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Emelie review

Updated on June 27, 2020

Emelie (2015) review

I have been known to be easily pleased when it comes to movies, and horror happens to be one of my favorite genres, but I must say this film wasn’t great, which is saying a lot because I really don’t need much from a slasher flick.

Emelie (2015) was written by Richard Raymond and Harry Herbeck, directed by Michael Thelin, and starring Sarah Bolger, Thomas Bair, Carly Adams and Joshua Rush. When the Thompsons become desperate for a babysitter on their anniversary, they hire a girl they had never met before named Anna to watch their kids. Little do they know, the girl that arrives to babysit is not Anna at all, but a criminal with a shady past named Emelie (Bolger).

On the plus side, the kids were awesome little actors. Especially Joshua Rush who played the 11 year old older brother, Jacob. His character was the most interesting to me because he actually had a character arc. In the beginning he was getting scolded by his mother for not stepping up and helping more with his siblings, but by the end he single handedly saved their lives.

The rest of this film was pretty underwhelming. There were a couple of major issues that I saw - if Emelie just wanted to kidnap a kid, why didn’t she just take the kid right after the parents left? Why stick round? And also that car accident at the end was confusing. Was that part of the plan all along? Also there was some dirty stuff involving the corruption of the children that felt like it was just there for shock value and not integral to the plot.

All in all, skip this one and watch The Goonies instead. This movie was mostly garbage.


Film trivia

  • The film had a worldwide gross of 6,147 dollars.
  • Emelie was released on March 4, 2016. It was produced on Uncorked Productions and distributed by Dark Sky Films.
  • This movie was filmed in New York.
  • Emelie's middle name is Medea. Medea was a Greek heroine who killed her own children.
  • Emelies ID that Jacob finds in her wallet resembles an Ontario provincial Health Card except it only has the French title on the card and in the top left corner it says Canada instead of Ontario.


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