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Elias Plays Hardball And So Does Sophia

Updated on March 29, 2011

The Event Recap for 3/28

We last left off with Elias about to move in and exterminate all the sleepers.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Since Sophia realized her son, Thomas, had a far different agenda than her own, Sophia has been determined to stop him. However, when Thomas got a message from home that their planet is dying, Sophia's plan to take everyone home is no longer viable. That, plus a very vengeful Elias, and Sophia had no choice but to join forces with Thomas to save her people's lives.

When Sophia learns there's not enough energy in the portal to transports everyone out of the church safely, she comes up with another plan to save her people. In one of The Event's most shocking moments to date, Sophia gives the order to destroy the Washington Monument. Sophia promises Elias that's only the beginning. She will level Washington to the ground unless Elias provides her and her people with safe passage away from the church.

Blake Realizes They Have A Sleeper In Their Midst

It's strange days when Blake has become the more compassionate one, while Elias has become the more bloodthirsty and vengeful one. He tried to be the voice of reason to Elias' thirst for vengeance, unfortunately, his words went unheeded. Meanwhile, when Simon reacted a little too strongly to the possible extermination of everyone in the church, Blake's suspicions were aroused. He did a little snooping and discovered it was Thomas who performed the blood test that proved Simon was a human. Blake went to Elias with the news they had a sleeper in their midst and they started listening in on Simon's cell phone conversations with Sophia. Unfortunately, before they can actually hear what they're saying to each other, they have to decode the signal.

On The Hunt For Dempsey

Sean and Vicky manage to escape the vice-presidents security team and head off on the trail to find Dempsey. Meanwhile Dempsey arrives at an archeological dig. He's very interested in the things the archeologist has dug up, but when he learns the man went inside the chamber he uncovered, Dempsey shoots him dead.

Too Little Too Late

Elias feels he has no choice but to give into Sophia's demands, so he provides her with buses to transport her people safely away from the church. As the buses depart, the cell phone signal is finally unscrambled and they learn Sophia was bluffing. She only had enough power to destroy the Washington Monument. Elias orders the bus Sophia is on destroyed. Meanwhile Thomas tells Sophia there's only enough energy to get one of the buses through the portal. He sacrifices himself by taking the hit meant for Sophia's bus while she escapes safely through the portal.

My Thoughts

Ever since The Event returned from its long hiatus, it's been firing on all eight cylinders. It was an extremely gutsy move showing the destruction of the Washington Monument. Those watching it can't help but remember the downing of the World Trade Center.

I like where they've taken Sean. He's gotten much more interesting since he left Leila and he's on the hunt for Dempsey. While Elias and Sophia cross swords, Sean is the only one who seems to be going after Dempsey.

At first, I thought maybe Dempsey was experimenting on Sleeper children to try and figure out why they don't age the same to perhaps make himself younger. I thought he might also be a Sleeper. Now I'm wondering if he isn't trying to destroy the Sleepers after that promo for next week's show.

Now that Sophia knows she can't return to her planet, it seems obvious she'll start bringing her people to Earth and the war for control over the planet will begin. She pretty much declared war when she took down the Washington Monument. And now that Elias knows Simon is a Sleeper, will he use him as a weapon against Sophia?

I'm guessing whatever The Event is, it won't happen until the finale. I only hope that NBC renews this show for another season. It's really turned itself around and needs to be given another season.


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