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Eastenders Kat confronts Ronnie while Jack and Ronnie Get Back Together

Updated on December 13, 2011
After begging her sister to get bail
After begging her sister to get bail
Ronnie returns to Walford where Roxy talks her into coming home
Ronnie returns to Walford where Roxy talks her into coming home
meanwhile Alfie asks Jack to be Tommy's Godfather
meanwhile Alfie asks Jack to be Tommy's Godfather
The Christening gets under way
The Christening gets under way
and Kat and Alfie are exstatic that the special day has finaly arrived
and Kat and Alfie are exstatic that the special day has finaly arrived
meanwhile Michael is not happy when he comes face to face with Ronnie
meanwhile Michael is not happy when he comes face to face with Ronnie
and Jack isn't best pleased either
and Jack isn't best pleased either
but nothing compares to when Kat finaly gets her chance to confront the woman who stole her Baby
but nothing compares to when Kat finaly gets her chance to confront the woman who stole her Baby
Kat leaves Ronnie very shaken
Kat leaves Ronnie very shaken
But there is still some hope for Ronnie when Jack softens towards her
But there is still some hope for Ronnie when Jack softens towards her
and asks his wife to come home.
and asks his wife to come home.

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It's the day Kat and Alfie Moon thought they would never have, their son Tommy's Christening. But in true Eastenders style, the day is not without its drama's. As Kat and Alfie are busy preparing for their Sons big day, over the road Roxy is anxiously waiting for sister Ronnie to call as she is being released on bail that very morning. However Roxy has only informed cousin Phil of the news, leaving Jack, Michael and Kat and Alfie in the dark.

Meanwhile Alfie is so happy that Tommy's special day has finally arrived and feels that nothing can spoil the big day, he even goes as far as to invite cousin Michael (Tommy's biological Father) to the service, and although Michael tells Alfie that it is their big day and he shouldn't be there, he soon agrees to go when Alfie insists that he wants his cousin there. Later Alfie suggests to Kat that they ask Jack to be Tommy's Godfather, Kat is initially unsettled by the idea fearing that Jack would find it difficult being Godfather to the baby he believed to be his Son, but after some gentle persuasion from Alfie she eventually agrees.

Alfie pays Jack a visit and tells him that they would be honoured if he would be Tommy's Godfather, Jack feels awkward and thanks Alfie for the kind offer but he cant accept the role, and so Alfie returns to the pub. Meanwhile Roxy has decided to let Kat and Alfie know that Ronnie will be returning home, but as she gets there the Police have already arrived and informed the happy parents that Ronnie is being released on bail today. Alfie is completely stunned that Ronnie is being released today of all days, but Kat remains strangely calm about the news and vows that nothing and no-one is going to spoil her Sons big day.

Later at the church, Kat and Alfie look proud as punch as Baby Tommy is christened, and when Jack suddenly shows up to the service and takes a seat next to Michael, Kat looks pleased to see him there. In a touching scene, Alfie asks the Vicar to acknowledge James, the little boy who couldn't be with them. The comment proves to much for an emotional Jack and he leaves the church. After the service, Kat sees Jack and Michael standing outside the church and she tells them that she is really glad they both came, and hopes they can all start rebuilding their lives again. But as the Christening party gets under way back at the pub, a taxi arrives on the square........Ronnie is Back!! "Duff Duff"

Ronnie Branning never wanted to return to Walford, but her sister Roxy needed her and so as usual Ronnie put her first. Ronnie is still trying to come to terms with her crime while grieving her son James. Ronnie thinks she would be better of in prison because at least in there she is being punished for her crime, she is very scared and vulnerable right now, so when she discovers it is the day of Tommy's christening, she hides herself away in Roxy's flat. Meanwhile Michael is livid when he hears from Kat and Alfie that Ronnie is back on the square, and after a row with Girlfriend Roxy he storms over to the flat and lets himself in. When Ronnie sees Michael she tells him that she doesn't want to argue, but Michael is furious and threatens Ronnie by warning her that she is not safe there, Roxy walks in and Michael angrily tells his Girlfriend that he wants her sister gone.

Jack is the next person to run into Ronnie when he goes to visit Amy, Jack is in complete shock as he had no idea that his wife was even there, Jack is totally taken by surprise and doesn't know what to do or say, so instead he storms out of the flat shouting to Ronnie that she had no right to come back. After leaving the flat Jack is fuming that no-one told him of his wifes return, and after a confrontation with Kat in the pub, he ends up having a heart to heart with Dot, who tells Jack that Ronnie needs his help and he shouldn't be so quick to wash his hands of her. Later on Jack returns to the flat where Ronnie is sleeping and Roxy reluctantly lets him in. Ronnie wakes up and hears Jack telling Roxy that he can't move on from his Wife, Ronnie pretends to still be asleep as Jack tenderly strokes her cheek, Ronnie then opens her eyes and watches as Jack walks away one again.

After Jack leaves, Roxy has to go to work and Ronnie agrees to look after Amy, Roxy tells her sister to not answer the door or the phone under any circumstances while shes gone. But later when the phone rings, Ronnie ignores her sisters advice and answers it but the person on the other end remains silent. Next the door buzzer goes, and presuming it is Roxy, Ronnie buzzes her in but after a few minutes nobody comes in and a uneasy Ronnie steps out onto the square to look for her sister. While stood outside, Tanya appears and a panicked Ronnie runs back inside, and as she tries to calm herself down she spots someone standing in the middle of the room, it's Kat. An angry Kat confronts Ronnie about stealing her baby, Ronnie tries to remain calm but Kat is so angry and cold towards Ronnie that it really unsettles her, Ronnie tries to explain why she took Tommy but Kat is having none of it and is determined to make Ronnie aware of the hurt and pain she has caused, and exactly how she feels about her. When Kat leaves the flat, Ronnie is just sat feeling very shaken up and things don't end there.

After Kat left, Ronnie forgot to shut the door properly and when little Amy hears the icecream van she rushes out onto the square, Ronnie races off after her but Jack has already spotted his daughter and is bringing her back. Ronnie tries to apologise for what she has done but Jack makes it clear that he can never forgive her for not allowing him to say a proper goodbye to their son. Although later Jack feels he needs answers and returns to Roxys flat, he asks Ronnie to explain her actions and the pair sit down for the first time as Ronnie pours her heart out about that tragic night, Ronnie then tells Jack that she loves him so much. After hearing what his wife has to say, Jack tells Ronnie that he wants her to come home. Things were necer going to be easy for the couple especialy when Michael goes out of his way to turn Jack against Ronnie, and then Rainie Cross tells Ronnie that she slept with her husband while she was away, but how will it all end? Ronnie going to prison? Ronnie being sectioned? or will she just exit the square in a cab like many before her??


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    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South England

      Thank You Cogerson, I love to write about Eastenders, they are never short of interesting storylines haha :)

    • Cogerson profile image


      7 years ago from Virginia

      Very nice....a well written hub....on this side of the water information on this series is hard to come by...I appreciate all your work...voted up


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