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Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Updated on June 27, 2010

Learn To Play Guitar!

So you're forty years old and it's time to learn the guitar.  Or you have a kid bugging you for guitar lessons.  Or you just want to be able to play the guitar.

Or whatever.

Whether the acoustic or the electric guitar, playing the guitar is a dream for a lot of people.  But is there an inexpensive way to learn to play the guitar?  If you need to learn to play the guitar cheaply, as I wanted to do, then that screen you're staring at will be half the process.

Online guitar lessons have been around awhile, there are tons of webites teaching guitar.  But which one to choose?  And what's the cost?

Well as for me, a wannabe Stevie Ray Vaughn, I chose  For $14.95 a month you get access to extremely high quality video lessons from instructors who excel in teaching.  These aren't just some guy with a web cam, these are professionally produced videos with professional instructors.  The lesson plan is well laid out, thoughtful and easy to understand for the raw beginner, even those who may be a bit past the learning age.

The value of this sort of training is almost without measure.  Instead of spending 30 minutes a week with a guitar instructor, and spending $30, you can spend 24 hours a day with this system of training if you like.  I really love the ability to play the same videos over and over, and then play the training exercises included with the lessons while referring back to the video whenever necessary.

Now I'm not knocking sitting down with an onsite instructor.  Fact is, the only thing that is lacking in online guitar courses is the ability to be critiqued by someone who is listening to your attempts at twanging out some simple melody.  But, for us rank beginners, the lessons at provide an incredible resource that for personal lessons, would cost thousands of dollars.  And for $14.95 a month!

The training extends up to more advanced levels as well.  They offer many tutorials on different styles of playing and even lessons on many songs.  Now I can't speak as to what an advanced player would benefit from, because I just don't know.  But I have to believe that for us pluckers and twangers who are just getting started, is the absolute best guitar instruction that can be found online.


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    Mark Hockenberry 6 years ago

    Guitar Tricks is a great resource for online guitar lessons. I'd recomend your courses for anyone who wants to learn guitar in their own time via online. Great article!