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Editing My Profile

Updated on March 13, 2013
Love your profile Babe
Love your profile Babe

The other day I decided to actually edit my profile on a website. Of course I didn't know there would be one thousand questions. Usually I don't bother filling them out. Someone wants to know me, just ask. After all I do write stories and such.

Well on this day I was feeling a little rambunctious, so I decided to fill them all out. Below is what it looked like.

Name : mrpooper

Address : Right now planet Earth. However my visa expires in a couple months and I will return to my planet in the Butterfinger Galaxy.

State : A little confused about what's going on in the world.

Zip Code : Is that like a UPC? If it is I don't have one.

Occupation : Blog Master. I control the world of words. I'm a trainer of letters and punctuation. Without me, and others like me, your words would make no sense!

Hobbies : Collecting lint from my belly button. I have an inny and it's a deep hole so a lot of lint gets trapped there. I've made my own pillows for the bed.

Favorite Music : Anything but Opera. Nobody sings like that. Okay maybe people taking a shower, but that's it.

Favorite Movies : I only like the old stuff. Old is new now. All the new movies are remakes of the old movies. How can I spend a lot of money to sit for three hours watching something I've known the ending of for twenty years?

Favorite Books : Let me get this straight. You think I have a few hours every day to put aside for reading? How about I just download them onto my IPod and listen to them while I answer these stupid questions.

Favorite TV Shows : Cartoons are my favorite. I can't watch an R rated movie with my 9 year old grandson because of violence and sex. However I can watch Bugs Bunny dress up like a woman and kiss Porky Pig. It's alright for us to watch the coyote get crushed by an anvil. A violet movie, no way!

Places I Lived : This house I'm in now. I lived in that house in New England for awhile. I lived at a friends house for a summer back when I was in school. I haven't lived in a nudist colony or prision yet!

Colleges I attended : The college of life

Favorite Website : The one wear the girl is topless and the guy is...............Oh Just forget it!

Hometown : Why? Is this a social bookmark website or a dating service ? Is this where I can trade my wife in for a younger model. Hope Tiger Woods isn't a member. Won't be enough girls for the rest of us.

Naturally after I hit save all kinds of bells and whistles went off. I'm expecting a visit from Homeland Security to validate that I'm harmless.


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