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Eat Pray Love Movie Review

Updated on June 13, 2022
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Julia Roberts stars in Eat Pray Love the movie


EAT PRAY LOVE the movie is an interesting movie to watch. This hub will be a movie review of Eat Pray Love the movie. In the movie Eat Pray Love, the actress Julia Roberts stars as the character Liz, a woman who is feeling very unfulfilled in her life.

In EAT PRAY LOVE the movie, Liz's best friend played by actress Viola Davis is always there to offer some support, comfort and understanding for Liz.

  • Married with a baby, Viola's character in Eat Pray Love the movie warns Liz that having a baby is like getting a tattoo on your face. You need to be really committed to the idea.

In EAT PRAY LOVE the movie, instead of wanting to move forward to have children with her husband, the character Liz decides that she is feeling restless and has never done many of the things that she wanted to do, namely traveling the world.

In Eat Pray Love the movie, as her husband talks about the possiblilty of going back to school, Liz is feeling stuck to the point of claustrophobia and breathlessness with the idea of having to support her husband's goals while hers fall to the wayside.

  • Liz starts to pray in a compelling scene in Eat Pray Love that shows that she is praying for the very first time in her life.
  • She is in tears with not knowing what to do and she asks for guidance.
  • She goes back to bed that night to tell her husband that she does not want to be married to him anymore.

The upcoming scenes in Eat Pray Love are quite heartbreaking as Liz's husband is still in love with her.

He represents himself while she hires a divorce attorney and it takes quite a long time for him to be willing to sign the divorce papers. He does not want to let Liz go.

While Liz is the protagonist of the film, Eat Pray Love, these scenes make her appear as a very selfish person and we the viewers are apt to empathize with her soon to be ex husband.

  • To our chagrin, in Eat Pray Love the movie, Liz also rebounds very quickly into a new relationship with a man played by actor James Franco.
  • Liz coins him as the "yogi from Yonkers" since he is very involved in meditation and seeking enlightenment. He even studies Sanskrit and follows a guru in India.

The yogi from Yonkers

— In Eat Pray Love the movie, this is how the character Liz describes her new boyfriend

EAT PRAY LOVE the movie

Actress Julia Roberts stars as the character Liz in Eat Pray Love the movie
Actress Julia Roberts stars as the character Liz in Eat Pray Love the movie | Source

1. In Eat Pray Love the movie, the character Liz enthusiastically accompanies her new boyfriend to gatherings with guru followers.

  • In EAT PRAY LOVE the movie, the character Liz enthusiastically accompanies her new boyfriend to gatherings with fellow guru followers.
  • Liz looks around her a little uncomfortably as she digests the cultural experience. Slowly, she become reassured and gains confidence in the idea of joining this following.

2. Liz still searching - in EAT PRAY LOVE the movie

Nevertheless, Liz is still searching for some kind of fullfillment and she wants it sooner than later.

At one point she confides in her new boyfriend, telling him that her ex husband hates her. He tells her, "He doesn't hate you. He's heartbroken." Little does he know, that she will soon break his heart as well.

He doesn't hate you. He's heartbroken.

— Liz's new boyfriend's wisdom regarding her ex-husband.

3. For Liz in Eat Pray Love the movie: Another break up and plans to travel

  • In Eat Pray Love the movie, Liz tells her boyfriend that she can no longer be with him and reports to her best friend that she will go to travel for a full year.
  • Liz will start the year off in Italy, go to see the guru in person in India and finish the year off in Bali visiting a medicine man named Ketut whom she had met once before.

4. In Eat Pray Love the movie, is the character Liz acting a little immature, maybe?

In Eat Pray Love the movie, the movie character Liz's best friend does not hide that she is perturbed by the whole idea of Liz's actions and plans.

She thinks that Liz is acting like a high school or college kid and she reminds her that at least she has family and friends who love her, a support system at home (in New York). When she realizes that she can't convince Liz otherwise, she wishes her well as Liz embarks on her journey.

5. Liz contemplating life in Eat Pray Love the movie

  1. The imagery of food - pizza from Napoli, freshly made pasta and more is strong in the part of the movie that shows Liz in Italy.
  2. She makes friends including a Italian tutor and other visitors from around the world.
  3. Primarily, Liz eats a lot and thinks about her life during this leg of the journey.
  4. Liz is very contemplative. She is a writer and is writing down her thoughts as well.

6. Liz's maternal side in Eat Pray Love the movie

  1. As Liz departs Italy and arrives in India, we sense her maternal side as she reaches out her hands to the poor kids on the street while she rides in her taxi.
  2. They are begging her and she explains that she has no money to give them but she reaches out and holds their hands.

In India, Liz learns that the guru has gone to New York and is not available, but Liz stays at the guru's ashram and participates in the meditation and the activities.

By the time she gets to Bali, Liz seems to be open to finding love again....

Eat Pray Love the movie

Eat Pray Love the movie

Directed by Ryan Murphy

Based on the nonfiction/autobiography of Elizabeth Gilbert. She later wrote the book Committed about her reconciliation with the idea of marriage.

Eat Pray Love the movie stars Julia Roberts, Viola Davis, James Franco and others

I rate it 2.5/5 stars

Rated PG-13

Eat Pray Love movie trailer

Actor interviews regarding Eat Pray Love the movie

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