seem to work within the square? i cant think of anywhere in the country where everybody works right on their doorstep, can you??

8. Is Yusef Syed's real Father, Zainab knows that Yusef had nothing to do with the fire yet she seems desperate to keep him away from her family. Could her first husband be Syed's real Father?? Hmmmmm next big storyline i think.

9. How do so many people seem to live at the Queen Vic Pub?? At one point there was Peggy, Roxy, Ronnie, Phil, Ben, Sam, Billy and Jay all living there and i have only ever seen two bedrooms.

10. Why do no past relatives ever turn up for weddings and funerals etc??

11. How many times has Janine been barred from the Queen Vic and yet she continues to drink there??

12. Why have we never seen the mysterious Laundrette owner, Mr Popadopolous? I wonder what he looks like??

13. The Queen Vic has recently been revamped so why is there no outside smoking area??

14. How can the residents of Albert square afford to do all their shopping in the local corner shop?? Have they never heard of Asda??

15. Why is every wedding reception, Christening and Birthday celebration held in the Queen Vic??....... Posh Wedding Dress (Check) Fancy flowers (check) Flash wedding cars (check) Reception in a dindgy east end pub with Ian Beale's naff food (Check, check)??

16. Is it legal for Dot Branning to still be working? Surely she is well past retirement age??

17. Barmaid Tracey has been working behind the bar since i was a little girl, why does she never speak?? and why do we still know nothing about her??

18. Are all these residents secretly rich, as they seem to constantly be buying each others houses and businesses??

19. How is the car lot and Archers still both in business when all the residents seem to get Cabs, the tube, or a bus everywhere they go.

20. And finally the biggest question.......Why does no one in Eastenders own a washing Machine????????

21. Does anybody own a kettle in Albert square? Because they all live nearby yet frequently go to the cafe for a cup of tea.

22. And as a foot note to question 21, Does anybody ever actualy eat breakfast at home or do they all just eat their breakfast in the cafe too?? Come on people.......You are supposed to be skint!!!

Feel free to add your own questions if you have any. Also i found a book on Amazon called '1001 Reasons why Eastenders is Pony!' which is filled with funny questions and mistakes on Eastenders. See Link Above.


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    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 7 years ago from South England

      Thank you Cogerson, happy you enjoyed it :)

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 7 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks for the latest update on always an interesting well written hub...voted up