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Edge of Fear (2018)

Updated on June 23, 2020

Edge of Fear (2018) review

As far as suspenseful thrillers go, this movie is top notch. This film uses very unique plot devices to keep the audience engaged and at the edge of their seat. I found this film extremely unnerving in a wonderful way. The story is simple but well executed by the filmmakers. This movie definitely put a new spin on the thriller genre and the actors do a great job bringing it to life.

Edge of Fear (2018) was written by Scott Barkan and Gregg Zehentner. It was directed by Bobby Roth and stars Robert Patrick, Rockmond Dunbar, Robert Knepper and Shen Lin. A heart attack survivor (Dunbar) invites the heart surgeon who saved his life (Lin) and his wife to his cabin for the weekend. Meanwhile, a group of criminals help a prisoner escape while in transport, but are left stranded in the woods with no vehicle. They set out on foot and stumble upon the cabin and decide to hold the three people there hostage until help arrives.

This film felt gripping in a way I haven’t experienced in a long time. At one point in the film, the surgeon receives a stab to the chest and is left for dead. In reality, the knife is the only thing that keeps him alive as he attempts to save his wife. It was hard to watch this concept play out, but it was immaculately acted by Shen Lin. There were a couple scenes in the movie that used this plot point to add some serious adrenaline into the film and it worked beautifully. Robert Patrick was a joy to watch, too. He portrays villains with an edge that causes the audience to feel true distaste for him. It was also interesting to see the ‘good cop bad cop’ tension between Patrick and Robert Knepper’s character. It felt like their conflict could cause the whole plot to unravel at any time.

This is a good movie but it is packed with a lot of anxiety. If you are feeling faint at the mere thought of that, don’t see this film. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a wild ride. Anyone who enjoys a thrilling story with a fair share of violence should watch this film.

Film trivia

  • Edge of Fear had a budget of 5 million dollars.
  • This film was distributed by Netflix and was released on August 1, 2018.
  • This film was shot in Conyers, Georgia.
  • Robert Knepper, Jodie Lyn O'Keefe, Amaury Nolasco, Rockmond Dunbar and Bobby Roth all worked together on the TV show Prison Break. They were all series regulars except Bobby Roth who was the director of 15 of the shows episodes.


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