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Eat da Poo Poo

Updated on January 6, 2011

Uganda versus Icecream

Every once in a while, something happens that is truly awesome and someone captures it on video. Truth, often times, can be funnier than fiction especially when it involves graphic descriptions of anal fisting. I would like to introduce you to the conservative people of Uganda.

Maybe you've heard that the country of Uganda is very much against homosexuality and have strict laws prohibiting it. It would seem that they want to make these laws even harsher; and local community leaders are joining hands in fighting against those who would rather seek to legitimize certain acts that they perceive to be in the sole arena of homosexuality.

I have two videos that you can watch for yourself below. They contain some of the most hilarious bits of monologue I have ever heard along with very animated hand gestures. Enjoy!

Now what did you think of that? Pastor Martin Ssempa is a marvelous orator. Of course, many have made their own remixes but the one below has to be the best by far. I hope those who watch these videos take the time to learn more about Uganda. An excellent movie based on the true story of Idi Amin and the genocides of Uganda has been made. It's called "The Last King of Scotland" starring Forrest Whitaker. An excellent flick. Also, to learn more about why Africa is so messed up, try reading "The Secret History of the American Empire" by John Perkins. I highly recommend it.

One piece of video that I have yet to post here is a short clip where another pastor exclaims "DEEPAH!!" in describing what can only be assumed to be a fister. He then goes on to to ask rhetorically, "Is this what President Obama wants for Africa? For us to have the human right to eat da Poo Poo?"  Let us be clear: I can assure you all that President Obama does NOT want anyone to eat da poo poo.  Except Republicans.


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