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Amazing Magic Tricks - The Easy Ways to Learn

Updated on October 17, 2011

Magic is a really useful talent to uncover. If you're able to execute one or two magic tricks, folks will certainly remember you far better considering that you have an extraordinary expertise in that area.

For anybody new to magic, in order to have it be proficient, it is necessary that you learn certain skills.

Amazing Magic Tricks

It is important to learn how to master tricks that involve specialized skills, because anybody who wants to do anything more than one or two party tricks is going to have to master the skills of sleight-of-hand in order to progress.

Its however, just as -or arguable more- important that you learn to be at ease performing in front of an audience because, like a performer, that's your place of work. Several magicians concentrate too much on the first skill and then find themselves unable to comfortably and with ease perform in front of an audience.

In order to learn both of these skills
, you need to begin with magic tricks that call for simply no technical skill. There are many self-working magic tricks on the market available. Some of them use gimmicks and gaffs and others function by themselves mainly because of mathematics.

By performing these types of tricks, you'll learn some of the most important competencies a magician can learn. As a result you don't have to focus on generating the tricks function so much, you can concentrate on presentation.

When you are performing these types of tricks to your friends and family and also strangers if you want, you can spend time learning the basics of sleight-of-hand, either with cards or coins, or in case you are actually enthusiastic, both.

When learning sleight-of-hand, you have to first know what the move is intended to achieve, then you have to work out a way for your hands to do it. You must master the move well adequate so that you can do it with no thinking about it, so that it is possible to, throughout the performance to concentrate on presentation. This is known as muscle reading and it takes serious time. Whilst it can be hard to resist, rushing into performance before you are ready isn't something you seriously want to do.

Finally, when you can meet the specialized demands of performing a trick, rehearse it time and again. What this means is, do it as you'd in performance, completely, as if you were in performance. It will enable you to discover ways to overcome whichever problems that may occur during performance. When you go in front of an audience, all you need to do has to be second nature. You know you have rehearsed enough when this may be the case.

So in summary:

* Aim to learn not just one of them but both the technical skills of sleight-of-hand as well as the performing and presentation skills. You must make your magic enjoyable and compelling.

* Start with easy magic tricks to build up your confidence and get at ease in front of an audience.

* Learn sleight-of-hand by muscle memory, remembering the moves and learning it nicely so that you is able to do the moves with no thinking.

* Fully rehearse every trick prior to going in front of an audience.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      In some occasions, I incorporate magic as part of my trainings and seminars. It definitely makes the participants more participative and alive.