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Elvis Rock

Updated on June 24, 2014

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Elvis Rock on Stage

I remember the day, when my favorite music use to be that of the talented Elvis Presley, but I guess you can say I got more into the wannabes. There were the Elvis look a likes. Thoughts of Elvis brought to mind all his moves that he made on stage, when he twisted his body and his leg or arm in a style that only he was known for on stage. In my moment of creative insanity or letting your mind go wild, then out pops one of my new creations called Elvis Rock.

I know many of you remember the times of pet rocks and adopt a rocks. Maybe you had a rock and maybe you didn't, but in the midst of all this up pops Elvis Rock. He doesn't twist his body, because his cement is quite fixed. He sparkles like the glitz on his leather rhinestone hand made costume. He likes to be popular with the other rocks in the area. He really does not even sing. You have to imagine that he could carry on a rock concert on his own. If you think of the
words, and who might hear a rock concert outdoors in nature. The vocals of birds, crickets chirping limbs falling in the forest, and who is there to hear it besides the living creatures and the inanimate objects? Does it make a sound? If we do not hear it, then did it happen or not. I really cannot say, if they attempt to sing, but they can make a plop rock sound, when you throw one, and it hits another rock or hard surface.

Who has not handled a rock, when you grew up? Some have even had worry rocks. My character just had to take a different direction, when he was created. Looking at a rock brings to mind the linking of more than one rock together. It becomes a union of the rock or pebbles. The way they are put together and fashioned makes the rock creation. There is much that goes into the creativity of that special look.

Does he definitely have a unique hair do like Elvis? Elvis Presley use to slick his hair back and make you see his dark blackish looking hair that looked slicked down with vasoline. I am not sure what he used, but many use to do it for the same look. You can say Elvis Rock has his slicked back, but he never has to worry about combing his hair or the wind blowing it around. He does not need a comb to make his hair style. He saves on going to the Barber shop.

His outfit is made of real glove white leather. Elvis Rock has real rhinestones dazzling his outfit for the flashy look that comes about, when the light or spot lights hit his outfit in public. He is
ready for the stage. He has the look! His make up needs no make up artist, because he already has permanent makeup. How many girls could say that they have their make up done permanently?

Now for the music... if you could see Elvis Rock on stage, then he probably would be lip sinking his music from one of the Elvis Presley vinyls or from a CD. His look does not quite fit his talent, but what can I say.? He is down with the rock. It is all about rock here. He could definitely enjoy songs like "Blue Suede Shoes", "All Shook Up", "Viva Las Vegas","Love Me Tender", and not to mention probably about 800 more songs. What could a rock say to anyone, if he did not like the music?

Elvis Rock will never make the Music Hall of Fame, but he can make a rock pile look better for sure. Someone out there has taken him in and adopted him for posterity. I adopted out over 350 rock characters in my artistic days with the help of the magic rock fairy, and my rock characters were given a "Flintstone Vitamin" everyday,and use to watch the television program called "Rockford Files". Every rock had to be told a rock joke everyday for entertainment. As infants these rocks were called pebbles, before they grew up to be more mature rock characters.

Elvis Rock is unique, and I hope he is thinking rock all the time. After all, that is the music we think of, when we think of the "King of Rock and Roll". Elvis Rock will live on to spread the fun of collecting rock characters. As we speak, I feel another bit of insane creativity coming on. I wonder what will be next in my creative imagination?


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    • ladybluewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from United States

      I thought everyone knew the work of Elvis Presley,

    • iviskei profile image

      Kyou Capps 

      7 years ago from In your computer, stealing your internet.

      Ah, Elvis. Sadly I've only ever heard of his music in Lilo and Stich, but I greatly enjoyed it~

      Fantastic hub!


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